Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Random Much?

Rick sold the Acura and we picked up an older model Pathfinder to use on bike trips etc. You know, cuz every family needs three SUV's. Here is Madison, she gets her permit in less then a year and she is already practicing. She thinks she's too cool.

First things first, for those of you who care; I’m happy to let you know that my dog, a.k.a dog-arrhea, is doing much better. After spending most of her day outside doing what she needed to do, I finally noticed that she was not putting any weight on her back right leg and limping really bad. I loaded her up and took her to the doggie hospital. Three hours, one messy 4-runner (husband cleaned that up), and $165 later, she was back in working order. They not only took care of the diarrhea, but they also gave her back leg a lame test, which came back with nothing. I figure that she just strained her leg a little from “assuming the position” too much that day.

Next thing on my list: I wanted to mention two great giveaways. Heather over at Run Faster Mommy is giving away a nutrition pack and Mel over at Mel Tries To Run is giving away two great books. The nutrition pack includes lots of gels, hydration needs, and a bumper sticker that says “Running is cheaper then therapy.” Most of us know that already. The books pack includes “Running Hot” and a copy of Dean’s book “50 Marathons 50 Days”. Yes, I’m schmoozing, but I love to read and I also would love all of that nutrition! Go check them out. Wait! NOT YET! Finish reading my post and then go. Don’t worry, there’s not much left; just some random training information.

Training: I had a run last night. No surprise there, I’m training for a marathon. I was instructed not to worry about my pace or heart rate, but to just work on form by working with several drills. I wanted to do my drills at the high school track, but they were having a stupid track meet over there. Imagine the nerve of them for doing a track meet when I wanted to work on my drills. I managed to work in my drills on the busy street and I am sure that I was some lame entertainment to some bored commuters. I am sure that I look like a funktard trying to do pawbacks.
Tonight will be some yoga and strength work
Thursday I will be running fartleks
Friday is an easy run and strength
Saturday is a bike
Sunday is the long run! 16 miles. I gotta go get a new fuel belt for this one. I’m excited! Is that sick that I’m excited about a 16 mile run?


B.o.B. said...

Your poor pup! That is not fun.

BTW, I have been really confused this whole time while reading your blog.

I thought Maddie was like your roommate or something. You look WAY too young to have a daughter her age. I was so confused. But then I read your profile and went back through some of your old posts. It's all clear now. Just thought I'd share how goofy I am and how great you look! LOL!

Katie A. said...

I think I am going to break my commenting virginity on your page and finally say hey! Glad to hear the pooch will be better and that the hubbs took care of the car "situation" for you this time! Happy Wednesday! :)

Meg Runs said...

Glad to hear your dog is better, I'm happy that you left her outside today!

I get excited about the long runs too...especially if I have something new to try! Hope your fuel belt helps you out. Have fun!

Melanie Tait (Mel Tries to Run) said...

You're so funny - thanks for the shout out!

I loved how you said "finish reading my post first!"

Good training champ!

kristen said...

Totally normal to be excited about a 16 miler :)

What kind of drills did you do? Plyometrics? I need details.....

aerorunnergirl said...

Glad to hear you got your dog-ahrea situation sorted out. This happened to us once when we were living in an apartment. The poor guy even managed to do it on the stairs! I mean, really... I can just picture the poor pup running around trying to find a door to get out... and then it hits... while he's on the stairs. What a mess.

Molly said...

I think it's awesome to be excited for you next long run! I've got to do some fuel belt shopping myself, or mayble I'll just duct tape a water bottle to my hand.

btw, D is my mother in law, she's battling breast cancer. She has some other health issues that is making her treatment a bit more difficult, thanks so much for asking, I really appreciate it. : )

Jesse said...

I think it's awesome that you're excited about running 16 miles. I just finsihed a 16 miler myself, and it felt great. But, unless you're doing laps around a small area, you'll definitely need to get yourself some sort of fuel belt first. Have fun picking one out.

Ulyana said...

"assuming the position" lol, I'm glad she is better

You won't believe the audacity of the local high football team - they too get out there and take up the whole track with their own drills when I ---aaaaay - come out to train. And the whole time I have no right to yell "traaaaack!" to get people out of my way b/c I'm a guest.

ShutUpandRun said...

Go girl, go. You're going to rock out that sixteen miler.

Jamie said...

Poor doggy! Glad to hear he is doing better.

There is nothing wrong with a little long run excitement :) good luck finding a water belt that works!

kristen said...

That's cool. I like the drills. We do mostly the same ones (except for pawbacks). I do them twice a week and before races. Usually about 6 - 10. I swear by them now :)

RunToFinish said...

I get excited about my long run every week and yes we are indeed sick for it...but it's so good.

seriously you have a daughter ready to drive...I'm not even believing that

Meg Runs said...

Thanks for the hugs Tara..."I Will Survive..." says Donna Summer and Meg. Right? It is Donna Summer, right?