Thursday, January 28, 2010

Training and a little Wager.

I ran hills last night on the treadmill. Normally I hate running hills, I mean, is there anyone out there who can honestly say (with a straight face) “I love running hills!”? The only time that I really enjoy running hills is when I am doing a trail run in the woods.

Anyway, normally I hate running hills, but last night, I actually enjoyed them. I did a 15 minute warm up and then built pace for 5 minutes. When I first started my hill work, my lungs were screaming for me to stop. I still have a lot of lung damage from the PE and for the most part, I tend to baby them and slow down or decrease pace when they start to hurt. I was listening to my IPod and a song called “Broken” from Lifehouse came on and one of the lines in the song is “in the pain, comes the healing”. I think that was the first time that I realized that if I were to push through the pain, my lungs would learn quicker that they were supposed to absorb the work for the damaged parts and I would heal quicker. Yeah baby! I finished out 5 miles and felt really strong. I made those treadmill hills my biatch. Well, not really, I was still slow, but I might have mentioned to the treadmill that it was my biatch.

The rest of training has been going good.

Monday I ran a 6.5 mile fartlek run
Tuesday-warm up 15 minutes on the bike trainer, ½ hour of bosu ball strength training, 15 minute bike cool down
Last night-Hill work
Tonight-light recovery run and bosu or bike
Friday-Rest and recovery (drink beer)
Saturday-12 mile run.
Sunday-bike and strength

Total mileage for the week should be over 26 miles.

In other news, Kristen of Will Run For Wine and I have made a wager on the Superbowl. Kristen is rooting for the New Orleans Saints and has a great story behind why she is such a fan; go check out her blog! I on the other hand have no great story behind why I am rooting for the Colts. I am a Chiefs fan and we all know that they couldn’t fight their way out of a damn paper bag much less make the playoffs, so I have to root for someone in the super bowl. I actually hated Peyton Manning for a few years. I remember his rookie year, he was a cocky young thing and he came into Arrowhead Stadium and bad mouthed MY CHIEFS. Well, Kansas City played them and Chiefs stomped all over him and his big mouth. Over the next few years, I kept a close eye on him (you gotta watch your enemies) and eventually he started to earn a little bit of my respect. He’s not a looker like REGGIE BUSH (resident New Orleans hottie), but dude is a good quarterback. Either way, it should be a GREAT game!


Jesse said...

I can honestly say that I love running hills. If I do them to many days in a row though, I can definitely feel it in my legs. But, I love knowing that when I approach a hill during a race, I won't be struggling as much as most others.

Lisa said...

Man you are coming along nicely. 12 miles on Saturday? Great job Tara!

Anne said...

Hi Tara, thanks for coming by...yeah, the asthma can sometimes get in the way of harder runs, but I'm still improving all the, it's not like I'm gonna let it stop me :)
I will definitely follow along as you train for your first marathon. You certainly had a great workout week! ...and I'm liking the drink beer part ;)

Jill said...

You are coming along great, Tara! Way to push through those hills. I actually don't mind hill - I prefer them to intervals, which is totally the opposite of what I was last year. I've been working more on the hills, though, so I think I've just gotten used to them.

I have to be honest, I don't even know who's playing in the superbowl...hehe.

I'll email you soon but Sunday would be great to together!!! :)

saundra said...

I don't hate hills but don't love them either. Because of where I live, they are just a reality. I do love the feeling of accomplishment and the gains in leg strength.
You, Tara, are doing great with your comeback! Congrats at conquering that PE!

Katie A. said...

Awesome job on making that dreadmill you biotch! I do love me the hills, but you're right, only outside! I always feel like such a bada$$!
And I love the Colts just because of Payton! I have followed them since his beginning because I am a die-hard 49er fan and well, they have sucked for sooo long that I was tired of loosing each week. This way, I still get to have one winning team :) Go COLTS!
BTW, love your "training" on Friday, you're my girl!! :)

Slomohusky said...

I am with ya on the hills. I like some road mile hills if I am in a scenic area, put I much prefer a trail hill to the road. I actually would switch to trail runner if the Vegas area actually had something worth seeing on the trails. A few decent ones, but, by and large not much too see.

I am huge football fan. I can find reasons to at least root for one team over another if it is not my Seahawks. I do have a few other teams I like - Chargers, Dolphins, Rams, Packers. Yet, these two - Saints and Colts - nothing for me.

Morgan said...

Maybe I'm a masochist but since I don't have any hills to run around Orlando, when I do my hills workout I enjoy them because they are something new and different and I just feel like such a bad@ss when I am done with them. :)

Great job girl!

Julie said...

Hi Tara,
I am with you on the hill thing! I hate hills! I really hate them but they are getting better for me:) I am glad to hear that your hill workout went well. Cheers to marathon training lady:) Have a great day Tara!

Jamoosh said...

You must embrace the hills. And win your bet!

Ulyana said...

haha, funny! Great running! I haven't done hills in forever. At first I always hate it, but I always love how much stronger they make me.

Meg said...

Hills, hills, hills. I see a lot of them in my future this next month...I've been doing these weird exercises to build up my knees and quads for hills. We'll see if I've just been following the program of a really crazy PT or if they truly help me get STRONG. Ox legs. Pretty.

ajh said...

Sounds like you did a great job on the treadmill! Way to go.

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Ok, so I am one of the weirdos that actually enjoy hill repeats. Congrats on your comeback. You are doing great.

Molly said...

What a great way to visualize your lungs during those killer hills, I'm going to check out Lifehouse. Nice job.

I'm starting my hilly training runs next weekend, for a 10 mile race in the spring called the Mountain Goat, the name says it all!

ESH said...

I 100 percent LOVE running hills. But NOT on a treadmill...ick! I in fact have almost entirely given up hill workouts since moving to DC because I have yet to find a really good hill to use. The national zoo is actually a pretty good hill but unless you get there at the right hours it is SWARMED with children.