Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Recovery - Tara Style

Well, it is officially Rest Week. That’s right; rest and recovery for my legs. I still have short workouts, but I have permission to cut any and every workout short if I feel any pain. I basically get permission to be a lazy turd this week.

Oh my! Is that a pain in my little toe? I best be walking then.

Last night I had a 35 minute run on my schedule with the description “speed is irrelevant”. I love these runs. I can go really slow and just enjoy the weather and my surroundings instead of focusing on the run itself. Got the run knocked out and then went in search of food.

We’ve all heard the expression “You are what you eat.” Basically if you eat crap you are crap. Since I’ve already been given permission to be a lazy turd this week; I found it fitting to actually become crap. I threw down some skillet cheesburgers, made some tater tots, and didn’t even look twice at a vegetable. I even ran by the liquor store and picked up some New Belgium Blue Paddle beer. This is one of my all time favorites from the New Belgium brewery in Fort Collins. Someday I plan on working at the brewery so that I can swim in the Blue Paddle if I want too. I’m sure swimming in the beer is totally against the rules, but it’s kind of like when you are a kid and you want a certain piece of candy, so you lick it to claim it.

I swam in the Blue Paddle! It’s all mine! It would get me fired, but totally worth it.

Rick got home from work, looked at my greasy crappy dinner, found the Blue Paddle and exclaimed: “Honey, I love you!”

Blue Paddle-it’s the only way to the heart.

I digress so easily. The reason behind all of this rest and recovery is for one thing. The Run Test. I have the dreaded run test on my schedule this weekend. You may have seen me post about this before; well my opinion hasn’t changed. I dislike them. You have a warm up and then run as hard as you can for a certain amount of time. The test is to check your heart rate zones, etc. Now, I’m not a big fan of running really hard for a long period of time, which is why I dislike them. Yes, I do realize that this is a problem and I do not care, I will admit openly and freely to being a big pansy. The run test for this weekend is a little bit different. I only have to “run as hard as I can” for eight minutes. Eight minutes? I can do that. I am going to kick eight minutes ass. I’m going to run two miles in that eight minutes! Ok, QUIT LAUGHING, I’m still going to kick eight minutes ass.


Jamoosh said...

I am so craving tots right now!

kristen said...

I've never done a run test before, but it sounds cool. I think you'll run faster because you have to report back to us how you did! Go get it girl!

Katie said...

Run test?! That sounds scary to me. I have never done that and I am with you on the not liking the running as hard as you can for long distances. Yuck! Scary. But good luck on that and let us know how it goes!

TX Runner Mom said...

Mmmmm, crap food! Good luck on the run test!

B.o.B. said...

I am doing my recovery week all wrong. I must get on your plan.

Also KICK IT'S ASS SEABASS! (Dumb and Dumber anyone? Anyone?)

Molly said...

I've got a tator tot casserole recipe that is perfect crap food.

Meg Runs said...

Gotta love your hubby for cheering on your love for beer and junk snagged a gem!

Go Pansy, kick booty on the two miles!

Anonymous said...

If you need any good crap good me! You know I've got tons of them. I'm the unhealthy out of shape sister. Hmmm...good thing I'm blessed with a pretty face at least---cause this butt just keeps getting bigger and bigger :) haha.