Monday, September 28, 2009

Back to the Grind...

I’ve come to the end of rest week. I will miss you rest and recovery; it’s back to the grind. No long run this weekend and let me tell you, it was nice to not have to plan everything around a 2 and a half hour run, plus recovery time, plus laying around in goofy compression socks with my feet up against the wall. Saturday was a short 20 minute (yes, I did say only 20 minutes) run and some weight lifting. Sunday, I got up early and did a short 8 mile run.

Since when did 8 miles become short to me? I remember a time when 8 miles would have knocked me on my butt and that wasn’t so long ago.

Anyway, I got up and prepared for my short run, which was easy because all I got together was my Garmin and some water. No gels, extra water, salt tabs, body glide, recovery drink, or recovery bar necessary. I always weigh myself before and after a run to make sure I’m getting the proper amount of water, so out of habit, I hopped up on the scale, to check the weight, which came in at 115.4. Went to the bathroom to take care of the 0.4 and I was out the door.

I did an easy paced 2 mile warm-up with an average pace of 10:14. Then ran three miles at my marathon goal pace and finished up with an easy cool down. Average pace for the 8 miles was 9:09.

I also finally booked hotel and flight plans for my San Antonio marathon. Flight plans were easy; booking the hotel was a little bit harder. It seems everyone else but me was on the ball and booked early. After the eighth hotel turned me downed due to being full, I was feeling a little desperate. I didn’t want to have to spend the night out on the San Antonio Riverwalk like a hobo. Finally I got a hotel that asked me if I would prefer a king or a double. I felt like shouting “Lady, at this point I would have taken a cot (I would have even paid extra for a second cot so that husband wouldn’t have to sleep on the floor) and a janitor close.” I was thrilled. Not only that, but the hotel is only 2 miles from the start and 1 mile from the finish. I told Rick that we just needed to rent a Segway to get me that last mile back to the hotel. I’m not sure I’ll want to move after the run. I got really excited about my first marathon after that. I’m still not sure what to expect and I’m still not sure of a time goal yet. I just want to run this first one and be coherent at the end.

Some comments about your comments:

Katie A-I have tried to get to your e-mail account, but couldn’t for some reason. Do you have a blog? Just wanted to thank you for all of your comments and to let you know that I tried tofu for the first time ever! I liked it!

Kristen-I do remember you telling me about your friend and the iron pills. Your comment was what led me to talk to my coach after I started to feel low on energy. I have also invested in some iron supplements. Thank you!

Jesse-Thank you for your meatless meals ideas!

Everyone else-You guys are great! Thanks for all of your support! I truly appreciate it. I’m going to catch up on my blog reading today at some point.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Is it wrong that the very first thing that I did once I got home from my run last night was to pull a beer out of the fridge? In my own defense, I took water with me for my run, plus I have heard that beer can be used to rehydrate oneself. Yes, I did hear that from somewhere or read it somewhere. I really did….

The beer was called Buffalo Gold Ale made here in Colorado by the Rock Bottom Brewery and here is my review: It is good, you should definitely drink it.

My rest week has been very nice. I did a short run on Tuesday night, a spin on my cycle ops bike trainer on Wednesday, and another short run last night. Last night’s run was great; it was only a 45 minute run, but I had so much energy. The weather was a cool 57 degrees and the sun was shining, which I think had a lot to do with my energy level. I always run better in cold weather. My run was supposed to be light and easy in my heart rate zone 1, with 6 x 1 minute at a hard pace 15 minutes into the run. No long run this weekend. Yipeee! I guess next weekend will be 18 miles. Only 50 more days left!

My coach sent out a little snipet on why a good warm up before a run is so helpful and essential for you. I thought that I would share.

