Friday, January 22, 2010

The Happiest Blogger Ever....

I was tagged by Meg from Meg Runs to give the “10 Things That Make Me Happy”. This will actually be the THIRD time that I have given out this list, but I don’t mind one bit because I have a lot to be happy about!

Disclaimer: I am not one of those annoyingly happy people that you want to slap because they are “bouncing off the wall chipper”. No, I am just quietly happy and I love to smile and laugh.

So, here goes:

1.) My friends and family. This has made number one on my last two lists and it’s not going anywhere!
2.) Hiking in the woods with snow softly falling around me
3.) Newborn puppies
4.) Chocolate peanut butter cups
5.) Odell Brewery Beer. I realize that I make myself sound like a drunk on this blog sometimes, but I’m really not, one is usually my limit. There’s just nothing better then a long, sweaty run and then a nice cold beer.
6.) Thunderstorms. We don’t have a lot of really good thunderstorms in Colorado like we lived in Missouri, I miss them sometime.
7.) Weekends.
8.) A quiet morning with my husband
9.) Blogging
10.) NFL football. Yes, I am unfortunately a Chiefs fan. They did kick the Broncos ass a few weeks back though. That made me soooo happy.

This has been my rest and recovery week, so not a lot of training to talk about. I have actually been feeling sick with a sore throat and chest congestion, so I have been REALLY taking it easy and recovering. I even had to miss my run test last night. I don’t have a long run this weekend, which is nice! I AM planning on doing a short recovery run (I hope I feel better) with fellow blogger Jill of Run With Jill though! I can’t wait to meet her in person!

One other thing I wanted to get your opinion on. My salon has a new massage therapist, who supposedly does awesome sports massages. Do any of you get a sports massage after your long runs? Does it help? Do you think it is worth the money? Next weekend is my 12 miler and then the mileage just continually goes up from there of course. I was thinking about scheduling a massage for after my 18 and 20 milers. Any thoughts?

I have a ton of posts to catch up on, I can’t wait to see what you all have been up to! I think that my work has finally slowed down a bit, so it will be nice to have time to blog again!

Late Update: I’m freaking out. I just found a blog that I didn’t really want to find. I was googling a race that I was considering running in and came across a running blog and the link to her blog was on his running blog (follow me?). I was, of course curious, so I clicked on. I even freaking left a comment, which I later tried to delete, but she had that damn comment moderation. Now this woman does not like me and has gone out of her way to be rude to me in the past, so I wasn’t sure about leaving a comment to begin with, but I am OCD about always leaving comments (you all know how I am), so I left one about her adorable little girl and her beautiful wedding photos. I have absolutely nothing against this woman, but she thinks that I intentionally broke up her relationship with someone. I am not that type of a person, plus the same thing was done to me, so why would I cause that kind of pain to someone else. I had absolutely no idea of the situation that I was getting in and didn’t know until I was already too far in it. I know that I am rambling and you have no idea what I’m talking about, but I needed to blog about it because I always feel better when I do. Whew, thanks for listening.


Jamoosh said...

I am happy on the inside. I think that qualifies as quietly happy!

Slomohusky said...

I am with ya on Midwest Thunderstorms, except the ones that turned into Tornado's and could fill up basements with water while living in Topeka. Actually had the first happen twice (they both landed a few miles from the house) while living there and the latter happened once, but did little damage to the basement.

Never knew on the Chiefs thing. I am a born raised Seahawk fan. Lived near KC for four years, just could never get into the Chiefs. Red Friday's each season was pretty cool to see though. I did go to quite a few Royals games and KU Basketball. I also liked Priest Holmes and Tony Gonzalez a lot. I even got to meet Priest once. Really great guy.

Take care and get healthy!

Molly said...

how fun that you get to run with a blog friend! I have a blogger friend too, and we've been trying forever to get a run in together.

I haven't had a sports massage, but I get a regular one once a year, just to get the kinks out. It wouldn't hurt to try one!

Jill said...

Yea for meeting Jill :). I heart chocolate peanut butter cups, too! See ya on Sunday!!!!!

Julie said...

Hi Tara,
I just read the comment that you left on Shut Up and Run's blog post. You crack me up, "How and the hell do you get all of this free shit? I never get free shit; I want some too!" God I love you already:) Plus, you are already friends with Meg, Jill, Slomo and Jamoosh!!! I love all of them too!

Peanut butter cups are the best and there is nothing like walking in the woods when it is snowing softly:) I hope that you have an awesome weekend Tara!

Jennifer said...

We have great thunderstorms in Mississipp, sometimes frightfully so! Feel better soon and have fun with Jill, it would be so fun to meet and run with blogger friends!

ajh said...

Don't worry about the blog comment you left. You sound like a very nice person. She has no reason to be angry.

kristen said...

uh, what?! That sounds crazy. I don't even know what to say about all that except for I'm glad you feel better.

p.s. you totally *don't* sound like a drunk. (from one drunk to another:)

Jesse said...

Ahhh, Missouri thunderstorms. I didn't know what a thunderstorm really was until I moved here.

Meg said...

Gosh Tara, I would have SOOO left a comment just to be nice, then regreted it and then freaked out. It's over now though and you reached out, taking the high road. Now you can made me smile though!

Christy said...

I always get massages after my long runs, but that's just a perk of being married to a physical therapy student. But I get them for free. I'd def recommend them for REALLY long runs (above 15 miles), it makes SUCH a difference.

HappyTrails said...

Mmmmmm, peanut butter cups!!! I am just starting a "routine" of getting a sports/deep tissue massage on the lower half of my body, once every 4-5 wks. Supposedly it works - we'll see. Maybe we'll be able to compare notes!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

ohhh chiefs...ohhhhh cheifsthat's really all I can say about our team.

TX Runner Mom said...

I love peanut butter cups. In fact, I used to eat them before dance team practive everyday in high'd I stay so skinny then? As for the massage, I'm no help...I'm not much of a massage person, but I am interested in hearing other opinions on the subject.