Thursday, December 31, 2009

Looking Back and Planning Ahead

I was just sitting here reflecting on this past year and looking ahead to the coming year, so I thought that I would write a quick recap down on paper.

2009 was a great year.

1.) I got married to the love of my life.
2.) I decided to train and run a marathon, which is a goal that I have had in the back of my mind for some time now.
3.) In preparation for my marathon, I ran my first half marathon in over 15 years. I hadn’t done one since my freshman year in college; it was a lot harder then I remembered!
4.) I decided to work with a coach in order to help me train for the marathon. This was one of the best decisions that I have made in a long time; she plans the workouts and I just do the work. I was on track to run a sub-four hour marathon and I am in the best shape of my life.
5.) I had a life threatening illness in October, which knocked me out of my first marathon, but has made me that much more determined to race my first one in May and do the best job that I can possibly do!

So looking ahead to 2010, here are the goals/races that I have put down on paper so far.

1.) Saint Louis Half Marathon. St Louis, Missouri- April 11, 2010. This is tentative. I haven’t actually discussed this with my coach; she may flip a lid since my marathon is only a month out, but I have several friends running in it and I would like to join them.
2.) Colorado Marathon. Ft Collins, Colorado- May 9, 2010. This will be my first marathon and I WILL make this one!
3.) Creek Streak Tri Du Run, Cherry Creek Reservoir-July 24, 2010. This will be my first triathlon. I’ll try anything once and if I like it, I’ll sign up for a couple more in the fall.
4.) Copper Triangle, Colorado Mountain passes-August 7, 2010. This an 80 mile cycling tour, which goes over three mountain passes. Rick and I do it every year just for fun.
5.) Rock and Roll Denver Marathon. Fall 2010. I would like to actually like to run a marathon at sea level because they say that you are about 3% slower then you normally would be, while running at altitude, so I would like to see what I can do at sea level. However, after what happened this past year….well we’ll see.

Ok, that’s it for now. I hope everyone has a wonderful, yet safe, New Years!!! See you next year!


Jamoosh said...

Happy New Year!

Looks like you have one heck of a racing calendar in 2010 - you will do well!

Slomohusky said...

Fun schedule Tara. The Fort Collins Marathon sounds like a fun one. I need to think Colorado more when it comes to races/events. One of my favorite States. Elevation though might be hard to train for?
2009 was good for us as well. Hoping 2010 is even better! I did not realize or have read you just got married! Very belated Congrats! Guess I need to read over some older postings. Sorry I missed this big event posting.

I will keep you updated on this titanium necklace experiement.

Happy New Year!

Jesse said...

I'm most curious to read about your triathlon. I'm hoping to do one in a couple of years.

All the best in 2010.

Jill said...

Hey you...awesome recap! I am certain, as are you, that overcoming your life-threatening illness!! I stumbled upon your blog right in the middle of that madness and my heart grabbed and pulled for you!!

I may try that triathlon also at CC, it's on my list, too :).

It's going to be a blast reading your journey to the CO marathon in 2010...and hopefully we'll meet up here soon!

Happy New Year to you and your family!!!

Molly said...

You have some great plans for next year, that bike race sounds kick ass.....I have no doubt that you can tackle them all!

Happy New Year Tara!

Tara said...

Slomohusky-Thanks for the wedding congrats! Rick and I got married last March; although we have been together now for almost eight years. Wow, time flies!

Yes, training in altitude is very hard. I remember when I first moved out here, I couldn't even run three miles without feeling winded and tired.

Tricia said...

Happy New Year!

ultrarunner (Brian Philpot) said...

Happy New Year! Good luck in 2010!

chris mcpeake said...

Good luck with your racing in the new year. Great schedule.

HappyTrails said...

Ok, so I am WAY behind on my blogging- I didn't realize you are a newly wed - congratulations - it IS awesome to be married to your best friend! The Copper Triangle is a ride I've wanted to do since they started it a few years back - great route - I am just afraid of the traffic on some of the roads. Looks like you have some great plans for 2010 - how about trading in some of the pavement for a few trail races???!!! :-)

Ulyana said...

First of all - HAPPY NEW YEAR! I enjoyed following you in 2009, and you really accomplished a lot. I'm so glad you are good and well and I'm very excited about your 2010 goals. You are gonna do that marathon, and it'll blow you away!

Julia said...

2010 is looking like a fun year for you! Good luck! I hope to do my first tri this year too!

Ashley said...

Nice goals! I did the STL Half last year and it was a lot of fun! It rained the whole time, but it was still an adventure. :)