Not only is warming up essential to preventing injury, but it makes you faster, fitter and stronger over time. A proper warm-up:

-Increases muscle core temperature, thus decreasing work required for muscle contraction and making movement feel easier.
-Allows higher maximum cardiac output and oxygen consumption. (Translation: It increases your endurance and speed.)
-Causes blood vessels to dilate, which aids the transportation of oxygen and nutrients to the working muscles (so you can run faster)
-Increases your range of motion by heating the synovial (lubricating) fluid in your joints,improving flexibility.
-Warms you up mentally, increasing motivation and focus.
-Allows exercise to feel better and produce better results (your mainset will be faster if you properly warm up)

Hope everyone has a great weekend of training!

Family Update: No big plans for the weekend. We are planning on catching the Rockies vs Cardinals game downtown on Saturday, which should be fun. Or maybe taking another drive through the mountains to see more fall colors. Due to the cooler temps this week, the caps on the mountains have snow on them, it is beautiful. Madison’s homecoming is next weekend. We spent a few, painful hours at the mall last weekend, finding a dress. It is a really cute black and white strapless; I will have to post pictures. The best part is that we got it at Macy’s for $36!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Is it Worth It?

OMG-Look at that widget over to the right! It does NOT say that I only have 53 days until my marathon!

My last two long runs have been less then stellar. Actually, the term “less then stellar” is probably too good of a description for them. I’m going to be a lady (hey! I see you laughing out there) and not tell you what I really think of them. Now, I know that I am not the best runner or even a super fast runner. In fact my running is probably the equivalent to being the dumbest kid in the Advanced Physics class. It’s commendable that I am trying, but I’m just not quite getting it.

So, I had a talk with my Coach about my general lack of energy and my inability to hold my race pace for even two miles at a time. She gently reminded me that running a marathon is extremely stressing on the body. Then add to that the drastic dietary change that I have made recently by becoming an overnight vegetarian, mid-training, and it is probably fair to say that my body may be a little whacked out right now. She was very encouraging and supportive about my quest, but we talked about perhaps adding a certain amount of meat back in so that my body gets the iron that it needs. I could then work with a certified nutritionist after the marathon in order to make sure I am getting everything that I need in my diet, so that I can train right for the next marathon and still be a vegetarian. So, I feel horrible, but I think that I will be adding free range chicken (no factory farming!!) and some fish back into my meals. I feel guilty about this decision, but it probably wasn’t the smartest move on my part, changing my diet like that without knowing what I was doing. I am dropping weight like crazy and I just don’t have the sort of energy that I used to on my long runs. Someone please tell me that I’m doing the right thing!!

In other news, my foot feels better, which is a good thing since I can’t get in to see the doctor until October 6th. Geez…does EVERYONE have feet problems these days?

Random Observation about personal relationships and friendship: Some people are extremely needy and have to have constant re-assurance from people in order to maintain their own self confidence and self worth. These types of friendships can be incredibly draining, especially when the "drainee" nags, nags, nags to the point of it being unattractive. Is it best to hang onto these friendships because it is too painful to drop them or are you the one who will just suffer in the end...

Monday, September 21, 2009

It's Flipping Snowing Here!

Yes folks, I just looked out the window and it is snowing here in Denver down in the Tech Center. I was just saying yesterday that I was ready for winter, snow, and cooler weather, so I take full responsibility. I just didn't mean I wanted it this soon. It was 80 degrees yesterday; I love my bipolar state.

Rick and I took a drive through the mountains Saturday afternoon to check out the pretty fall colors. I think that we were still a little early, but we did see a few bright gold and orange Aspen trees. We drove up through Squaw pass and then on up Mt Evans road. We were disappointed to see that the road up to the top of Mt Evans was closed for the season. I guess it is already snowing up there. We had to stop about 5 miles from the summit and when we got out of the car it was cold at 49 degrees. I’m glad that I brought a jacket. Check out my pics.

Squaw Pass. This one is called "Where's Rick" He's in here somewhere.

Summit Lake on Mt. Evans

Me-all bundled up. It was cold up there.

A Few Fall Colors

A dusting of snow on Mt. Evans.

