Friday, September 10, 2010

Pimpin' - One Month Out from Chicago Marathon.

I am (holy crap) one month out from the Chicago Marathon. Can someone say "Whoot Whoot!' The thought occurred to me over labor day weekend that I really need to break in a new pair of shoes before the marathon. Well, brace yourselves, but I've decided on these beautiful (Ok, don't laugh, beauty is in the eye of the beholder) puppies.

I know. Contain yourselves. They're cool, aren't they (humor me).

A friend of mine clued me onto them last week when she e-mailed me a picture. I saw them and was instantly smitten. They are the same brand shoe that we both normally buy, but this is the "limited edition" (I got 'em cheap cuz no one wants to order them) version. I told her to "DO IT! ORDER THOSE SHOES!" I then e-mailed the photo to Jill over at "Swim with Jill" and she ensured me that I would be WICKEDLY fast in those shoes.

So I ordered them.

I am now thinking that I need to order the purple pimp hat

and the money necklace to go along with my gold shoes.

What do you all think?

Ok, maybe not.

Anyway, I'm almost there folks. I did my first of two 20 milers over labor day weekend. Let me say wasn't good. I had been sick for most of last week and in all honestly, I had no business doing the long run at all, but I needed the miles, so I did it. Stats are 20 miles in 9:25 average pace at a 176 average HR. Now, last week I did my 18 miler at an 8:52 average with a 169 average HR, so I just have to assume that the higher HR was due to my being somewhat ill.

The sad thing is, now my butt hurts. Oh it hurt a little bit before, but now I am REALLY in pain. Like haven't been able to walk very well pain for the last few days. I think it is that piriformis syndrome that I have heard a lot about and I have been trying to stretch, foam roll, and "drink lot's of wine" to try and relieve the pain. I hope it works. I think that the "drink lots of wine" is helping the most, so I'll keep at it. You have to do what you have to do right? I can't miss another fall marathon. Hell, I'll think that I'm jinxed.

Ok. that's it from this end. I've been blog slacking this week due to work, but it's the weekend, so I'll be catching up with you guys soon! In the meantime have a great weekend.

Also, go check out Molly and wish her well on her very first marathon this weekend! GO MOLLY!