Saturday, July 25, 2009

Climbing Mt Evans for the old man's BD

Today was Rick's 40th Birthday. We woke up, drank coffee, watched the tour, and I taunted him with old fart jokes. I no longer think of 40 as being old, but I am younger then him so I can make old fart jokes. I'm evil, that's how I roll. As the tour ended with one of the toughest climbs of the whole tour, I turned to him and commented that we needed to do some climbing on our road bikes today. He agreed and we decided that a climb up Mount Evans would be a memorable thing to do on his 40th birthday. We didn't really have much planned for the day. I had tried to plan an outing in the mountains with some of his friends, but the plans had fallen through. Most of our friends live out of town and had just been out here for our wedding in March and his other friend had knocked up his wife and she was due any day, so there would be no big 40th parites. Since I knew no one could come out for his 40th, I did his main birthday gift while everyone was here for our wedding. I hired his favorite band from back in his college days to come give a private concert for him and his friends. It was a great night and everyone loved it. I wish that I could have made it happen on his actual birthday, but that's ok.

We didn't get out to Mount Evans until around 1:00 and we knew that we were in danger of the afternoon mountain thunderstorms, but we were going to ride no matter what. The ride starts at the top up near Echo Lake at about 10,600 ft and ascends 4,000 feet over 14 miles. It was going to be a tough ride. The rain started as we pulled into the parking lot up near the picnic grounds at Echo Lake. We looked at each other, shrugged, and got on our bikes. The sun was still shining and we had our rain gear, so no worries. We paid the three dollar per person and started up the climb. I was sweating and breathing hard after only a mile. The thin air was killing me and even Rick had slowed down to a noticeable crawl. We stopped and I stuffed my rain jacket into Rick's back pack. Then I peeled off my sweaty bike tights. Much better. I ALWAYS overdress and we all know how much of an "efficient" sweater I am (or according to Jamoosh! , I don't sweat-I glow). The drive up Mt Evans is a very popular Saturday afternoon thing to do, so we had to contend with many, many cars as well as the rain. There are certain places on the road where it is a shear drop off with no gaurd rail and the fear factor was definitely playing with my mind....I tried not to look. After only about 3.5 miles up, the dark clouds rolled in and the thunder and lightning started. DAMN IT!! The weather kicked us off the mountain and we only made it a seven mile round trip instead of 28 miles. So Mount Evans is still ours for the conquer. We WILL be back!

While we were gone, Madison had made Rick a birthday cake. I had tried to convince her to wait until I was back, but she insisted the she do it herself. She has taken quite an interest in baking these days. She likes to make cakes, cookies, muffins, etc. The birthday cake read: Happy 40th Birthday Old Man. Way to go Maddie! The cake was great. We took Rick out to dinner (I enjoyed my favorite milk stout beer...ummmm) and then came home for some very yummy cake. I did notice that someone had changed the wording on the cake from Happy Birthday old man to Happy Birthday Hot Buns. I can't imagine who would have done that.


Molly said...

bummer you didn't get to do the full ride...I am so jealous that you live in Colorado and can just decide to take an afternoon mountain ride and do it!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha!! I love it! What is in the corner of the cake? The upper left corner? Good work Maddy. I texted Rick to tell him happy birthdya early sunday, but I didn't know if he got text messages or not.


Tara said...

Laura-That is a smiley face in the upper left corner. Made with Rolos candy.