Well, my 16 miler turned into a 15.27 miler. I was barely hobbling the last few miles of my run. The cause of this catastrophe? My darn foot hurts again. Now, I was already out of training for at least a month this summer due to this foot, so when it started to give me trouble during my run, I should have stopped immediately. However, I am stupid and sort of stubborn, so I kept going because I needed to get to 16 miles. I have been known to circle a parking lot so that my Garmin will say exactly the mileage I’m going for. It doesn’t matter that Garmin says 5.89; I will circle that parking lot until it says exactly 6 miles. When the pain got so great that I looked like a troll hobbling down the trail, I finally stopped and I was horrified that Garmin said 15.15 miles. I hobbled another 0.12 until I convinced myself that I was being ridiculous and stopped. It doesn’t matter, I still felt like a failure because Garmin didn’t say 16. I went home and placed a giant bag of ice on top of my foot and another one on the bottom of my foot and took half a bottle of ibuprofen. I’m sure that my liver is still shrieking. It feels better today and I don’t feel any pain; I’m crossing my fingers and making an appointment with my podiatrist. In the meantime, I will obsess over it nonstop to the point where even I will get tired of myself.

This week is Rest Week, which means no long run this weekend. When I saw that it was rest week I got all scared and thought that I would have to do another one of those damn run tests this weekend, but there wasn’t one on my schedule! We are just taking a step back and allowing my body to rest and recover. I have three runs on my schedule and my longest run will only be an hour and ten minutes. I also have some cross training and strength training ahead as well. Rest week will probably be good for my foot!

Many people have made the comment recently that I don’t look old enough to have a teenage daughter. Thank you, it helps to have your children when you are only 10. I’m kidding! I had her when I was twenty, so I am a rather young mom. I have always looked younger then I am, which I hated when I was 18-21 years old, but I am totally enjoying it now.

Happy Training!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Random Much?

Rick sold the Acura and we picked up an older model Pathfinder to use on bike trips etc. You know, cuz every family needs three SUV's. Here is Madison, she gets her permit in less then a year and she is already practicing. She thinks she's too cool.

First things first, for those of you who care; I’m happy to let you know that my dog, a.k.a dog-arrhea, is doing much better. After spending most of her day outside doing what she needed to do, I finally noticed that she was not putting any weight on her back right leg and limping really bad. I loaded her up and took her to the doggie hospital. Three hours, one messy 4-runner (husband cleaned that up), and $165 later, she was back in working order. They not only took care of the diarrhea, but they also gave her back leg a lame test, which came back with nothing. I figure that she just strained her leg a little from “assuming the position” too much that day.

Next thing on my list: I wanted to mention two great giveaways. Heather over at Run Faster Mommy is giving away a nutrition pack and Mel over at Mel Tries To Run is giving away two great books. The nutrition pack includes lots of gels, hydration needs, and a bumper sticker that says “Running is cheaper then therapy.” Most of us know that already. The books pack includes “Running Hot” and a copy of Dean’s book “50 Marathons 50 Days”. Yes, I’m schmoozing, but I love to read and I also would love all of that nutrition! Go check them out. Wait! NOT YET! Finish reading my post and then go. Don’t worry, there’s not much left; just some random training information.

Training: I had a run last night. No surprise there, I’m training for a marathon. I was instructed not to worry about my pace or heart rate, but to just work on form by working with several drills. I wanted to do my drills at the high school track, but they were having a stupid track meet over there. Imagine the nerve of them for doing a track meet when I wanted to work on my drills. I managed to work in my drills on the busy street and I am sure that I was some lame entertainment to some bored commuters. I am sure that I look like a funktard trying to do pawbacks.
Tonight will be some yoga and strength work
Thursday I will be running fartleks
Friday is an easy run and strength
Saturday is a bike
Sunday is the long run! 16 miles. I gotta go get a new fuel belt for this one. I’m excited! Is that sick that I’m excited about a 16 mile run?

Monday, September 14, 2009

I Had a Bad Day

These are Rick's pics that he took of us with the sole purpose of just annoying us.

