Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What have YOU "Googled" lately?

Have you ever wondered how people find your blog? Some people click on directly, some click on through someone else’s blog or the Google followers modules, and some find you through “googling” something that matches words or phrases that are in your blog and your link comes up for them to follow and view your site. Here are some of my favorite things that people have “Googled” that have led them to my blog. These are in no particular order:

1.) “Bunions” - Well….that’s a shocker. I’ve blogged more about my bunions and my feet lately, then I have about running.
2.) “Tara Ryan hot photos” - Hmmmm….not sure who Tara Ryan is, but imagine this persons surprise when they found my running blog instead of hot pics of Tara Ryan. I hope they clicked on the photo of my dirty, muddy legs that I took after a mountain bike ride (from a June post); that would totally serve them right for trying to look up soft porn on the Internet.
3.) “Ball and Chain Day”- I’m not sure what to say about this one except, why would someone google this instead of “wedding day”. It HAD to have been a man. He was probably looking for excuses to get out of his wedding day. I believe this was one of the titles of my posts: “Countdown to ball and chain day”.
4.) “I hate working my abs”- I would totally buy off on why this “google” found its way to my blog. I absolutely hate working my abs, in fact, there should be a direct link from those words to my blog. There should also be a picture of me out there on the web somewhere with the caption “I hate working my abs”.
5.) “Best Thong for Runners”-Well…..I’m not sure how my blog came up when this person googled those words, but I hope that they found their answer somewhere. I certainly wouldn’t want someone to have to run in an uncomfortable thong. I don’t want that on my conscience.
6.) “Hookup Gym”-I’m leaving this one alone. If you are that desperate, I’m not touching you.
7.) “Morning Run Poo”-OK. Help me out here. Do you have stomach problems on your morning run? Can you not seem to go to the bathroom BEFORE your morning run?

This ones kind of wide open with numerous possibilities on why they googled this.

Are you looking for helpful tips on HOW to take your poo on your morning run? If you are looking for tips on HOW to take your poo, well….stop, squat, and let it rip.
8.) “Lance Armstrong Goat Blood”-Ok then….

Training Update: I did a nice easy 45 minute run Monday night in zones 1-2. Tonight will be a 15 minute bike warm up and then some strength training followed by a bike cooldown. Wednesday-One hour run with speed work. Thursday-45 minutes on my trainer. Friday-Another short, easy run. Sunday-Long Run. This is a strength workout with hills. I will be doing a trail run in the foothills, so that I can get in some MAJOR hill work. I can’t wait; I absolutely LOVE trail runs.


HEATHER said...

LOL! How did you know that's what people googled? too funny!

Meg Runs said...

Thanks Tara for the instructions on how to "doo the poo." Couldn't have done it without you! Thank goodness I didn't have to google that, could you image what the "google images" would have produced? Blahhhh...

You are too cute and too funny!!

Marathonman101108 said...

Wow, and I just assumed that I was blog-stalked by someone reading my "witty" comments on someone elses blog! Oh "pooh" to you too!

Morgan said...

SO how did you track down how they found your blog? These are too funny!!! :)

Ulyana said...

This is so funny! And weird... esp the lance armstrong part. Whatever's on people's minds, right?

kristen said...

"best thong for runners"....If your going to wear a thong why bother? That's just asking for chaffage.

B.o.B. said...

Lance Armstrong Goat Blood? WTF? NO REALLY. WTF?!?! Hilarious.

Good workout though.

Jamie said...

Too funny! some peoples googles are funny and funnier in fact that the blog pops up as a result!

Molly said...

I once googled myself and it turns out there is a blond, blue eyed version of me who is an "actress" And with two verbs as a last name, I get some weird results.