Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Running Feet Part 2

I have a lot of time to blog lately since Madison is in Missouri, so I thought that I would give an update about my feet. Now...I know what you are thinking, you are thinking that you can't believe I am doing another post about my feet. I realize that my feet are not that interesting of a subject, but since I am sitting here cooking dinner and waiting on Rick to get home, I'm blogging about them anyway because they totally interest me right now.

So I went to the Podiatrist today to see why the hell my feet have been hurting so bad. I was a little uneasy about taking my shoes off and letting him actually look at my feet. I have a rather large bunion on my right foot. I know this because while we were watching the Tour de France last year, Rick told me that I had to move my foot because my bunion was blocking his view of Carlos Sastre (last years winner). I know that if I was blocking an entire bike rider, they must be rather large. Anyway, I was embarrassed about that large bunion and didn't want him to see it. I was quite pleased when he said that it wasn't the worse he had seen...that it actually looked pretty good! I preened for a minute over my rather small bunion and smiled very proudly at the nice doctor when he said that I probably wouldn't need surgery. I wasn't happy when he said that we had to take x-rays because he thought I might have a fracture.
" long will that take to heal?" I frantically questioned, thinking of the numerous weeks that I would have to spend without my beloved running.
He took a step back and said "Let's just take the x-ray to make sure of what it is before we discuss recovery plans."
"Well, before we go up there, can you take a look at this other foot?" I said as I started to take my shoe off. I'm sure he wasn't expecting a two for one deal.

Anyway, the conclusion came out to be plantar fasciaaa-something on my left foot and a bone bruise on my right foot. The plantar whatever can be corrected with orthonics. It is caused by the constant pounding of my foot over many miles on a hard surface. The bone bruise has been caused by my bunion (just in case you are curious to know). The more miles that I run (and I'm training for a marathon, so I'm starting to run lots of miles), the more stress that I'm placing on the bunion. It can take that stress up to a certain point, but after that, it starts to spread its stress (perhaps it needs to go into some sort of anger management) over the rest of my toes, hence the bone bruise. I can still run, thank god, but I just have to take precaution using orthonics. We are trying something for the next couple of weeks that we hope will work. If it doesn't, well, we will go from there and stay off my feet. But let's hope it works!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tara can't fathom not running for a few weeks!!!!!!!!! What would I do???

I had a ride on my schedule today, so I rode my bike with Rick this morning. He usually rides his bike to work at least a couple of times a week and I try and ride at least once with him. Tomorrow is an hour run, working on bringing my heart rate up into zones 3 and 4!


Anonymous said...

I need to have my bunions looked at too!!! lol. Seriously though.

Glad you don't have a fracture.

I took maddie swimming yesterday, going again today. She had fun.

ShutUpandRun said...

What a pain in the ass to have pain in your feet while you're trying to train. Hope the new approach works..

chris mcpeake said...

I feel your pain. My feet are often a mess during training