I hadn't fixed my hair yet. Please note: I was in a tank; not a bra.

Even the dog was annoyed.

I Had a Bad Day. I’m not posting about that old Daniel Powter song. I kind of had a crappy Sunday. Literally. My 14 miler was not as good as I wanted it to be and I woke up to about 5 piles of dog diarrhea. My husband brought me a bucket and a pair of rubber gloves. He’s so helpful; how did I ever manage without him.

Don’t want to gross you out, just wanted to let you know how my day started. If your day starts out with dog doo, you know it’s going to be one of those days. Now onto my 14 miler. My boss, who is a runner, told me about a really nice gravel trail that is shaded and goes all of the way to downtown Denver. Rick and I had taken a drive over to the trailhead on Saturday night to check it out. Yes, that was the highlight of our night. It was rainy and really dark out, so we drove down a good portion of the trail before we realized that we were actually ON the trail. Oooops. That’s how wide the trail was; at least he knows if I have a problem while running, he can drive down to get me.

The trail seemed perfect, nice and flat, with a porta potty at the start. Can’t get much better then that. If there had only been a concession stand selling Beer and chips and salsa, it would have completed the whole experience. I had bought a fuel belt on Saturday, so I was experimenting with that as well. Now, I didn’t get your typical fuel belt, the one that I bought had two giant water bottle holders and a huge pouch that were all situated on the backside. I’m not sure why I thought that having two giant water bottles bouncing up and down on my butt would be even remotely comfortable, but I bought it anyway. I got tired of the bottles real quick, they were heavy and annoying. I tried to drink as much water as I could, so I could empty them out a little bit and had to pee so bad by mile 2 that I thought I would die. I stopped by a porta potty. While I was in the potty, I took a gel. Seemed like a good place to take a gel at the time. I didn’t notice that while I was getting my gel, my car keys fell out. I didn’t realize this until about two miles later when I backtracked and stopped at my car to drop off the giant water bottles. I retraced my steps and finally found them on the floor of the porta potty. I really hoped that nobody had peed on them, but at that point, I was so thrilled to have found them, I didn’t care. I finally dropped the bottles off at the car and was literally worn out. I had started my run out way too fast (I know better) and I was packing heavy bottles on my butt. I had only gone about 6 miles. Eight more to go. I decided that the plan of the day was just to “get er done” without worrying too much about my pace. I started off again and then later noticed that I had forgotten to start my Garmin. I hate it when I do this. I had no clue how far I had gone. I finally finished up my 14 miles (or who knows how many more) sweaty, salty, and flat worn out. Average pace for the 14 miles was 9:55. Average HR= way too high; I should know better. I’m also going to buy a regular fuel belt.

I got home and had just enough time to shower, stretch, and take in a recovery drink before Madison reminded me that I was taking her and her friend to Wal-Mart to pick up paint and some other supplies that they needed for a craft project they were doing. They were making shorts with their school name on the rear and bandanas to wear to the home football games. They even made Rick and I bandanas. My bandana says “Sexy Mama” and his said “Old Man”. Their project turned out really cute and Wal-Mart wasn’t as busy as I thought it would be. Sunday’s are usually “family day at Wal-Mart”. Everyone goes in their Sunday finest and takes up entire rows trying to decide what brand of chips they should purchase for the week.

Friday, September 11, 2009

I'm Pregnant!

Yea, I’m really not. But it’s my 100th post and I said to myself. “This is your 100th post you should say something amazing, great, and spectacular, something no one will ever forget!” and then I realized, “yea…..I got nothing.” So I decided to throw out the shock factor instead. I’m sorry if you came here looking for baby news; there really isn’t any. I’ve got a marathon to run. Can you imagine running a marathon while pregnant? I wonder how many pit stops at the porta potty that would be. As bad as I am, I would just save time by roping one around my tummy and dragging it along behind me. I’d put wheels on it of course.

