Friday, September 4, 2009

Throwing out the Meat

OMG-Only 71 more days until the San Antonio Marathon!

The anticipation has been building all week for tomorrow’s run test. I’ve probably over analyzed every aspect that I can possibly think of.

If I start out at this pace, then I should be able to hold this pace at the end and average out to this pace.

As you can see, I live a pathetic existence; my life is one big Seinfeld episode. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being a lazy turd during my rest and recovery week. I’ve had a chance to cook dinner and hang with Maddie. I’ve had time to contemplate deep thoughts. Are they ever going to bury Michael Jackson? I’ve even had a chance to catch up on my reading. I’m still reading the “Skinny Bitch” book in between all of my other books that I’ve read. Remember my posts on “Skinny Bitch”? The book that tells you all good things are bad for you? It is definitely one of those books that you have to read in small doses. I can only take so much of reading that beer, wine, pumpkin spiced lattes (yes they are officially in season), and mountain dew are bad for you. You might as well kill me now. I’ll see the book lying on the table and I’ll just pretend that I don’t see it and walk away.

I have learned a lot from the book and have made a few necessary changes in my diet. The book just really flat out makes sense. Eat whole wheat/whole grains and no processed food. I’m all over it. Fruits/Veggies. Check. However; Monday, I got to the chapter on meat and slaughterhouses and how they kill the animals for our consumption. The contamination and filth described were enough to make me sick to my stomach, but the way in which they are killed and the inhumane treatment some of them receive set me over the top. I’ve often heard that if you visit a slaughter house, you will never eat meat again, reading about them was just as bad. I’ve always just kept myself blissfully ignorant because I love meat too much.

Now, this is not a post to try and convince everyone to give up meat. Not my intention. But for me, I have decided to TRY and give up meat. I can hear Jamoosh screaming now, but I’m throwing away the bacon. I’m going meatless. I’m on day four of my quest. Here’s how the week has played out.

Tuesday: Made turkey tacos for Rick and Madison. No problems; I am just coming off of reading the book and the sight of meat made me sick. I had Boca spicy meatless chicken. Not too bad.

Wednesday: Made homemade pepperoni pizza for Madison and veggie with feta cheese pizza for Rick and me. I sliced my own pepperoni and the sight of the meat was tempting, had a hard time not shoving the whole thing in my mouth and calling uncle. I satisfied my meat cravings with wine. Not the same, but it kept me distracted.

Thursday: Had to go to the grocery store and my car hit a cart in the parking lot due to the fact that I was neck craning to see where that delicious burger smell was coming from. Cart hit another parked car and I got yelled at for being a moron. Minimal damage to both cars and I earned the funktard of the day award. Don’t tell husband about car.

Friday: Drove by the Chik-fil-A on my way to work and cried. Good thing it is Friday and I’ve got beer in my future. I may give up meat, but I will NOT give up my barley.

Next chapter in the book is on Pooping. Stay tuned.

Family Update: No big plans for Labor Day weekend. Madison has plans tonight with friends and Rick and I will probably be in bed and asleep by 9:00; 10:00 if I’m really feeling good. We are so old. I went to Madison’s back to school night at her high school last night. I was very impressed with the school system, which they kept emphasizing as being one of the best schools in the nation (which is why we moved to the area), and I got that old familiar “back to school” feeling. How exciting! I can tell that Madison is excited to start high school and she also starts her dance classes next week. I’ve tried to convince her to take a ballet class to work on her form, but she will have no part of it.


Jamoosh said...

Drop by a chicken farm sometime and you'll soon be a vegetarian. A friend of mine read a diet book and became a vegetarian overnight. Unfortunately she soon realized that what was "not" being said was just as important as what was being said.

Now that the commentary is out of the way, it's never a bad idea to try different things with your running or your diet. If it leads you to a better place that's great. If not, then at least you learned something.

B.o.B. said...

Don't give up on the meat. It's your friend. Do it for your country. It's delish. (That's all I have by way of keeping you on the meat.) I also choose to remain blissfully ignorant.

Have a great weekend!

Eliza said...

Great blog!

I second the not giving up on meat! There's nothing like a pulled-pork sandwich on a bad day! :)

Julia said...

I can't live without my chicken. I can't rely on beans and nuts to get my much needed protein, plus I would be passing gas all the time! lol.
But honestly, do what feels right for you, regardless of what a book says :) If you like being vegetarian, all the power to ya! Keep us updated on how it goes!

Molly said...

I eat meat, and cook it, but I have a hard time touching it raw. I do some meals meat, and some vegetarian, my fave veg lunch is morningstar farms black bean burgers with Cheddar cheese and salsa - delish!

Have a great weekend, thanks for joining my Get Active Challenge!

kristen said...

Sounds like a plan. Good luck with it. You should consider taking iron supplements and whatever else you get from red meat that you don't really get anywhere else. A girlfirend of mine isn't a veg.,but rarely eats meat and when she finally started taking iron pills - her energy improved and her heart rate dropped to a reasonable level when running. It was a really interesting find.

I'll be sure to stay away from that chapter :) looking forward to the poop review.

ShutUpandRun said...

I guess when you read about pooping you might have to stop that too. Yes the meat thing is gross!

I cannot beleive we are only 71 days out from the marathon. Yikes. What's your long run this weekend? Wish we were closer, we could go togther. I'm getting sick of all these solo runs.

Ulyana said...

I did experiment with vegetarianism, mainly to purify my diet, and I had a lot of fun. You get to be really creative with your food, and you just eat much healthier b/c you naturally incorporate more veggies. Just make sure you get all the needed proteins. That's really important.

Meg Runs said...

Oh, Tara, you made me laugh again! Bad girl!! Bullet replies:
* Please avoid the poop chapter, or at least posting about it.
*When my kids were off to high school I kept telling them, "How fun! We're going to high school!" Weird looks.
*No meat!! What about your burger/beer nights??
*Your FIRST'll love it!
Have a great weekend...keeping livin' that crazy Seinfeld life of yours...

Anonymous said...

Your family in Missouri is anxiously awaiting the post on the poop chapter. (Or maybe not)

X-Country2 said...

They don't exactly treat chicken/turkey all that well either, but I applaud your efforts. I don't do a lot of red meat, but I couldn't give it up. Good luck with the countdown to race day!

Jesse said...

My wife went veg a few years ago, and has slowly transitioned to vegan. I've made the gradual switch to vegetarian now too. I don't think I could have done it cold turkey, but it's one of the best things I've done. I feel so much healthier now. I've never read Skinny Bitch (I'm a guy, and the title doesn't really appeal to me), but another excellent read is "The China Study". Talks about the health benefits of not consuming animal proteins.