Sunday, May 17, 2009

Running and Hair of the Dog

Sunday brought chocolate chip pancakes and hair of the dog; the pancakes for Madison and the latter for me. No, there was no beer involved in order to clear a hangover; I’m talking real dog hair. We own a big fluffy golden retriever who sheds an enormous amount of hair each spring when the weather turns warm. A couple of years ago, I invested in a furmenator, which works wonders in helping with the shedding. The dog enjoys the nice back rub and my house stays cleaner due to less dog hair. The first time that I do this each spring, there is always a ton of hair that comes out, check out the photos that Madison took.
Sunday afternoon, while Madison worked on a school project with friends, Rick and I decided that we needed to get out and run. My marathon is still several months out, so I’ve been mostly working on form work for the run and getting in very easy runs during the week. Today’s run involved skipping and bounding, so I decided to bail on Rick and go run at the park in order to avoid any embarrassment that my skipping might bring. I did an easy warm-up and enjoyed the warm spring day. I tried to work on my arm form during the easy part of the run. I have seen some of the pictures that Rick took of me during the race and there was some mean arm crossover going on. I’m trying to get my running form in the best shape that it can be in; I’m sure that I’ll need all of the help that I can get for my marathon. I soon began my skips and tried to get the feel of my foot as it pushed off the ground. I felt pretty ridiculous skipping down the trail, but that’s what coach said to do, so that’s what Tara will do, since I know nothing about preparing myself to run 26 miles. Pretty soon I heard a voice behind me yelling “On your LEFT!” I was already as far over to my right as I could be, so I guess they just wanted to make sure that I didn’t hit them with my swinging arms. I mean…they are guns of steel, I would be scared too. Pretty soon, she ran by me (I wasn’t going very fast, you don’t get very far when you’re skipping) and she looked at me warily. I guess I did look kind of funny skipping down the trail in my sunglasses with the yellow lenses and my hair in pigtails, but I swear I’m not a loon.
Finished the run without any mishaps and returned home to clean up and cook dinner. I had bought stuff at the store to make Fontina Chicken, but I was starving, so we just ended up doing leftovers and as always, a beer to wash it down.

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