Monday, August 30, 2010

Gettin' My Crazy On.....

I look really weird with the zombie eyes and the swollen face. That's what you get with an 18 mile run and a gallon of recovery beer. Ok, it was only one beer, so I'm not sure why my face is so swollen, hell maybe it's always like that.

"Only crazy running people get out of bed at 5:00 in the morning to eat breakfast and prepare to go on an 18 mile run." I thought as I lay in bed in the darkness. I snuggled deeper into the bed and enjoyed the cool air and thought about going back to sleep. However, the temperature was supposed to be hovering around 90 degrees on Sunday and I had an 18 miler on my schedule, so I rolled out of bed and prepared to get my crazy on.

That's what us runner crazies do right? We have no choice. I could wait until the heat of the day, but I would gripe and groan about the heat, I could wait until the evening, but then there is that Sunday evening beer that I would have to contend with (hmmm....that wouldn't be a pretty 18 miler), so I got up early and left by 6:30. And yes, that would be AM for you non runners out there. That's probably late for some runners; I'm a bit of a lazy sloth.

The plan was to do a three mile warm up and then alternate between goal pace, faster then goal pace, and slower then goal pace over 15 miles. The last mile was cool down.

It went pretty well and I must say that the run felt pretty good. Nothing spectacular happened. I didn't run out of water, I didn't accidentally spit on myself (snot was at a minimum), I didn't have any stomach issues (that seems to be only during races....lucky me), and I didn't get a salt mustache (got up early to beat the heat). After the run, my legs were a little on the tired side and I felt a little nauseous from the heat. I looked at my husband and said: "Who does this? This is crazy, why am I doing this?" He just shrugged and left me to ponder why I am training for a marathon. I'll have to think about that one.

Average overall pace was 8:52. Average HR was 169.

Nelly's "Just a Dream" got me through this run. I think I played it a minimum of 50 times. I just kept telling myself that the pain was just a dream. What tune is getting you all through your runs lately?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Drained the Camel

My daughter and my puppy. Two of my favorite things (besides running)

My long run this weekend was 16 miles. The temperature here reached a high of 98 degrees yesterday and by the end of my run I was caked in salt, sweat, and I had drained my 72 ounce camelback bone dry. I even had a salt mustache on my upper lip. It was mega attractive.

I still can’t believe that I drained that whole camelback, I mean, if it doesn’t cool off soon I’m going to have to strap a Culligan water tank to my back for my 18 and 20 milers. I would look ridiculous, especially with a salt-stache. I was without water for the last three and a half miles and I have never been more miserable, yet I could not find a water source to refill. My husband met me at the end of my run with a huge jug of cold water. I decided right then and there that I would marry him all over again. I gratefully took the jug and slurped it down while my husband moved as far away from me as he could. I suppose I did smell a little.

Other then the heat, lack of water, sweat, and the stache, my run felt pretty good. My training schedule read: low key 16 miler, so I did a six mile warm up at a 9:49 pace, 8 miles at a 9:02 pace, and then did a two mile cool down. Average Pace was 9:23 and Average HR was 165. Low key felt good. Next weekend I will be working on alternating between goal pace and faster then goal pace, so it should be a tough run. I’ll be shopping for that Culligan tank.

The rest of the afternoon was so hot that I did my best to stay indoors. I took my teenage daughter back to school shopping for clothes/school supplies and then caught up on my Yahoo news. Did you know that there were twelve Duggar children that fell ill last week (you know, the reality people with the million children)? And that the dad had to care for all twelve children? I don’t know about you, but 12 puking Duggars would be enough reason for me to not have that 20th child.

Rounding out the top news stories were: “Britney Spears Loses her Twitter Crown to Lady GaGa” and “8 Things You Don’t Know About Toothpaste”. Good stuff on Yahoo top news.

Ok, that’s about it from this end. I’ll be seeing you all soon!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Georgetown Half Mary Race Recrap

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of my stomach rumbling. I’ve been ravenous for two days straight now, which is always the case after I run a race. Yup, that’s right, this weekend was the Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon and I raced (and I use that term very lightly) in the event.

It was a great weekend, not only did I race, but I got to meet two awesome bloggie friends and catch up with two other great bloggie friends. The fun started when Jill and Marcia picked me up and we headed to Idaho Springs to pick up our race packets and eat lunch. “Leave it to the last minute me” had to register for the race and then we headed over to Beau Jo’s Pizza Place to load up on carbs (read as: crap). One of us may have also had beer with our pizza; I’ll let you guys figure out who that was. Hint: I will NEVER learn.

We met Shana and her husband Brian at the pizza place and had a great time discussing the race, our families, half marathon PR’s, stomach issues, and blogs. You know, all the things a group of runners talk about when they meet up.

We had a great afternoon and I really enjoyed meeting Shana and her husband Brian and Marcia and hanging out with Jill again. Miss Jill planned a lot of our weekend and spent a lot of time hauling Marcia and me around, even though she herself was not racing. She’s such a sweetie; if you don’t know this chick, you really should get to know her!


Race Re-crap!!

Ok, now on to the race. Jill, Marcia, and I got to the start line pretty early. The race started at 8500 ft, so it was cold and I was shivering in my tank top and shorts. Shana was already in the porta potty line and Marcia and I made a beeline straight for her. Beer and pizza the day before had left my tummy rumbly and Marcia was in the same boat. The line however, was NOT moving very fast, so we had to start the race with full bladders (and colons).

Ok, now you all know what happens next -we start, we run, we finish, so instead of writing out a race report, I’m going to just highlight some of the things that I learned from the race.

