Friday, February 26, 2010

Looking for Endurance.....

Last month I read the book “50 Marathons in 50 Days” by Dean Karnazes. I honed in on one of the conversations that he had with a fellow runner on the fact that Viagra improves running endurance in people who live at altitude. I quickly got on the Viagra website to check things out. My husband was sitting across from me and I asked him if he thought a doctor would give me a prescription for Viagra if I told him I wanted to improve my endurance.

He looked at me funny for a minute and before he finally asked “What kind of endurance do you want to improve?”
“My running endurance at altitude.” I replied and told him what I had read in the book. He just shook his head, laughed at me, and started to razz me as I continued to pour over Viagra websites. He’s used to all of my goofy ideas and things, so he shouldn’t have been too surprised by my quest for knowledge.

Well, these websites must have had a spy in them because for the past month, my spam inbox has been inundated with e-mails letting me know that I can get a discount on Viagra. It’s getting rather annoying, but good to know that I can get it for really cheap.

So if you read this book, and you should, it’s really good, and see this same conversation about Viagra and running endurance at altitude, don’t research it unless you want 50 spam e-mails a day. I thought I would put the warning out, even though my husband says I’m probably the only person stupid enough to actually go out and research the connection between Viagra and running after reading the book.

Training has been ok; I’ve come down with a viral infection and pleurisy of the lungs, so I’ve had to take the last couple of days off, but I’ve managed to get in a couple of 5 mile runs, a bike on my trainer, and a couple of strength training sessions.

I was also tagged by Slomo of Desert Rat Runner to list out 10 things that make me happy. Here goes:

1.) Running
2.) Reading great books
3.) Sunny days and there are a lot of them out here in Colorado.
4.) Going to the running store or REI
5.) Watching the snow fall while snuggled up next to my husband
6.) A yummy Stout beer. Or an IPA. Or a Kolsh. Or……
7.) Hugging my golden retriever
8.) When my daughter cleans her own bathroom. Hint, Hint.
9.) Good friends
10.) My new foam roller.

Ok everyone, I hope you have a great weekend and good luck to all of you out there who are racing this weekend! Can’t wait to read the reports!


ultrarunnerbrianphilpot said...

That's so funny! If he is a stand up man he would go see the doctor and get it for you! LOL. I have read some about Viagra and mountain running, it's said it will improve you. Now you are a woman so I'm not shire how it would work for you. I don't see myself doing it anytime soon, or maybe when I really need it in other ways!LOL

Jesse said...

I remember reading that part of the book and laughing. Not sure I'm ready to suck up my pride and ask a doctor for Viagra at my age, but if I had an important race in the mountains, it's not out of the question!

Beth said...

That is hilarious about Viagra! I think your top ten is very similar to my top ten (except I don’t have kids) I am running the snow man stampede this weekend in Littleton :)

Jill said...

Maybe that's my problem, no Viagra in my life. Ok, no comment! Get healthy, chica. I have a huge complex now that now only have I given you my A.D.D., I've also given you my lung fungus. Well, that's what friends are for - sharing!! You're welcome!! :)
See ya Sunday. Call or email me tomorrow. Hope you're feeling better!

Slomohusky said...

funny. i would ask my doc about women taking viagra. i think that will answer any questions you might have :).

really sorry about the pleuorsy (sp). take it easy with that, and get some rest.

thanks for the happy list. you didn't need to, and nothing really surprised me on it. you seem pretty down to earth with a great hubby, daughter and life way up in the thin air. have a great weekend!! cheers!

Julie said...

Hi Tara,
I love your list!! I think it is funny that your doughter's bathroom is messy...come over to my house and check out my daughter's bathroom! It will make you feel much better:) Good Lord does she have crap laying around everywhere!!I always thought that my son was a slob but my daughter is worse than him!!

I loved your husband's comment about what type of endurance are you trying to improve?? Who knew Viagra might be just the ticket for you and your running in Colorado!!

Thank you for your wonderful and kind comment! You are so sweet and I am glad that I found your blog:) Happy Friday and have a fabulous weekend Tara!!

saundra said...

I hope you feel better soon. The Viagra thing is too funny. I would have attempted to research it, too.

Molly said...

ugh, pleurisy?! feel better soon!

Did the viagra website have a place where you can ask for a sample?! They just might, and then you can have your husband get it for you!

hope you get some rest this weekend...

ajh said...

Feel better soon. I just got a new foam rolller. I mean just got. I need to take it out of it's package and use it. I hope I love it! Funny funny about the viagra.

kristen said...

I hope your feeling better. Both those things seem crappy, yet you just breifly mentioned them in passing.

That's funny about Viagra. Endurance = enduarance I guess :)

I love stout beer. The darker the better. Sunggling up with your hubby. YES!

one thing though - your foam roller makes you happy?! Girl, what are you using it for? jk :)

Marathonman101108 said...

Hey, you know what they say on the commercial: "Viva Viagra!" No guy/gal wants to have to go to the doctor and be prescribed Viagra. Besides, wouldn't you rather run drug free? What if you got some kind of a weird side affect from taking it? I'll leave that one to your imagination!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

you are too funny, i read that book but don't remember keying in on that information!

Jameson said...

That is a great book! Very inspirational, it also makes me feel lazy because in 50 days he ran over 1000 miles...crazy. Baby steps.

fitinthecity said...

I love that book! Dean is pretty amazing. I tracked his 50/50 with my students in my PE class. They loved it!

HappyTrails said...

Drag about the lung fungus - especially rude when we have only half the oxygen to start!!!

Adam Culp (Crazy Floridian) said...

I watched the movie (50 in 50), but have not read the book. Is it really worth reading the book if I saw the movie first?

It is always funny to see the expressions on other peoples faces when runners talk about thing in a runner-centric way.