I’ve got two goals for this weekend. First, I’ve got a 14 miler on my schedule. I keep reading everyone’s posts about 20 and 22 milers and I am starting to realize that those runs aren’t too far ahead in the future for me. Oh boy, what have I gotten myself into? I can’t imagine running that kind of mileage. That little widget thingy over there to the right says that I have a little over two months to prepare so thankfully I have some time. Second goal is to head over to REI and purchase a fuel belt. I appreciate all of your suggestions and comments on what you all do for water and fuel. I’ve decided that the fuel belt is the thing for me, so I’m going to break down and buy one and start using the damn thing. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to start experimenting with it now before I do get into those REALLY long runs.

I have also almost successfully made it to two weeks without eating meat. At this point, I am past the point of craving it, so I feel like I’m in good shape. However, this will be my first long run that I have done as a vegetarian. I am a little concerned about fueling before and after the run. I am always so incredibly hungry after my long runs and I need tons of protein. I realize that I can get my protein from other sources such as beans and nuts, but come on…I can’t eat beans all night. My husband wouldn’t want to go to bed with me. I have been partaking in lots of veggie burgers, whole wheat pasta, meatless chicken, and other meatless products, but I would really like some good vegetarian recipes. Anyone? Anyone?

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy Hills.

I ran hills the other day. I really wasn’t prepared to run hills after my hilly mountain bike ride, but I went ahead and did it anyway. I actually had a trail run in the mountains on my schedule, but by the time I got off of work, I didn’t have time to drive over to a good trail. Darn work; it always gets in the way of my personal life.

Please notice that I used the word darn instead of damn. I am trying to clean up my act a little bit. I heard some girl use fuck three times in one sentence the other day and even I was appalled.

Anyway, I found some worthy hills (I do live in Colorado) on a gravel trail not far from my house. Most of the hills were not very steep, but they were all rather long. My instructions were to let the trail determine my pace, but try and move quickly up the hills and recover on the down hills. I am not very good at hill repeats or running fast up a hill; it is too hard and it hurts too much. Pansy. But I do the best that I can. I did a nice easy warm-up and then hit the hills. I tried to keep my pace somewhere between 8:36 – 9:36 minute miles (I said that I tried, doesn’t mean it happened all of the time) and then recovered easy on the downs. I got did a little over 5 miles with my average pace being 10:14 and average HR of 174.

Does anyone out there actually like doing hill work?

Last night was my rest night. I needed it after run tests, mountain biking, and running hills. I decided to log onto to facebook. Over half of my news feed page was covered in people playing Mafia Wars, Farmtown, and something called Farkle. Other people were having just two sided conversations about...well nothing. Do people know about the “inbox function” on FB? I scrolled through all of those and came to a post that read: “I just peed on your wall.” And the response was: “WTF, are you trying to mark your territory?” Ok, that one made me chuckle. My page also prompted me to become a fan of Pizza Hut because so and so is a fan of Pizza Hut. Let me think about this. Then I read all of the political crap. Can’t we keep this off of facebook? Half the time they just make themselves look retarded by what they post anyway…even the ones that I agree with. I ignored the 80 requests that I had and logged off.

Training for the week: Tonight will be cross training on the bike and then some strength work.
Friday will be an hour run working on some tempo paces
Saturday is another bike
Sunday is the long run.

Happy Training!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fast Twitcher

Well I survived both my run test on Saturday and my first week of being a vegetarian.

Recovering with a nice healthy apple after my test. I really wanted a huge hunk of cake, but I managed to be good.

First off, the run test. I did not die, there were points during the test that I thought that I might, but I didn’t. Score one for Tara for being alive. I ran 1.18 in the eight minute test portion of my run with an average heart rate of 181. This averages out to be a 6.47 pace. Score two for Tara for kicking eight minutes ass (even though I didn’t make it to two miles). My Coach was very pleased and yet found it curious that I had the same average HR and max HR as I did during my longer run tests. She is confident that I will improve in my endurance and become a stronger runner due to my results. She also made the comment after the test that I must be a fast twitcher. We have two types of muscle fibers: fast twitch and slow twitch. Most fast twitchers are better at sprinting and powerful short runs, while slow twitchers are better at long endurance runs. Fast twitchers can be great marathoners, but they just have to work harder. Being a self-admitted pansy, the whole “work harder” thing has me cringing.

