Monday, July 27, 2009

I'm Just Not That Normal.

The other day Rick and I were in the middle of throwing our second load of workout clothes into the wash for the week and he turns to me and says “You know, one of these weeks, we should just be like normal people and go hang out on a patio somewhere and drink beer and try new restaurants and just hang out” I quickly looked up at the mention of beer and turned to him and said “I like beer; I’ll go hang out with you”. Then I looked at my surroundings. Running shorts, bike shorts, helmets, Garmin forerunner, running shoes, bike shoes and gels were strung out anywhere and everywhere as far as the eye could see. I had just gotten back from a long “run” so there was an empty gel packet stuck to the counter and the dog had my heart rate monitor in her mouth and was walking around in circles.
“You don’t call this normal?” I inquired.
“Well…you know, I just think maybe one of these weeks we should just relax and maybe go try out some new restaurants or something. Maybe drive over to Fort Collins and go to the brewery or eat at Rasta Pasta.”
My ears perked up at the mention of Fort Collins. I had my sights on the Fort Collins marathon as my spring marathon and I had a well thought out plan on how I would train for it. My plan was to have Rick drop me off somewhere along the marathon route in the canyon and I would run the 15-20 miles back into town and meet him and Madison at one of the shops or restaurants in the downtown area. I made mention of my plan and said that we could hang out and drink beer on a patio after I was done with the run. “I would LOVE to do that!” I enthusiastically said. The look on his face made me believe that he didn’t quite think that I was getting what he meant by “normal”. What? Like getting dropped off somewhere in a canyon and running 20 miles back into town isn’t normal?
“But I like to workout”. I said.
He agreed that he liked to workout too, but it got me to thinking that while people who run or bike on a daily basis may not be in the majority, I’m not sure why these activities shouldn’t be considered out of the norm? It’s my normal, so does that make me “not normal”? And if I’m not normal, what does that make people who train for an Ironman? I probably overanalyze things too damn much, which I’m sure just isn’t normal.

Workouts: Sunday-11 mile "run"
Monday-18 mile bike ride
Tomorrow I have a 45 minute run. Wednesday a bike and then taking it easy the rest of the week. Our Copper Triangle road bike ride is on Saturday.


Jamoosh said...

Isn't this why we run - to eat and drink beer? I expect a beer report very soon.

Jamie said...

Eh - what's normal? I know I'm not! I think running then enjoying a nice meal and beer(s) on a patio sounds like an excellent day!

Anonymous said...

I wish I was less normal. Then maybe I'd lose weight---We are all about going to eat & have beers.

Now I'm approaching 25 and my metabolism has decided to stop working---so I guess those days are over, huh? Sigh....

M2Marathon said...

I think it is highly normal to want to be dropped off in a canyon and run to town for post-run beer. I think it is normal to want to run every day. (Biking aka "cycling", meh, now that's not normal. But I am bike-averse. Probably because as a kid I never learned to ride without hands, without falling on my face.)

I think people who AREN'T active are the not-normal ones. Especially in could you NOT want to get out there and enjoy it?!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for my bad english. I would like to get updated with you new posts as I love to read your blog. Add me to your mailing list if you have any.