Friday, August 21, 2009

Where Did the Years Go?

What a crazy, busy week it has been. I’m ready for the weekend so that I can sit down, relax, and let my head stop spinning.

Training this week has been good. I’ve gotten in a couple of nice easy paced runs and a great tempo run on Wednesday. My tempo run started off easy in HR zone 1 and then I slowly started to build pace to where I was sitting in zone 2. Then, for the next 24 minutes I was supposed to do sets in tempo pace bringing my HR into zone 3. The tempo sets were great; I’m slowly building my strength and stamina back up after my foot injury and I can tell my heart rate has settled back into a nice groove. At one point I looked down at my Garmin and noticed that I was doing a 7:10 pace and my heart rate was still in zone 3. Nice. Normally, my heart rate is blinking “heart attack pace! Heart attack pace!”, when I try and run a seven some minute mile. I had to have been going down a slight unnoticeable hill; that’s the only explanation. I also noticed how nice and even my breathing was. My allergist has recently put me on a new asthma med called Singulair and I think that I am finally getting my exercise induced asthma under control. It is so nice to be able to run and not sound like a 70 year old smoker hacking and wheezing my way down the road. Since developing this condition, I have launched more snot rockets then a 12 year old boy. It aint been pretty folks. My husband refuses to ride behind me while we are riding bikes; I don’t have great aim.

Yesterday, my daughter registered for high school. YES HIGH SCHOOL. I still can’t believe it. We filled out the forms on Wednesday night and we noticed that they stated: “All students must register themselves. Please have all forms complete.” Ok, I thought, this is good, the kids are in high school now, and a little independence is a good thing. I would just go through the line with her and let her do all the work. Well, when we arrived at the high school Thursday morning, we noticed that parents were just dropping their kids off and not going in with them. We wondered aloud if parents were not allowed in; only the students. Madison saw some friends and said that I could just drop her off. “It’s ok mom, I’ll just call you when I’m done.” I watched her walk in and I thought my heart would break. I wanted to go in with her and see her new high school. I felt the final tug of the independence cord as she was immersed by a sea of eager young students all excited about the prospect of starting high school. The realization that she was now a young woman instead of the little kid that Rick used to refer to as “my shadow” hit me like a ton of bricks. Wow….where did the years go?

Rick just got home from another budget review in Arkansas this morning. He is taking the day off of work and relaxing at home. He needs the break. I can't wait to see him, I am planning on taking off work a little early and we are going to a concert tonight; just the two of us. Date nights are good!

Hope everyone has a great weekend of running!


Jamoosh said...

Years just pass on by. I don't have kids, but every time I talk to my sister it seems her kids have aged five years. Which makes me feel old.

kristen said...

Wow, you hardly look old enough to have a daughter in high school. I can't imagine how hard that was.

Have fun on date night! Appreciate them as I know you do!

Tara said...

Thanks Kristen!

I had her when I was 20, so I'm only 34. Some people confuse us as being sisters. I love it and she hates it!!

Katie said...

Hang in there! You still have four years until the independence REALLY kicks in! Enjoy this time with her, it'll be fun :)
I hope you have a blast on your date night! Enjoy the concert together... how fun!

Jill said...

Priscilla McReynolds and I email back and forth alot and we were discussing blogs to read and she told me about yours. WOW! It is very, very entertaining!! It's so nice to hear about Madison, and see her all grown up! I will be following you for inspiration, ideas and for some good laughs!
Jill McGuire

Anonymous said...

Your post brought tears to my eyes---I'm such a wuss. I can't believe she is in high school either---I can't believe you guys don't live in Columbia anymore---ugh...I miss you guys! My little Maddy. Seems like yesterday she was a baby & I wouldn't let her go. :(

Meg Runs said...

Wow! Great, fast pace!

MORE IMPORTANTLY...high school! I remember that and it was such and emotional time. Then want so much independence and yet, they still need so much from you. In some ways, it's a pretty neat time because you get to see your kids unfold before your eyes.. You seem like you'll handle it like a trooper!

Have a great weekend!

Ulyana said...

My sister is starting high school! We are almost 11 years apart, and I'm not her mom, but I feel the same way! She's a young lady now. She's still my little sister, but our relationship is changing from that of her looking up to me all the time to one where we are more friends. It's really cool. Although, I'm still on top of her about certain things - now, it's preparing for the college.

And what I think is insane about this age is that you can look just 5 years back and see this itty bitty kid - you can really see the change. I look at photos and can't believe that she was a kid, haha! and I know in two years I'll look at today's photos of her, and wonder the same thing!