Thursday, December 3, 2009

Training and Setting Goals

I am so behind on everyone’s blogs; it’s so pathetic, but I promise to catch up. I’m a bad blogger; I need to be tarred and feathered.

Training has been going great so far. I’ve done two runs this week and some core/strength work on the stability ball. The running is ok, I’m just taking it nice and slow, but the stability ball is killing me! I haven’t done any kind of ab or arm work since my little “mishap” back in October, so I’m walking around like I’ve been hit by a mack truck. I even feel like I’ve been hit by a mack truck; the muscles in my chest and back are very sore from push ups on the ball. I have the same stability routine on my training calendar for Sunday and I keep eyeing that damn ball like I’m preparing for battle. I’ll see it out of the corner of my eye and quickly turn to face it just in case it is taunting and laughing at me. It’s you and me ball and I’m going to win.

My coach has also asked me to prepare my goals for 2010, so that she can get a “big picture” of what my training will be next year. She not only wants to know of potential races, but she wants specific measurable goals for each race. This one is hard for me. I realize that I will never be a great athlete, but I do want to take my body and mind as far as they will allow me to go, which is why I work with a coach. I train with Liz because I want to set personal goals and challenge myself to see how and what I can accomplish.

I started doing half marathons my freshman year in college, but then ended up pregnant when I was 19, so I stopped running and racing altogether. College and raising a family was my first priority. My daughter is older now, so it is time for me to accomplish my objectives. My goal for the San Antonio marathon was to break 4 hours, which I felt I was on track to do, but who knows what will happen for the Ft Collins race; especially after my October “mishap”. I would also like to do a summer triathlon. I have NO CLUE what would be a measurable goal for this. I know that “just finish” is not a measurable goal. Sigh. I’ll figure something out. It is good to work with my coach, she is forcing me to really put my goals into perspective and get the most out of my training and time. I want to make myself proud and my coach proud.

Ending thought: What the hell is up with Tiger Woods? I used to like this guy and respect him. Now….not so much. I’ll still watch him play golf, but dude, your wife is gorgeous…what the hell?


TX Runner Mom said...

Gotta have some goals! I think that's what I miss about training with a group and a coach - someone to share the goals with. Ugh, Tiger...I am disappointed that he turned out to be just another sleezy celebrity.

Lisa said...

I need goals too. Something measurable like you said. I've been thinking about them but with a sprained ankle I'm not really sure how to go about establishing them. I'll probably go conservative so at least I won't look like a failure lol.

And Tiger? He's and ass and I have zero respect for him now. Typical male public figure, can't keep it in his pants.

Ulyana said...

YAY for training and for setting goals. Give it some thought and let us know what you come up with!

Tiger, yeah, I'm so sad and disappointed. What a freaking idiot he is.

Slomohusky said...

Fun. I like your inner personal battle with the "ball". Sounds silly bit it reminds me of the older (not new AMC production) late 1960's BBC show The Prisoner. Number 6 always had this inner battle with the big floating white beach ball. Okay lame comment?

As the great philosphical character of our times said once, "Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. Just keep swimming ... " - Dori (Finding Nemo). Okay even lamer comment on your goals. Sorry.

I have not heard the phrase "Tared and feathered" in awhile. Crazy people used to actually do that to others who they disagreed with. Now we just have cable tv and the interent that do the same thing. Hopefully, Tiger will find his way again. If he ever had a "way" to begin with. There is hope for us all. He is still the best golfer ever next to Jack Nicklaus. Cheers!

Katie A. said...

So glad you are back into running and training. You are right, goals are so helpful and will keep you going because I know you are a lot like me and like quantitative stuff. I am working on my 2010 goals right now, who knew I would fall apart at the end of 2009 since I met all mine? Ugh!
And Tiger? Well, he is an idiot. Pure and simple. I bet this wouldn't have happened if his dad was still alive. Feel so sorry for his wife and kids. Once a cheater, always a cheater.
Happy Thursday girly!!

Jennifer said...

Goals are like cake, not enough and you feel unsatisfied, too much and I want to barf! I find I can do goals for short term items like the current marathon I am training for but it's hard to go past that. Good luck in getting yours mapped out, after your crazy October you deserve a little something easy!

HappyTrails said...

Glad you are back to running. Tiger is a prime example of what people always get wrong: If I had everything like (insert celebrity name here), life would be great. WRONG. He has everything but still is a moron and ungrateful. Be thankful for who you are and what you have ... and go live happy! Oh, and run happy!!!

Meg Runs said...

OMG, Tiger Woods just &%*( ticks me off! I've been so MAD at him! Two gorgeous kids and a fab wife...what's up with that???
Love your goals and plans...can't wait to see you accomplish them!

Jill said...

I know it's so hard to set goals so far in advance, but your coach really needs to look at the big picture as far as your training. I did way too many this year and it caused a tiff with my trainer because I could never train effectively. So you got some great ones going.

3 degrees as I type this - stay warm tonight!!!

RunToTheFinish said...

man I don't know how I would plan out and pick goals for the coming year...that's really tough!

and yes we will be tarring you soon for your lack of bloggie

Molly said...

You've got some great goals for 2010....I don't know why you say you're not an awesome athlete, because you are!

I'm shocked at the whole Tiger Woods thing myself, and also surprised about the girl who brought him down. She was on the cover of the newspaper I worked at on 9/11, she was the "face" of people searching for loved ones. She really took a downward sprial after that.

Julia said...

The ball is deceivingly hard! I tend to avoid it for those reasons....oops! haha.

Hmmm... you've inspired me to start thinking more concretely about 2010 goals.

Kristin said...

I'm just easing back into running after a bad injury so I can relate. I did some balance ball crunches and nearly died! Think about the triathlon, it is a really phenomenal experience!