1.) Pacing is good. I started off slow instead of my normal “bat out of hell” pace and it really helped me later on in the race. By mile 7, I had settled into a pace in the lower 8:00s and I was pushing a 7:37 pace the last mile trying to make up some time from my two porta potty stops. I am learning how to pace!
2.) Powerade is not good for my stomach in a race. Neither is beer and pizza the day before the race
3.) Squatting over the toilet at mile 10 does not have the same feel as it does at mile 4. Might as well just sit right on down shaky legs and NO there is no time to line the toilet with toilet paper. Just pray no one has peed on the seat.
4.) If desperation sets in because there is no toilet paper, the cardboard TP holder wipes just as well. It’s just a shame that I had forgotten about the baby butt wipes that Shana had supplied me with that morning. They were in my pack and probably would have been less chaffing.
5.) Walking through the aide station is a total waste of time; I need to learn how to funnel the cups.
6.) I really CAN run hills when I am well rested! And at altitude!
7.) Runner friends don’t blink an eye, but congratulate you when you exclaim “My time was 1:57:16 and with two poop stops!” You just can’t share that little tidbit at the office.
8.) Maalox can be used as a post race recovery drink. And the minty flavor leaves your breath fresh and inviting. Really it does.

I made it to the finish at 1:57:16 extremely happy to be done with the whole thing.

Jill and I met up with Shana and Marcia (who both rocked that race having come from sea level!!!!) and went to find some chow. Along the way, we found Beth and her husband Ken and it was great to catch up with them. Beth actually ran a PR this race!

All right, you all know the rest. We ate, drank, recovered, and took a picture with a moose (yes, totally normal in Colorado), and went home. Until next time!

Friday, August 6, 2010

A Little Gratitude and a G/G2 Natural Review

You guys are great. I hadn’t blogged in over a month because quite honestly I have been overwhelmed by running, blogging, work, etc. However the minute I put it out there that I was having a hard time with motivation, you guys came at me full force with all sorts of great advice and suggestions. Thanks to you all!

I had a great run last night, which included speedwork at the track. The weather was cloudy and cool, which I think helped A LOT, but I went in with an open mind and nailed all of the paces for my speedwork. Not only did I nail them, but I had a negative split for each session. I’m going to take my training one day at a time, but last night’s run was a huge confidence booster.

I rewarded myself with a Butthead beer from the Tommyknocker brewery. I believe this was another one of your suggestions; to reward myself after a good run. Just saying.

Ok, switching gears here. Most of you who have been following me for awhile now know that I am a vegetarian and I try and make it a huge point in my life to eat as organic and clean as possible (besides all of the wine and beer). A couple of months ago (yea, I’m just getting around to it), I was sent samples of the new G and G2 Natural to try. Now you’ve all heard of Gatorade and I am definitely one of those people who have always used Gatorade, mainly with biking (but I have used it after a run), so I was pleased to try their new product.

The natural versions provide the same hydration and performance benefits as Gatorade Thirst Quencher and G2, yet are made with all natural ingredients (READ: No nasty chemicals to put into your machine of a body!). So for geeks like me who search the ingredients list before I buy something; this is totally up my alley.

The G Natural provides: 14 grams of carbs (50 calories) for fuel, 110 mg of sodium and 30 mg of potassium to help maintain electrolyte balance and hydration.
While the low calorie G2 Natural provides: 5 grams of carbs (20 calories) with the same amount of sodium and potassium as the full calorie version.

I tried both of them after two separate long runs and they tasted very similar to the regular Gatorade and G2. In fact they tasted really good, especially after a long, sweaty run. I would probably be more inclined to purchase the G Natural rather then the G2 Natural because the G2 includes Reb A, which is a stevia derived sweetener, which is used to replace sugar. After a hard workout, I am looking for the sugar AND the calories, so I would definitely reach for the G Natural. But they were both very tasty.

You can purchase the G Natural and the G2 Natural at certain select Whole Foods stores. Go to the Gatorade website to further check out the product here.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I have a confession. I’m deep into training for the Chicago marathon, but my heart is just not in it. Running has become a chore, something that I have to do, not something that I want to do and I just don’t know how to get my motivation back. This morning I was reading blogs and I read a post by Candice at I Have Run titled: Falling in Love Again. She pretty much put into words what I have been feeling for the past month now, especially when she says “I have been logging the miles because my training plan says I should, but I haven’t looked forward to running for awhile now. I want to fall back in love with running.” And all I have to say is: Me too! Me too!

I have even contemplated NOT running a fall marathon this year. I freaking can’t believe those words just came out of my mouth. I’m at the point in my training where I will soon be getting into the 18 and 20 milers, so I can’t just give up now; I’ve invested way too much time. So I think that I will just take this one day at a time and set some realistic goals for the coming weeks. More importantly, I am going to take responsibility for my training and stop making excuses when something doesn’t go right. No sense in blaming it on the weather or whining because of my lack of lung capacity, these are things that I can’t control. I am going to focus on things that I can control like adequate fueling, sleep, and my attitude. I am responsible for these things. Me and only me. I will see how I feel in a few weeks and re-evaluate my goals again.

Shit, I don't want to have to change the url of this blog to tara hates to run instead of tara loves to run.

In other news: Lance Armstrong made an announcement this morning at the capitol building in downtown Denver. They are bringing a Pro cycling race to Colorado! I am super excited about this! The race will be held next August and I am already trying to come up with an “illness” that will get me out of work that week.

Check back later in the week, I will be doing a review of G and G2 Natural products.