Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Life Laws

Yesterday was rest day. I covet these days. There's no running, no biking, no weight lifting, and not even one damn sit up on my schedule. Yes, just a complete day of rest.

Last night I came home from work, grabbed a Blue Paddle beer, and hung out with Madison for a little while. When Madison got bored with me and I had drained the last drop of beer, I decided to do something productive and organize some files. While digging around in our file cabinets to see what the hell I had saved in there, I found a printout of the “Life Laws” that I had printed out back in 2002. I heard about them from an Oprah show (now, I don’t want to hear any razzing about me watching Oprah) where Dr. Phil was a guest speaker. The Life Laws are really about our relationships and how we deal with them, but I think that we can use them in our everyday life as well. However you would like to view them, they meant something to me. I hope they can mean something to you as well.

The Life Laws…and what they mean.

1. You create your own experience
Whether life treats you fairly or unfairly, you will always be in control of your reaction to it, and that determines where you come out. What you fear you create. If you decide you're going to continue the cycle, you will continue the cycle.

2. There is no reality, only perception
We all view the world through filters, many of them, distorted. Some of them may be destroying your life. If you view the world through a dark, distorted filter, your world is going to be a dark, distorted place. If you perceive yourself as weak and vulnerable, you will be.

3. You can't change what you won't acknowledge
Be truthful about what isn't working and stop making excuses. You've got to face it to replace it. Your blind spots may be the very things you most need to see.

4. Life is managed, not cured. No one "solves" life. There's no way to "fix" it permanently. nobody arrives at a place where the work is done. The best any of us can do is manage it through the ups and downs, joys and disappointments. You're a life manager, and you are your only client. Are you going to manage yourself into a place of happiness and accomplishment, or a place of sadness and disappointment?

5. We teach people how to treat us
Its meaning is simple: What you've accepted from people in the past is the clearest indicator to them of how they can treat you in the future.

6. People do what works
Even the most destructive behaviors have a pay-off, Otherwise, we wouldn't engage in them. What behaviors are dragging you down? Figure them out or you're like a puppet on a string.

7. There is power in forgiveness
Forgiveness frees you. And the person you're forgiving doesn't have to acknowledge they're wrong or apologize. Don't forgive someone to make them feel better. Do it to make yourself feel better.

8. You have to name it to claim it. Get clear about what you want and stake your claim.

9. Life rewards action
Think of the 5-10 most important people in our lives, and tell them how we feel about them. "You shouldn't let the sun set on another day with something unsaid to the people you love."

10. You either get it or you don't
That means you either understand that YOU are your top priority or... you don't

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

These are great. Were you feeling deep today?

Wes said...

Good stuff!! I like Dr. Phil, commercialized or not...

Jamoosh said...

Sweet! I love me some Blue Paddle.