What the heck is she going to do to me now?

Has anyone else heard of this muscle twitching thing? Do you know what type you are? How has it helped you in your training?

I also survived my first week of not eating meat. Thank you for all of your supportive comments and helpful suggestions; I really appreciated them. It honestly has not been as hard as I thought it would be….yet.

A menu/weekend breakdown:

Saturday after my run test, Rick, Maddie, and I drove over to Golden to just hang out and go out to dinner. Golden is the home of the Coors Brewery (and the yummy Blue Moon beer), so the smell of beer brewing was in the air. Most people either love this smell or they hate it. I personally love it and it covered up the smell of meat being barbequed. We went and ate at a pizza place and I had pizza with basil, mushroom, and green pepper. I really enjoyed the fresh basil leaves on the pizza. I usually use arugula leaves when I make homemade pizza. I will definitely try the basil.

Grand Lake, Colorado

Grand Lake, Colorado

Grand Lake, Colorado

Grand Lake, Colorado-Madison has her nerd glasses on and they are giving me cheesy grins.

Sunday, we drove up to Grand Lake, Colorado to hang out. We hiked around the lake, ate, and looked for moose. We didn’t see any moose. I’m kind of glad that we didn’t; I’m sure what we would have done with one had we found it. They really aren’t creatures that you want to mess with. We went to eat at a little restaurant near the water and I had veggie fajitas that weren’t too bad.

Monday, Rick and I packed up the mountain bikes and headed out to Pine Valley Open space park to do a little mountain biking. I hadn’t been on a mountain bike in forever, so it was awesome to be riding out in the woods. After our ride, Rick and I experimented with making veggie chili. I did a little shopping at our local Sunflower Market and found some vegetarian “beef crumbles” that are made out of soy. As a ground beef substitute, crumbles have almost no fat, no cholesterol and less than half the calories of an equivalent amount of ground beef. I know….they sound gross don’t they? They actually don’t taste bad and the chili was REALLY good. There were a ton of great flavors that we have never noticed with regular chili.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I will be catching up on all the blogs throughout my workday....I mean my lunch break.

Happy Training!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Throwing out the Meat

OMG-Only 71 more days until the San Antonio Marathon!

The anticipation has been building all week for tomorrow’s run test. I’ve probably over analyzed every aspect that I can possibly think of.

If I start out at this pace, then I should be able to hold this pace at the end and average out to this pace.

As you can see, I live a pathetic existence; my life is one big Seinfeld episode. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being a lazy turd during my rest and recovery week. I’ve had a chance to cook dinner and hang with Maddie. I’ve had time to contemplate deep thoughts. Are they ever going to bury Michael Jackson? I’ve even had a chance to catch up on my reading. I’m still reading the “Skinny Bitch” book in between all of my other books that I’ve read. Remember my posts on “Skinny Bitch”? The book that tells you all good things are bad for you? It is definitely one of those books that you have to read in small doses. I can only take so much of reading that beer, wine, pumpkin spiced lattes (yes they are officially in season), and mountain dew are bad for you. You might as well kill me now. I’ll see the book lying on the table and I’ll just pretend that I don’t see it and walk away.

I have learned a lot from the book and have made a few necessary changes in my diet. The book just really flat out makes sense. Eat whole wheat/whole grains and no processed food. I’m all over it. Fruits/Veggies. Check. However; Monday, I got to the chapter on meat and slaughterhouses and how they kill the animals for our consumption. The contamination and filth described were enough to make me sick to my stomach, but the way in which they are killed and the inhumane treatment some of them receive set me over the top. I’ve often heard that if you visit a slaughter house, you will never eat meat again, reading about them was just as bad. I’ve always just kept myself blissfully ignorant because I love meat too much.

