Friday, September 30, 2011

Random Friday Musings

Cheers to the weekend.

- I know that title is probably extremely misleading. The "musings" part leads one to believe that they have arrived on some kind of blog with deep thoughts and intense contemplation. Right. I am SO not a deep thinker. I even had to look up the word musing.

- This was supposed to be an actual post, but I just got back into town from a business trip and I got tired of staring at the blank screen with no words coming into my head. Lack of sleep has my brain fuzzy and the thought of writing an actual comprehensive blog post just hurts my head. Or it might have been the late night wine. I guess we'll never know.

- Silk Chocolate soy milk is one of my favorite post workout treats. Wonder what it would taste like if they made soy milk in a "cake batter" flavor.

- I raced another sprint triathlon recently and I have yet to put a race report up. It was my second triathlon and as good and as fun as the first race was, this one was equally as bad. I totally freaked out on the swim because of the cold water and rain and couldn't put my head in the water. No really, there were polar bears floating on ice caps out there. Ok, maybe there weren't, but it really was cold and I wigged out in the open water. I then had a bike malfunction during the bike portion and cried like a little girl. I am truly glad that I wasn't wearing my usual "race mascara". That would not have been pretty. My time was better then the first triathlon and my run time was better, but really, there is no other way to put it other then: I sucked it.

- I really need to revamp this blog. Even I'm getting turned off by the colors and layout. And hey! Did you know that it has been 355 days since my last race? Yeah....time for that to go.

- My race season ends with only three events: The Copper Triangle bike ride, which was an 80 mile ride over three mountain passes and a net elevation gain of 6,000 feet and two sprint triathlons. Three events leave me hungry for more.

- It has been in the upper 80's here in Denver and I am ready for fall weather. I say this and it will probably snow next week.

- Currently searching for 2012 race events, but for now, it is time to rest, relax, and enjoy fall and pumpkin spice lattes.

- I should have labeled this post Random Friday Crap.

Have a great weekend!


ajh said...

How many miles with 3 mountain passes? Holy Crapzola! That sounds incredible.

Jill said...

I stayed up until almost midnight to read this post? Really? I thought you'd have some amazing, thought provoking piece of useful information for me that I couldn't go to bed without reading. Nevertheless ... I am glad you are home!! :)


Jesse - Run To The Border said...

Silk Chocolate Soy Milk is awesome! I'm still trying to figure out how I can get a sponsorship deal from them!

I don't think I'd deal well with the swim portion of a triathlon. If someone so much as touched my leg, I'm pretty sure I'd either have a panic attack or go postal.

ajh said...

Define not stopping! I certainly touched the wall every turn (not a flip turn just a push off the wall) and stopped and kneaded my toes once. It would have been much different in a lake with no bottom I could touch I am sure.

Molly said...

I was in the liquor store tonight (shocker) and they had a display of cake flavored vodka!!!! No joke!

I'm sorry the tri wasn't the best, a bike malfunction was my biggest fear while training. And no one digs rain that shoots up into your eyes when you swim. But you PR'd, congrats! : )

It went from 75 degrees here to 45, overnight. We had to turn on the furnace today. brrrr.

xo : )

Keri said...

Love that you are drinking pumpkin spice lattes! If things go as planned, I plan on trying to talk you into a ton of things for 2012!

Boo on your tri not going as planned. I think it went badly because you were NOT wearing your race day mascara.