Monday, August 24, 2009

Trail Run in the Mountains

First things first: A Monday Morning Rant:

Dear Lady in the big ass SUV who cut me off this morning,

First off, I would like to be the first person to instruct you on where your blinker is; it would be on the right hand side of your steering column. I know this because that is where the car manufacturers normally install them. If you had used yours this morning; I was feeling nice and generous and would have happily let you in. Instead, you choose to cut right in front of me, causing me to have to slam on the brakes of my own big ass SUV, making me dribble fruit punch G2 down the front of my shirt. This did not make me happy.

I understand why you cut me off. You had to jump into that left hand turn lane in order to turn into that strip mall, probably headed to that Starbucks. I do not blame you for the Starbucks, if I had 3 kids and a dog yelling, barking, and throwing things in my back seat, I would have needed the pick me up too. What I do blame you for is the fact that you couldn’t quite get your big ass SUV fully into the left hand turn lane; therefore causing me to have to stop and wait while traffic backed up behind me. I could not go around you because the right hand lane was full of cars. Perhaps if you had gotten of your cell phone, you would have realized you were backing up traffic and maneuvered your big ass into the turn lane. Just saying.

Ok, I feel much better, onto my run. I had a 10 mile run on my schedule this week, with the description: “strength segment, find a course with some good hills”. Sounds like a trail run to me! I love trail runs, there is nothing like being out in the woods somewhere out in the mountains. The particular trail that I chose has always been a hard one for me and I have never had the stamina or leg strength to make it past 6 miles. The first two miles are uphill and are very steep in certain areas and the altitude always gets me. I packed gels and a camelback and Rick loaded his mountain bike up so he could get a ride in while I ran. It was a gorgeous morning to be out for a ride or a run and I was looking forward to a hard morning of climbing.

I started out with a slow warm up on the flatter gravel trail that led to the single track that would be my nemesis for the day. I ran this section a couple of times to get my blood flowing and then started the climb. Right away, my breathing started getting heavy and my legs started screaming at me to find flatter ground. I am not much of a climber, so I took the first climb slow and just concentrated on forcing my knees up so that I would not shuffle up the mountain. By the time I got to the top of the first climb, I was hankering for that Chik-fil-A sandwish that I mentioned in my last long run post. All I had were gels and they were lemon-lime and looked like snot when I opened the package. Just don’t look at them I prompted myself. I took one and they weren’t too bad.

By the time, I got to the last hill of the day; my legs were numb and just kind of flopping around and doing their own thing down there, so the climb actually felt good. I even passed a couple of mountain bikers. Ok, they were girls, but I still passed them, so I still have bragging rights. I came up behind them and didn’t want to mess them up, so I was miss chatty Kathy with them for a good portion of the climb. I think they finally got annoyed with me, so they stopped and told me to pass them. I told you the Singulair was working, normally I would be breathing heavily and launching snot rockets. It felt good to be able to run, climb, and talk.

I finished my 10 miles and felt pretty damn proud of my accomplishment. I made it past my 6 mile record!

Family Update: Madison started high school today! She was very nervous, but I think that she was looking forward to it. I drove her to school for her first day (hence my battle with the big ass SUV lady) and it was exciting to see all of the high school students piling into the school.

Rick and I had our date night on Friday. We went downtown to the Walnut room to see a Poi Dog Pondering concert. This is a group that Rick has liked since college. I have slowly over the last several years learned to like their music. It’s not Lil Wayne, but I can groove to it. The concert was a blast. The group has so much fun performing that it is hard not to catch that joy. We actually had Poi Dog perform a concert for us the night before our wedding, so we spoke to Frank, the group leader, afterwards and told him how much we enjoyed the show.

I’ve been so busy lately, so now I need to catch up on all of your blogs! I look forward to it.


Morgan said...

Great job on that run! I love when I boldy go further than I ever have before! Bragging rights for sure! :)

M2Marathon said...

10 miles into my 16-miler on Saturday, I was completely craving a Qdoba black bean burrito, and all I had was a lemon-lime GU.

Conquering a big-ass hill is always an accomplishment! And doing it with distance? That much sweeter. Nice job!

Molly said...

you just inspired me to forgo my run around the neighborhood today, and go to the nature center for a trail run!!

Good luck to Madison (and to you) as she embarks on her high school years!

ShutUpandRun said...

Great trail run Ten miles is long on the trails in the hills. I did one this a.m. too near Boulder. Felt really good. Only 82 days til S.A.!!!

Jamoosh said...

I will bet the lady in the SUV had a big butt.

Chris said...

You made me laugh when you said the mountain bikers you passed were girls. Funny!

Ten miles on trails? Right on!

aerorunnergirl said...

Congrats on the awesome trail run! I live at 8300ft so I have tons of trail runs at my feet, but I'm a wuss so I do my runs down in Denver. :) Running uphill while talking is very impressive!

Meg Runs said...

Nice rant Tara, you always make me laugh. Go girl...
Congrats on first day of hs for your daughter! My boy had his first day of college and still won't tell me what he ate for dinner last night! Is it too much to expect a daily call? Email? Count your blessings.

Hooray for date nights, sounds like yours was fun!

kristen said...

Thank you for writing that letter to that SUV bitch. I have written that exact same letter a thousand times in my head. Well said!

Nice work on that run. WooHoo for milestones!!!

p.s. I thought of you today on my recovery run (which was a trail - so very fitting) when I saw a fast food hamburger box. You know, the cardoard ones that house big macs. I thought of chick-fil-a. We don't have them here in the PNW, but they had them everywhere in VA. Subsequently, I thought of you when I was at Trader Joe's scouring the shelves for my latest victim (a.k.a bottle of wine) and I found an ORGANIC one. I bought it obviously.

TX Runner Mom said...

Great job on the 10-miler. You are inspiring me to get and find some new places to run instead of my usual neighborhood loop.

B.o.B. said...

Congrats on an awesome 10 miler! I must learn to love the trails like you do. Always afraid I am going to break my neck. LOL!