Sunday, August 16, 2009

No Craft Zone. Running Only!

I haven't been in a very bloggy mood lately. Some weeks, I think of a lot of posts that I would like to write and other weeks...nothing. Meh. I always think of the best posts at the most inopportune times too. Like in a meeting at work. I'll be sitting there and while everyone else is discussing the reasons why revenue has gone down and I'll be off in la-la land with a deer in the headlights-glazed over look on my face dreaming up a good running post. It's not that I don't enjoy what I do for a living, but let's be honest, there's some days that I just don't give a shit over why we aren't collecting as much cash as we should be.

So I've gotten my long run in for the week, still ramping back up after the foot injury, so this week's run was a little over nine miles. I did a nice, easy warm up running in heart rate zones 1-2 and then for the last 30 minutes of my run, I ran at my marathon goal pace. I haven't officially choosen the pace yet, so I am still running at 8:36. I remembered my water this time and it's a good thing too, because it was hotter then hell out. I had taken in a couple of gels throughout the run, but by the time I reached my 30 minutes at goal pace, I was ready to eat something a little more substantial. As I reached for the last gel in my fanny pack, I thought of how much more satisfied I would be if my hands closed around a Chick-fil-A sandwich in there instead of that gel. I could actually fit a couple of small chicken sandwiches in my fanny pack.

Random Thoughts: Next run, maybe I'll go through the Chik-fil-A drive through beforehand and pick up a couple of chicken sandwiches. I could just hand them my fanny pack through the window and instruct them to place the sandwiches right in the pack. "No, I won't be needing a bag, just put the sandwiches in the pack please." Thank you; I'll be on my way now.

Ok, back to my run, my hand closed around the gel and I brought it out. Expresso. Yuck. I like coffee, but not the coffee gels. I took it anyway and hoped my breath didn't smell like ass...not that I cared, as sweaty as I was, not a damn soul would dare come near me. If I glow, instead of just sweat, then I must be a damn 1,000 watt light bulb. Plus I had some dead bugs stuck to me due to some "issues" with a sticky gel that I had taken earlier. In my own defense, I didn't see the oncoming crack in the sidewalk because I was trying to rip open the gel pack with my teeth while trying to balance my water bottle. It serves the bugs right though, they were driving me crazy buzzing around me like they were. I know that I smelled like a cow's ass, but come on....go bug Fido, not me.

I finished up my run and I felt great, even though I encountered a few mega hills on the last few miles. Where in the hell did those come from?

I, of course, had Chik-fil-A that evening. Now that's some good recovery fuel.

Alright, on a different note, I was tagged by Beth over at Discom-BOB-ulated Running. (Damn girl...I just noticed how hard your title was to say) to "Show Me Your Heart."

The tag reads: "with as much creativity as you can muster, show your heart in: a picture, poem, a song (or piece of music), a phrase (or quote), an item of clothing, a place, and (just for fun) a Disney princess."

Ok, well, we all know that I have about as much creativity as a rock...but let's give this a try. This is also to prove that I CAN be serious every now and then.

The pictures (I couldn't have just one):

My daughter and my dog.

This is my husband and me on our wedding day listening to my sister Laura give a very special reading.

Ok, I just slipped here....I CAN be serious...I promise. Let's give it another shot.

The poem: Elizabeth Barrett Browning "How do I love thee? Let me count the Ways"

The Song: Ummmm..."Wrecks-N-Effect-Rumpshaker?" Ok, Ok...I know...serious. Ummm...How about: "Missing You" or "Tomorrow Comes" by Miller Howell. Probably haven't heard of this guy, but Rick and I used to go see this his concerts every time he came to Columbia, MO. He's got some great music, so we bought his CD. Still wishing he was famous.

The Quote: "The greatest pleasure in life, is doing the things people say we cannot do."
-- Walter Bagehot
This says it all. I'm all about doing things that people say that I cannot. I dare you to dare me.

The article of clothing: very sexy tank by Victoria's secret doesn't show my heart? 'bout:

My HSUS (Humane Society of US) T-shirts. I love animals, they are so innocent. We are their voice. I'm just glad that Michael Vick wasn't signed on to play with my favorite football team. I might actually have to resort to watching the Denver Broncos. Ugh....

The Place: Colorado!

The Disney Princess: Probably Pocahantus because I am free-spirited and I love adventure and nature.

Alright. I tag the following: Oh hell, I'm not going to tag anyone. If you read this and decide that you want to do it, by all means, show me your heart!!!


Jamoosh said...

Oreo shake at Chik-fil-a: Now that is recovery fuel!

Morgan said...

The guy I do my long runs with always jones for Chick-fil-a... I love me some chicken mini's but don't think the tummy would appreciate it during the run! LOL!

Molly said...

I have yet to try gels for a run, I'm afraid of what they might do to my stomach. I did use m&m's on my last long run...Love your wedding photo!

HEATHER said...

LMAO I could TOTALLY go for some waffle fries mid run...yumm.. lots of salt too!

Marathonman101108 said...

Mega-kega sized Slurpee at 7-11 after a run. Now that's liquid dynomite! I'm still laughing my ass off at your post. If running becomes a problem, then you'll definitely make it as a stand-up comedian. I love your blog!

ShutUpandRun said...

LOVE your pictures. Love your dog. Love Chik fil a.

Katie said...

Awwww, I love your sensitive/serious side! Very sweet post :)

B.o.B. said...

LOVE this post. You are frickin' hysterical. I am totally biting your style and putting Chik-Fil-A in my spi-belt.

Cute photos. Especially your little lady and pup!

Thanks for playing! Oh and Rumpshaker? My kind of gal.