Thursday, July 9, 2009

Short "run" on the elliptical

Proof that Madison went to the Gym

Ooops, need shoes for the gym

At lunch yesterday, I was on a mission. I am substituting the elliptical machine for all of my runs until my foot feels better, so I had to find a gym to sign with. I hate gyms; they are always too hot and filled with WAY too much testosterone. And they smell bad. I may be a little prejudice though because the last gym that I was a member of was Gold’s. Gold’s was a hotbed for testosterone…and sweat….and horrible grunting. The grunting alone would scare me away from the weight room; if it hurt that bad, I wanted to no part of it. I was also always scared of the puddles of sweat that were left on the equipment. At least I hope it was sweat, the way some of those people were straining, well…who knows.

I had done a little research online the day before, so I knew which gym I wanted to check out. It was an easy drive from my house and had low rates that could be paid on a monthly basis. I walked in and the first thing that I noticed was the absence of oversized men with weight belts. The place had huge windows throughout the whole building and was very light and airy. Ok, I thought, so far, so good. I was greeted by a friendly employee who was not pushy in the least. She gave me a tour and I noticed about 20 elliptical machines. I decided to go ahead and sign up for a trial membership. On a spur of the moment decision, I decided to sign my daughter up for a trial membership as well. She’s not the least bit interested in working out, but I keep trying. Sometimes I think that my real child was switched at birth, we are such polar opposites.

On my way home from work that evening, I called Madison and let her know about our new gym memberships and that I was coming home to change. I told that if she wanted to go, she needed to get changed. I expected a negative response from her, but was pleasantly surprised when she said that she wanted to go! I knew that no one would believe it, so I took a picture of us in our workout clothes as proof. She wouldn’t let me bring the camera to the gym to get her in action…she told me that would be lame. We were getting ready to leave, when she realized that she didn’t have any shoes or socks on. Beginner mistake. Of course, all she owns are flip flops and converse, she choose the latter, thinking it would be a better choice. Good thinking.

I was very proud of her at the gym. She was on the elliptical right next to mine and I could tell that she was struggling. I asked her how she was doing and she said her goal was to make it for fifteen minutes. I had a short “run” and then half an hour with functional strength training, so after she was done with the elliptical, she explored for a bit and then I saw her walking on the treadmill as I finished up. I hope that I can get her to go again!


Anonymous said...

Thats awesome that you got Maddy to go! Good for her. Tell her that her Aunt Laura is proud :) Love you guys!

Wes said...

Hahahaha... converse sneakers at the gym is way cool :-)

I went to my gym for like the third time ever to do anything besides swim, and the ratio of men to women was like 60/40. I was pleased, and surprised. Some of them chicks would kick my butt ;-)