Monday, May 25, 2009

Photo Diary from the Weekend

I know that this is a blog where I write mostly about running and exercises, but there aren't a whole lot of healthy activities going on in this post. If you are looking for a post about running, you may want to move to another blog. This post is mainly about food, friends, and other loves. I did manage to sneak in a run in on Saturday, but I felt like very tired and sluggish. I'm not sure if it had to do with the fact that I was coming down with the cold that Madison had so generously given to me or the fact that I had three beers and three pieces of pizza the night before I ran. I'm sure that neither one of them helped.
Our friends Kim and Craig came up from Columbia, Missouri over the Memorial Day weekend and we jam packed a whole months worth of sightseeing, eating, and drinking into a few days. I'm pretty sure that they left here ready for a relaxing vacation and swearing that they would never return. We started out the festivities Thursday evening with a big barbeque that Rick and I put together, where we force fed them pork tenderloin, chicken, burgers, brats, baked potatoes, asparagas, bread, corn of the cob and a choice of up to five different beers or three different bottles of wine. We had enough food to feed a small town just for the five of us. You will never go hungry if you visit our house. Rick, Madison, and I may not eat much, but we like to feed people. I have added a photo diary of our weekend below.

Friday, everyone got up extra early, so that we would have time to do everything on our agenda. I dropped Madison off at school and we proceeded on to our journey.

First stop was Georgetown. Kim wanted to check out some of the older buildings and get some photos of the mountains.

Kim and Craig checking out the old building and looking around in awe at the mountain views.

We were headed up to Leadville and then on to Vail for the day. Rick and I had never been to Leadville, but our whole crew wanted to check it out. It is the highest registered city in the United States and is also the site for the Leadville 100 mountain and running races. Lance raced the Leadville mountain bike race last year and came in second against a local. I wish that I could have seen that ending. I can't even imagine what it would be like to run a 100 mile trail race around here.

It was a gorgeous drive up through the mountains, even though the sky was cloudy and rain threatened to ruin our day. I wish that they had been able to check out the mountains against a cobalt blue sky that is typical of Colorado.

Being badasses against an old truck. Those are CANDY cigs that are hanging out of our mouths. We were trying to look tough, but we don't smoke, so I picked up a pack of candy cigerettes in a store. I also bought a bacon wallet.

Old West gunslingers. This cowboy was headed down to the next corner to do a shootout with another dude. I’m not really sure why they were dressed up. Leadville was kind of an odd little town, I didn’t ask too many questions

These puppies were going for a bike ride!

We stopped in at Doc Holliday’s for lunch. They had THE most amazing chili that I have ever eaten (sorry Rick) and the atmosphere was pretty cool. Supposedly, Doc Holliday was a dentist turned gambler/cowboy who is famous for his friendship with Wyatt Earp. He settled in Leadville and the building was his saloon.

Rick at Doc Hollidays. He likes to get his picture taken for my blog and facebook. It is one of his favorite things. is.

After we left Leadville, we headed on over to Vail. We took the same route that the Copper Triangle bike ride follows. It was nice to see the sights from the car and I was surprised that I remembered a lot of things from the ride last year

Rick and I stopped to take a photo on the Copper Triangle route.

Dinner that night was Beau Jo's Pizza. This is a great little pizza joint that has some pretty tasty pies. My favorite is the honey for the crust. The crust is nice and thick and has a somewhat sweet taste to eat that is brought out by adding a thin drizzle of honey.

Saturday we headed over to Ft Collins, Colorado. There was a little music festival going on in the town square, which added to the ambiance.

These little dudes may have only been 10 years old, but they rocked!

Lunch was Rasta Pasta. Rasta Pasta has a Jamaican theme and some great cuisine, which has some unexpected tastes that you can’t find just anywhere. Rick and I have tried to duplicate some of their pasta dishes many times, but can’t quite seem to get the exact ingredients. I had the Montego Bay Chicken, which is a jerk chicken pasta with bananas, pineapple, green peppers, and a few other spicy ingredients. It's my favorite!

Telling stories as usual.

After lunch, we toured some of the local breweries, New Belgium and Odell. We headed over to the New Beligium Brewery, which is the home of the Fat Tire and it was PACKED! It was definitely the more popular of the two. I think that New Belgium is probably more well known then Odell.

Craig riding the fat tire bike.

My favorite beer brewery. I love Easy Street wheat!

We went out to the foothills outside of Denver for a picnic and hike that evening.

The dog loves the water.

Deep thoughts by the stream.

Sunday, I had a bike ride on my training schedule, so while everyone else went to a local diner for breakfast, I went on my bike ride. I was trying to clean up my act. I had eaten crap all weekend, so it was clean living from that point on. I got in a good ride, although I missed the "husband draft". Later that afternoon, I came down with a sore throat. I wondered why I felt so tired all weekend. Madison's cold!

I wore my new Odell Brewery jersey. One of my favorite beers is listed on the back

Our friends left for Missouri on Sunday afternoon. It was a great weekend, filled with great sights and good times.

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