Now, this is not a post to try and convince everyone to give up meat. Not my intention. But for me, I have decided to TRY and give up meat. I can hear Jamoosh screaming now, but I’m throwing away the bacon. I’m going meatless. I’m on day four of my quest. Here’s how the week has played out.

Tuesday: Made turkey tacos for Rick and Madison. No problems; I am just coming off of reading the book and the sight of meat made me sick. I had Boca spicy meatless chicken. Not too bad.

Wednesday: Made homemade pepperoni pizza for Madison and veggie with feta cheese pizza for Rick and me. I sliced my own pepperoni and the sight of the meat was tempting, had a hard time not shoving the whole thing in my mouth and calling uncle. I satisfied my meat cravings with wine. Not the same, but it kept me distracted.

Thursday: Had to go to the grocery store and my car hit a cart in the parking lot due to the fact that I was neck craning to see where that delicious burger smell was coming from. Cart hit another parked car and I got yelled at for being a moron. Minimal damage to both cars and I earned the funktard of the day award. Don’t tell husband about car.

Friday: Drove by the Chik-fil-A on my way to work and cried. Good thing it is Friday and I’ve got beer in my future. I may give up meat, but I will NOT give up my barley.

Next chapter in the book is on Pooping. Stay tuned.

Family Update: No big plans for Labor Day weekend. Madison has plans tonight with friends and Rick and I will probably be in bed and asleep by 9:00; 10:00 if I’m really feeling good. We are so old. I went to Madison’s back to school night at her high school last night. I was very impressed with the school system, which they kept emphasizing as being one of the best schools in the nation (which is why we moved to the area), and I got that old familiar “back to school” feeling. How exciting! I can tell that Madison is excited to start high school and she also starts her dance classes next week. I’ve tried to convince her to take a ballet class to work on her form, but she will have no part of it.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Recovery - Tara Style

Well, it is officially Rest Week. That’s right; rest and recovery for my legs. I still have short workouts, but I have permission to cut any and every workout short if I feel any pain. I basically get permission to be a lazy turd this week.

Oh my! Is that a pain in my little toe? I best be walking then.

Last night I had a 35 minute run on my schedule with the description “speed is irrelevant”. I love these runs. I can go really slow and just enjoy the weather and my surroundings instead of focusing on the run itself. Got the run knocked out and then went in search of food.

We’ve all heard the expression “You are what you eat.” Basically if you eat crap you are crap. Since I’ve already been given permission to be a lazy turd this week; I found it fitting to actually become crap. I threw down some skillet cheesburgers, made some tater tots, and didn’t even look twice at a vegetable. I even ran by the liquor store and picked up some New Belgium Blue Paddle beer. This is one of my all time favorites from the New Belgium brewery in Fort Collins. Someday I plan on working at the brewery so that I can swim in the Blue Paddle if I want too. I’m sure swimming in the beer is totally against the rules, but it’s kind of like when you are a kid and you want a certain piece of candy, so you lick it to claim it.

I swam in the Blue Paddle! It’s all mine! It would get me fired, but totally worth it.

Rick got home from work, looked at my greasy crappy dinner, found the Blue Paddle and exclaimed: “Honey, I love you!”

Blue Paddle-it’s the only way to the heart.

I digress so easily. The reason behind all of this rest and recovery is for one thing. The Run Test. I have the dreaded run test on my schedule this weekend. You may have seen me post about this before; well my opinion hasn’t changed. I dislike them. You have a warm up and then run as hard as you can for a certain amount of time. The test is to check your heart rate zones, etc. Now, I’m not a big fan of running really hard for a long period of time, which is why I dislike them. Yes, I do realize that this is a problem and I do not care, I will admit openly and freely to being a big pansy. The run test for this weekend is a little bit different. I only have to “run as hard as I can” for eight minutes. Eight minutes? I can do that. I am going to kick eight minutes ass. I’m going to run two miles in that eight minutes! Ok, QUIT LAUGHING, I’m still going to kick eight minutes ass.