Monday, September 21, 2009

It's Flipping Snowing Here!

Yes folks, I just looked out the window and it is snowing here in Denver down in the Tech Center. I was just saying yesterday that I was ready for winter, snow, and cooler weather, so I take full responsibility. I just didn't mean I wanted it this soon. It was 80 degrees yesterday; I love my bipolar state.

Rick and I took a drive through the mountains Saturday afternoon to check out the pretty fall colors. I think that we were still a little early, but we did see a few bright gold and orange Aspen trees. We drove up through Squaw pass and then on up Mt Evans road. We were disappointed to see that the road up to the top of Mt Evans was closed for the season. I guess it is already snowing up there. We had to stop about 5 miles from the summit and when we got out of the car it was cold at 49 degrees. I’m glad that I brought a jacket. Check out my pics.

Squaw Pass. This one is called "Where's Rick" He's in here somewhere.

Summit Lake on Mt. Evans

Me-all bundled up. It was cold up there.

A Few Fall Colors

A dusting of snow on Mt. Evans.

Well, my 16 miler turned into a 15.27 miler. I was barely hobbling the last few miles of my run. The cause of this catastrophe? My darn foot hurts again. Now, I was already out of training for at least a month this summer due to this foot, so when it started to give me trouble during my run, I should have stopped immediately. However, I am stupid and sort of stubborn, so I kept going because I needed to get to 16 miles. I have been known to circle a parking lot so that my Garmin will say exactly the mileage I’m going for. It doesn’t matter that Garmin says 5.89; I will circle that parking lot until it says exactly 6 miles. When the pain got so great that I looked like a troll hobbling down the trail, I finally stopped and I was horrified that Garmin said 15.15 miles. I hobbled another 0.12 until I convinced myself that I was being ridiculous and stopped. It doesn’t matter, I still felt like a failure because Garmin didn’t say 16. I went home and placed a giant bag of ice on top of my foot and another one on the bottom of my foot and took half a bottle of ibuprofen. I’m sure that my liver is still shrieking. It feels better today and I don’t feel any pain; I’m crossing my fingers and making an appointment with my podiatrist. In the meantime, I will obsess over it nonstop to the point where even I will get tired of myself.

This week is Rest Week, which means no long run this weekend. When I saw that it was rest week I got all scared and thought that I would have to do another one of those damn run tests this weekend, but there wasn’t one on my schedule! We are just taking a step back and allowing my body to rest and recover. I have three runs on my schedule and my longest run will only be an hour and ten minutes. I also have some cross training and strength training ahead as well. Rest week will probably be good for my foot!

Many people have made the comment recently that I don’t look old enough to have a teenage daughter. Thank you, it helps to have your children when you are only 10. I’m kidding! I had her when I was twenty, so I am a rather young mom. I have always looked younger then I am, which I hated when I was 18-21 years old, but I am totally enjoying it now.

Happy Training!


TX Runner Mom said...

Sorry to hear about your foot! I can relate though to wanting to get the exact mileage - I am totally OCD like that. :-) I am so jealous of your snow...I think it's going to be 90 here today.

Katie A. said...

So so so jealous of the snow! It's is going to be in the high ninetys and the tripple digits by mid week here in Nor Cal! Ugh! I want fall!
Sorry the foot is bothering you, but good job on getting a decent amount of mileage in! Hope it feels better! :0

Morgan said...

Rest up my dear and take the cue from the foot to take it easy in general! 15+ is still close enough to 16!!!

While I def don't want your snow, I would however love some cooler temps round these parts... It's been 90+ for days!

Jesse said...

Sorry to hear about your foot. Hopefully with some rest it will heal up nicely.

Your photos of the mountains make me incredibly jealous (even if it is snowing there today). We moved from Loveland/Fort Collins to KC four years ago. Not sure why!

Lisa said...

Not sure which is better right now, your cold weather or my 100+ degree heat forecasted for the ENTIRE week.

B.o.B. said...

10? LOL!

I completely understand the obsessing over the injury. You did the right thing. You probably could have stopped sooner and been ok, but I understand that too. (We loonies have to stick together!)

Gorgeous photos. Although I HATE the cold, it does look beautiful.

Ulyana said...

I've been craving snow. GOOD LUCK to me since I split my time between Austin, TX and San Diego, CA. HAHA!

Hey, looking young is awesome. I get the opposite :(

Something's in the air, all of us runners are toying with injuries - rest well! You are in my thoughts!

Molly said...

ugh, sorry about your foot, but the rest week is perfect timing to give it a rest!

Beautiful photos, once again I'm so jealous of where you live...and I think I found Rick.

RunToTheFinish said...

your foot is just making sure you take full advantage of your rest week!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Take advantage of the recovery week and that snow. So jealous. It's HOT and HUMID in South MS. Hope the foot heals FAST.

(I am the same about the Garmin and "getting the distance." I guess it's a blessing and a curse.)

Meg Runs said...

Brrrrr! I can't believe in snowed already! Hope your foot feels better and thanks for the cool pictures. Just gorgeous. Wow, a mother at ten..miracle! No wonder you're such a young mom!

Jamie said...

I hope the foot is nothing serious! 15+ miles is incredible especially with foot problems. Enjoy the rest week!

kristen said...

I used to be a freak like you (your welcome) about always ending on even mileage. Then I hired a coach and he looked at me like I was from outter space when I mentioned that. It was the last time I did that. He even has me run some of my recovery runs for time so there is no way I could get even mileage on that day. I got over it pretty quickly once my training was out of my hands.

p.s. You do look fantastic!!