Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rinse and Repeat

Yea, yea…I know, every weekend I post about the same thing. My long run on Saturday and a long ride on Sunday. Well…you’re getting it again.

Saturday, I was supposed to do a twelve mile run, but because of my bone bruise, I had to do it on the elliptical so that I wouldn’t cause a stress fracture. I had been psyching myself up for 2 days for a 12 mile run on the elliptical. I wasn’t looking forward to it…BORING….but I was going to do it. Then I checked my schedule and was appalled that the 12 mile run was gone! I immediately e-mailed Liz and asked her where it went. She replied that while she liked my enthusiasm, she didn’t think putting my body through something that it wasn’t used to for that long of a time would not be beneficial. Ok, good to know. I personally think that the elliptical is rather easy and I’m worried that I will lose some of my running fitness, but I will do what the good woman tells me to. The only good thing out of this no running mess is that my weight is back down. I haven’t run in over a week and I am back down to around 117-118. Apparently biking and the elliptical do not make me fat; only running.

I arrived at the gym, sort of relieved that it would only be an hour on the elliptical. I noticed a dude standing outside the gym smoking. He was an employee; I would have thought it really odd if he had workout clothes on and was outside taking a smoke break in between weight sets. I rushed in to snag an elliptical machine, but the place was dead, so I didn’t have to worry. I climbed on and went to town. The Tour de France was on, so I was hoping that the time would go fast. After awhile, I began my 10 x 1 minutes as a fast “run” and I started to sweat profusely. Now, I am not just a sweater, I am salty sweater and I sweat a lot. I like to view myself as an “efficient sweater”. Pretty soon, my arms and legs were just gross and the machine was bathed in sweat. I noticed that the guy to my left kept glancing over at me. I’m pretty sure that he was grossed out at the sweat that was running down the machine. Although I hoped that I wasn’t flinging sweat on could’ve happened. I finished up my 7.50 miles and jumped off to go find something to clean the machine up with. I looked down at the floor; I was going to need a mop for that mess. I cleaned up as best as I could and got the hell out of there. I keep expecting a letter in the mail asking me not to come back.

Sunday Rick and I had a three to four hour bike ride planned. The Copper Triangle is just three weeks away! It will be a beautiful ride and I’m really excited. We parked off of Kipling and rode the C470 trail to Morrison and into the foothills. We climbed up the Red Rocks road and ended up at the top by the amphitheater. There were beautiful views from the top and I wished that I had brought the camera. I could describe it to you, but it definitely won’t give it justice. I love seeing the huge jutting red rocks against the mountain background. It was breathtaking. We did a little more climbing and then headed back, which was easy because it was pretty much all downhill from there. That’s such a great feeling.

It was a great weekend. I can’t wait to get back to running though. I saw many runners on the trail and I was sad that I was getting to run that weekend. Funny that I don’t feel that way about biking. Lot’s of fun things on my training schedule this week and then rinse and repeat for the weekend.

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