Monday, August 31, 2009

Long Runs....Too Much Planning!

OMG-Only 75 more days until the San Antonio Marathon!

My long run was scheduled for Sunday. I had twelve miles to accomplish. These long runs are really starting to become an event in planning. How many gels do I need, how much water, where’s my inhaler, where’s my epipen, did I remember to eat? Yes, I ate, but oh crap, I had Mexican the night before, that might not be too good. Exactly WHERE am I going to put all of this crap? I shoved all of my gels, inhaler, medicine, etc into a fanny pack, but what about water? I drink so much water on endurance events; I can slurp down an entire camelback of water on a two hour mountain bike ride. The thought comes to me that I must break down and finally buy a fuel belt; then I can have the little bottles of water plus my Nathan hand held water bottle. Yesterday, I only had the Nathan hand held, I would need more water. Rick piped up and said that on one of his lunch break runs, he spotted a chick with huge boobs (insert me rolling my eyes here) running with a water bottle stuck in between her boobs.

That’s genius. I thought. Then I looked down. Hmmmm. They are good for holding my cell phone and a few gels every now and then, but a water bottle? Not so much.

I was running my downtown route and there were no water breaks along the way. Oh well. I will just make do. What do you guys do for water? Fuel belt? Hand held? Culligan water filter strapped to your back?

The plan was to drive over to the Cherry Park trail, run my 12 miles, and then meet Rick at his downtown office. He needed to go into work for a little to finish up some budget stuff, so I could catch a ride back to our house AND send a “recovery bag” with him. I love it when plans come together.

The plan worked out VERY well and I ended up doing not twelve, but thirteen miles in. Only thirteen miles to go and I’ll have my marathon! Oh boy. I did a nice easy 7 mile warm-up with my pace between 10-11 minute miles. For the next 4 miles, I kicked the pace up a notch and averaged between 7:36-8:36 minute miles, then finished up with 9 minute mile cool down. My pace overall for the 13 miles was 9:36, not bad for a training run and I felt very strong when I finished. I am anxious to start steadily increasing my mileage.

I used the new Accel Gels and I think that they worked out well. As I mentioned in my last post, these guys have a 4:1 mix of carbohydrates and protein. The protein is supposed to speed up the muscle recovery process during exercise and reduces muscle soreness and fatigue. I think that it actually works. After my recent half marathon, I was extremely sore and had trouble walking the next day. I am walking normally today and have minimal soreness and hardly any fatigue. I would highly recommend giving these gels a try!

Not much else went on this weekend. Rick and I went out to Indian Creek on Saturday. I did a hike/trail run with the dog, while he got in a great mountain bike ride. I have a bike ride on my schedule next weekend. Bring on the mountain biking! Madison hung out with friends all weekend and went to a party Saturday night.

Happy Training!


Jamoosh said...

Well hopefully you'll have a pit crew during your marathon. One little trick I use to save space for other things is I pin my gels inside the waist band of my shorts (or you could pin them to your new Fuel Belt).

Another option for water/go juice is to carry some cash (in fact, you should always carry a little bit of cash in case of emergency) and make sure your route takes you by a convenience store and you can refill.

Hope that helps!

Julia said...

Haha, I know what you mean about preparing for long runs! There are so many factors to consider!
OMG running with a bottle in between your boobs???????? That is absolutely hilarious! haha. It'd be so uncomfortable though...??? lol

TX Runner Mom said...

I agree with Jamoosh - cash can come in handy! I use a fuel belt with 4 bottles so I can carry both water and gatorage. It also has 2 nice sized pouches where I can carry a phone, my id, gels, etc. Bad mental image of the woman with the bottle between her boobs, lol!

Katie said...

I'm a little jealous that you can fit a cellphone in your boobs... I can't fit a dang thing in my girls!! Way to go on the extra long run :) You make it sound so easy! There is a lot of planning that goes into long runs but it's worth it! And it sounds like you are a run-coordinating pro!
Can't wait to see you do great in November!!

B.o.B. said...

Water during training runs equals planting it somewhere along the route. I don't wear a fuel belt b/c it bothers me. So I or someone in my running group plants a cooler.

Get yourself a spi-belt. They are wwwaaaaay better than fanny packs.

Great job on the 13 milers.

RunToFinish said...

man I guess that speed work really pays off if you can kick it up that much!

i am awful about water..I don't carry it or take gu unless I'm over like 17 miles, but I did find this great little hand bottle at the running store so it fits over my hand...feels easier than just griping a bottle

Meg Runs said...

It takes me sooo long to plan out my long run the night before! OMG, the gu's, the water, the music, the potty stops...ahhhh! It makes me want to skip it and take a nap!

Great run!

Molly said...

You go with that one extra mile! I was looking at fuel belts myself this weekend, but I'd rather spend the $45 on something else, like wine.

aerorunnergirl said...

Thanks for the recommendation on the Accel Gel. I'll give it a try. Which flavors have you tried?

kristen said...

Glad to hear a good reveiw on these. I'm interested to see how they work out on a long run. If it's going to be hot, for antything over 12 I'll stash water on the course I'm running to refil my feul belt bottles with. I hate running with a feul belt, but I hate having to cut long runs short because of dehydration even more! Great job.

Jamie said...

Nice job on the 13 miles! So much goes into long runs and inevitably I forget something. I have a fuel belt and luckily there are water fountains on my route to fill up. Plus the belt has a pocket to fit my cellphone, fuel, and zym tablets. It is a constant process of trying to figure out what works. Good luck!

Eliza said...

When I go on longer runs I take a camelbak. That might give you more room for all those thing!

Great job on the run!