Monday, November 23, 2009

A Weekend of "Workouts"

Lot’s of activity this weekend, so I wanted to throw out a quick workout recap. Many of you may not know this, but I hold a black belt in shopping. Now, not just any type of shopping, I have a specialty, I have a black belt in REI shopping. So, in order to hone in on my skills and keep up my endurance, I decided to practice my sport because we all know that you have to work hard in order to be good. I made the trek on over to the REI and was happy to see the words “SALE” written on all of the windows. The shopping gods have smiled on me today. I stretched, took in some water and a banana, entered the store, and quickly made my way to the women’s fitness section. In order to be a top notch REI black belt shopper, you have to have a clear goal in mind of what you want to purchase; if you don’t you will be sucked into buying a whole bunch of crap that you may want, but let’s be honest, you don’t need. So I was on the lookout for a pair of black workout pants and a North Face half zip top. My current black pants have a whole in the crotch (not a good thing) and I live in North Face sweatshirts and just need another one. Check out my purchases:

I realize these photos are huge....sorry.

REI Fitness pants. No holes in the crotch.

After sharpening up my black belt skills, I came home and did a Power Yoga tape with my husband. The tape, which is a Rodney Yee one, lasted an hour and my abs are still hurting two days later. The poses in power yoga are great for building core strength as well as toning your body overall. I would highly recommend checking out the Yee Yoga tape. Just look for the a little Hawaiian dude in tights sitting on a yoga mat (men, don’t let this scare you) and you’ve found the tape. Good stuff.

Sunday, I wanted to run, but I’m battling a little bit of a cold, so Rick and I took the dog for an hour and a half hike in the foothills, which is great cardio going uphill. Check out my photos, on one side of the trail it was green and looked like spring and the other side was still covered in snow. The best of both worlds. The dog has an appointment at the groomers on Monday, so we wanted to get her good and dirty before we took her in and she managed to do just that, she was in the mud, snow, and the stream. She smelled really bad when we loaded her up into the car, plus she had tiny sticks stuck in her hair in random places, so we’ll get our moneys worth at the groomers.

Green Side

Snowy side of trail

That’s all folks. Not much working out recently, still in recovery mode. I start back officially with my Coach on December 1st to start my marathon training, for now, I’m just going to enjoy doing nothing!

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and don’t forget those gratitude lists!


Jamoosh said...

Fur socks? Do you have fur socks?

Katie A. said...

I love me some REI shopping! And I love buying online and having it sent to my nearby store - keeps me from buying too much!
And has the best new running tights, they stay in place and they are AWESOME!

And we need more pics of the pooch!! :)

Jesse said...

I could spend hours in REI (or the Canadian equivelant - MEC). I need to walk in with a mission or I'm toast.

Jennifer said...

GREAT photos! You live in such a beautiful place. I have a black belt in shopping too, mine is at any type of store that has "tools" in the title, along with "wood" or metal". Glad to hear you had a successful time honing your skills!

ShutUpandRun said...

I have those pants! So exciting you will be back training with Liz on Dec. 1st. I will be a couple of months behind you but I am going to sign up for the CO Marathon, hope we can both make it this time!

Lisa said...

Black belt in shopping...that's great. Cute outfit too.

Molly said...

You just reminded me of that episode of Will & Grace where they go to the Annual Sale at Barney's, and Grace was giving bananas to everyone.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Meg Runs said...

What? You didn't buy the yoga pants with the hole in the crotch? I love those refreshing!
I hope you win the battle with your cold and I'm so happy you're back with your coach in seems like time flew by for you, I'm glad!

Jill said...

I need a pair of the no holes in the crotch REI pants, I gotta head there before sale ends!! I was just coming out of the mountains this past weekend and commented to my friend how funny it was that one side of I-70 was snow-packed and the other side barren. Ha. I love those North Face sweatshirts - so cozy. Major score when they're on sale. Man, I need to get my job back there. *sign*.

Jamie said...

Very nice shopping! Also looks like a fantastic hike!

Pilland said...

Nice indeed!
Best wishes from an Estonian living in Italy

HappyTrails said...

Love the pictures - the outdoor as well as the workout clothes!!! Are you sure you want to give up your holey pants??? Holes help w/ venting-I have a pair of old Smart Wool liner gloves that is missing most of the fingers -perfect for those "in-between" days. :-) Glad you will be able to start back in a few days. Thanks for the tip on the yoga video!

Tricia said...

Dare I admit I've never been in an REI?