Friday, January 15, 2010


I just got all caught up on everyone’s posts the other day and I got online last night and realized I was behind again! You guys are killing me (insert smile here). My Accountant hell week is almost over, in fact, I am actually starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Let’s just hope it isn’t a train. I’ll get some rest this weekend and get ready for hell week number two.

Even though I’ve been working a lot, I’ve managed to get in my training runs for the week.
Monday: 5 mile fartlek run.
Tuesday: 45 minute bike on my indoor trainer.
Wednesday: 4 mile run, half of which was in my zone 2 HR zone.
Thursday: 3 mile recovery run
Friday: (Tonight) Rest/Recovery or in other words “lie on the couch and drink beer and eat bad stuff and recover from hell week”.

Total mileage so far this week is 12 miles (I didn’t even need my calculator) and I have a 10 miler on my schedule for tomorrow, so that will be a total of 22 miles for the week.

I was tagged by Age Group Rocks to post the 10 Things That Make Me Happy. I was already tagged for this and updated my 10 things in my post on Tuesday, but I would love to go ahead and give another 10 things because I have a lot in life to be happy about!

1.) My family, friends, and my dog
2.) An afternoon drive through the mountains in the fall to see the pretty color changes
3.) Watching the sun set behind the mountains
4.) Leaving work early and/or vacation days
5.) Diet Mountain dew
6.) A great trail run or a mountain bike ride. I just love being in the woods.
7.) A clean house. Can someone help me with this?
8.) Beer. (yes, this made the list the second go around too).
9.) Fitting into my skinny jeans
10.) Skiing/snowboarding

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Morgan said...

TGIF Indeed! Enjoy your much deserved R & R girl!

Jennifer said...

I agree TGIF indeed! Looks like your training is really picking up, your great attitude helps that for sure! Have a relaxing weekend!

Jill said...

I love all on your list except #5 (I'm a diet coke girl :) ) and #10 (sad since I live here and all. I used to love it but now hate to be cold!).

I have an easier 10 miler NEXT Saturday and a recovery run of about 5 on Sunday. Any interest in meeting up on the Highline Canal or somewhere on Sunday and running together? I can be flexible on mileage.

Glad hell week is almost over. Yes, TGIF ... especially since I'm off 'til next Wed.

Slomohusky said...

sorry Tara and Jill, I am a Diet Dr. Pepper fan. If I am out for Mexican or SW I sneak a real (non diet) Mt. Dew. Not sure when it started for me, but whenever I eat Mexican have to wash it down with Mt. Dew.

Have a great weekend Tara and happy miles. I am off in two hours for Phoenix RR with the Fam.

Jesse said...

Glad that your audit is almost over.

In response to your comment on my blog, my wife and I actually met while we were going to school in Hawaii. Classes in the morning, snorkelling in the afternoon - not a bad way to spend a semester.

Jamoosh said...

Enjoy your Rock and Roll!

#8 is good for!

Beer Fridge Pictures coming on Brews Day!

Slomohusky said...

Thanks Tara for your comment on my blog. Your fun. Whatever type personality you are keep running and have fun!

Oh gave my auditor friend a collegial friendly slug in the shoulder the other day. He sympathizes with ya though greatly.

Waiting for a load of laundry and we hit the road. Have a great weekend!

Katie A. said...

TGI-freakin-FRIDAY! Whoo hoo! You are doing great getting back to your runs and all the while hell week! Amazing, as always :)
Enjoy your Friday night and good luck on the 10 miler - rock it!

RunToTheFinish said...

seriously blog reading is a lot of friggin work :) I have been behind for like months now

ahh yes friday is my rest day too...of course i'm not really training right now so who knows what I'm resting up for

ShutUpandRun said...

Enjoy those brewskies on the couch. They will give you fuel for the weekend. Yay for more training!! It feels good, doesn't it?

Meg said...

Ah skinny jeans are my friend too. They work well with my short, short, short legs! Do you know Jill and get to run with her??! So fun!

ajh said...

I love fitting into my "skinny" jeans too. I seem to have jeans in many sizes. Right now I am in the middle range. Thanks for doing the "10"!

Molly said...

nice week of workouts! I think you earned your friday night recovery!

I too love fitting into my skinny jeans, especially after the Holidays!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

I'm trying to catch up on blog reading too!! Hope you had a great weekend :) Great list!

Jamie said...

I'm in a constant state of behindness when it comes to blog reading. Hope you had a great weekend!

HappyTrails said...

We certainly have SO much to be thankful for! Hooray for 22 mile weeks - especially when you're working up from zero. Keep up the great work and enthusiasm!