Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Santa Was Good to Me.

Last week was rest and recovery week and it was awesome with a couple of short runs and lots of strength work. Not only did I give my body a break from exersice, but I also took a break from blogging, facebook, and pretty much all internet activity. It was actually kind of nice; especially taking a break from facebook. That thing can be the black whole of time.

Santa was good to this little runner. I actually didn't ask for too much this year; I already have a lot of running apparel, but there were a few items on my list. We didn't visit my parents or my in-laws this Christmas, so I just asked for gift card, which were easy to send through the mail. I picked out the following gifts with the cash and gift cards that people gave me. My parent's got me a new Nike Dri-Fit Sports bra to keep the girls in place while I run and a Livestrong Running Shirt.

On the flip side, Rick's parents got me a Victoria's Secret Very Sexy push up bra, complete with extra clevege, so that the girls have a little bounce to them when I walk.

I love both of these bras, but I especially love the Nike Dri-Fit. It wicks sweat away from your skin really well and is fairly seamless, so there is less chafing. I would highly recommend trying this product.

Men-this is obviously a review for the ladies, but feel free to pick one up if you want to.

Rick got me some new Smart wool running socks and the Dean Karnazes book, "50 Marathons in 50 Days". I can't wait to start this one! I loved his first book "Ultra Marathon Man", so I have a feeling that I will really like this one.

I hope Santa was good to everyone out there!

Training: Ramping up the training a little this week. I am doing a few longer runs and switching up the strength training going from a stability ball to a bosu ball. There will also be a couple of cross training sessions on the bike. I have been working on keeping my cadence high on the bike.

I have a ton of posts that I need to catch up on since I didn't blog for a week, so I'll be seeing you soon!


Jamoosh said...

I'm not sure I am allowed to comment on female's blogs when "bras" are prominently featured.

...unless my wife is out shopping!

Glad Santa was good to you.

ShutUpandRun said...

OK there might be something weird about your father in law giving you a push up bra. Or not. I LOVED the Dean book and the documentary is really good too. Glad you had a good Christmas. I keep looking at our countdown with only 130 days to go. EEEKKK.

Molly said...

I'm in the middle of 50 50 and love it, I think I'm going to use his training plan at the back of the book for my marathon training.

Enjoy your bras!

RunToTheFinish said...

wasn't it wonderful not checking any posts for a few days?! I loved it personally, even though I enjoy everyone it was nice to just ignore the computer.

I wish someone would send me something to need holding in place by my sports bra

Meg Runs said...

Ha! Were you expecting the VS bra from your in-laws and were they there when you opened it? Too funny. I love your Nike bra, very cool.
Sounds like your running is going smoothly, I'm so happy for you!

Morgan said...

Oooo-la-la the girls must feel very loved this Christmas! :)

I really want to pick up this book as well, I have heard good things! Make sure to do a review!

Welcome back to the blogosphere, we've missed you!

TX Runner Mom said...

Sounds like you picked out some awesome gifts! Gotta love new bras...I'm in the market for a new sports bra, so I'll have to check out the Nike one.

Katie A. said...

Hahaha! Just read this after I read your other blog! Santa was good to you AND Rick :)
I also took a vacay last week from all things FB and blogging. It does feel sooo good. Good job on getting the runs in! Marathon training starts full force next week!!

Jill said...

Hahah..I like your friend, Jamoosh's, comment :).

Glad Santa was good to you. And most importlantly, I'm glad you're getting healthy so we can, therefore, go for a run soon :). I looked at the CO marathon and though I don't think this old body can swing a marathon two weeks after Boston, I DO think I'll run the half...slowly...just so I can be there to cheer you and Beth on :)! Yea!!!! Well, I plan to be there to cheer regardless if I can actually run or not!

Friend me on FB: jill andre parker

And if you're bored, give me a shout and we'll do a movie or something :).

Slomohusky said...

Ditto Jamoosh. Still a nice posting though Tara. Happy to read your training is going strong. Keep kickin' and have a Fantastic New Year!

Jesse said...

I just picked up the 50/50 book too. Must be the book of choice among runners this holiday season. intentionally leaving out all comments about another woman's bras for fear of my wife's wrath :)

Tara said...