Monday, September 28, 2009

Back to the Grind...

I’ve come to the end of rest week. I will miss you rest and recovery; it’s back to the grind. No long run this weekend and let me tell you, it was nice to not have to plan everything around a 2 and a half hour run, plus recovery time, plus laying around in goofy compression socks with my feet up against the wall. Saturday was a short 20 minute (yes, I did say only 20 minutes) run and some weight lifting. Sunday, I got up early and did a short 8 mile run.

Since when did 8 miles become short to me? I remember a time when 8 miles would have knocked me on my butt and that wasn’t so long ago.

Anyway, I got up and prepared for my short run, which was easy because all I got together was my Garmin and some water. No gels, extra water, salt tabs, body glide, recovery drink, or recovery bar necessary. I always weigh myself before and after a run to make sure I’m getting the proper amount of water, so out of habit, I hopped up on the scale, to check the weight, which came in at 115.4. Went to the bathroom to take care of the 0.4 and I was out the door.

I did an easy paced 2 mile warm-up with an average pace of 10:14. Then ran three miles at my marathon goal pace and finished up with an easy cool down. Average pace for the 8 miles was 9:09.

I also finally booked hotel and flight plans for my San Antonio marathon. Flight plans were easy; booking the hotel was a little bit harder. It seems everyone else but me was on the ball and booked early. After the eighth hotel turned me downed due to being full, I was feeling a little desperate. I didn’t want to have to spend the night out on the San Antonio Riverwalk like a hobo. Finally I got a hotel that asked me if I would prefer a king or a double. I felt like shouting “Lady, at this point I would have taken a cot (I would have even paid extra for a second cot so that husband wouldn’t have to sleep on the floor) and a janitor close.” I was thrilled. Not only that, but the hotel is only 2 miles from the start and 1 mile from the finish. I told Rick that we just needed to rent a Segway to get me that last mile back to the hotel. I’m not sure I’ll want to move after the run. I got really excited about my first marathon after that. I’m still not sure what to expect and I’m still not sure of a time goal yet. I just want to run this first one and be coherent at the end.

Some comments about your comments:

Katie A-I have tried to get to your e-mail account, but couldn’t for some reason. Do you have a blog? Just wanted to thank you for all of your comments and to let you know that I tried tofu for the first time ever! I liked it!

Kristen-I do remember you telling me about your friend and the iron pills. Your comment was what led me to talk to my coach after I started to feel low on energy. I have also invested in some iron supplements. Thank you!

Jesse-Thank you for your meatless meals ideas!

Everyone else-You guys are great! Thanks for all of your support! I truly appreciate it. I’m going to catch up on my blog reading today at some point.


kristen said...

I love to hear 'long runs' are not long anymore. Recvoery weeks are pretty awesome!!

I'm glad you got a hotel. Same thing happened to me. I'm usually not a procrastinator but I guess I dropped the ball on the hotel. I'm only a mile away so not too bad. I was thinking it would be good for me to walk for a mile afterwards anyways.

Molly said...

Isn't it cool to have a "short" run be 8 miles?!? I really think you're going to kick ass on your marathon, and it's great you're starting to feel excited as you come into the home stretch!

btw, loved how you chugged a beer after that other run of yours...I'm always in the mood for an alcoholic beverage after a great run...I think the exercise endorphins want to keep the party going!

Lisa said...

So exciting for you... I bet booking the hotel and flight makes it seem all that more real. Good luck with the rest of your training... I'm sure you will do well. Sending good vibes your way.

Morgan said...

You know you're a runner when... 8 milers are short! LOL!

Congrats finally snagging a hotel!

Marathonman101108 said...

Good Luck with the rest of your training. Yes it's weird when an 8 mile run is considered "short." A great goal for your first, and any marathon, is to finish...common sense, huh?!

RunToTheFinish said...

so funny how our idea of short and long runs totally change!! glad you are not sleeping on the riverwalk, though I admit that woudl have been a much more amusing post for me at some point.

Meg Runs said...

Hobo Marathon Runner...nah, it doesn't sound anything like glad you got a room! I always wait until the last minute too. Not worth it! Sorry your rest has come to an end, fight on!

B.o.B. said...

You know you are training when you think 8 and 10 milers sound short. LOL!

Glad you got a hotel. You should just have your hubs pull you back in a wagon.

Katie A. said...

Hey lady! Sorry I have been MIA for a few days...I ran Tahoe marathon this weekend and just got back into the swing of things! did the tofu taste? And what did you do with it? It can get mundane like chicken does, but there are a billion receipes out there, let me know if you are getting board!
Glad you're getting the miles in, and you are sooo close! You are gonna rock it! I'll email you with my personal email today! :)