Thursday, May 21, 2009

Morning Run

This morning, I got up at 5:00 to get a morning run in. I got up, got dressed, strapped on the heart rate monitor and forerunner, and trekked downstairs to leave. My dog saw that I had on my “weekend hat” and quickly got up from her doggie couch and bounded over to me. My weekend hat is a Mizzou visor that I usually put on first thing in the morning (in order to avoid fixing my hair) and then I usually take the dog on a walk. She recognized the hat and sat with pleading eyes looking up at me expectantly.
“Crap, I don’t want to take her” I complained to Rick “she ruins my running form.”
More pleading eyes. Long sigh. “Oh all right, you can do my warmup with me, then I’m dropping your butt off so I can work on my cadence.”
Rick smiled, he knew I’d give in.
I strapped the dog on the leash and headed out the door. Bunnies and squirrels were everywhere and she happily jumped and sprinted at them all, pulling me with her.
“Zone 1 Piper, I have to do my warmup in ZONE 1!” I pleaded as I tugged on her leash. The dog, simply stated, just doesn’t know how to pace herself, nor does she care, she would run full out if you let her. Oh I taught her how to heal, and she does fine when we are walking, but for some reason, all bets are off when we run. This is why I never take her. My shoulder was aching after being pulled and yanked for the first mile and my heart rate was borderline zone 2-3. I was getting ready to complain and tug on her again when she suddenly stopped, squatted and took a poo. Luckily, I had brought a poo bag, but now, I had to deal with the dog and a bad of turd. AGAIN, this is why I don’t usually take her when I run. I bent down to scoop and feel more tugging and yanking on the leash. I look up and she’s rolling in something. I groaned knowing that means she’s rolling in something dead, but upon inspection, I didn’t see anything.
We take off again, the dog happily leaping at rabbits and me, trying to contain a full bag of goodies. She finally settles into a nice pace and I notice that my heart rate has settled into low zone 1. Perfect. We manage to jog quietly for the next ten minutes and then she squats again. I look down at my forerunner and see that we’ve only gone 16 minutes into the run. She has taken two poo breaks in 16 minutes. I didn’t have a second bag, so I decided that I would come back for it later. Right now, time to drop her off at home and work on my strides.
I passed her off to Rick and ran back out the door. Free at last. I start working on shortening my strides and working on my cadence. I count my footfall on one leg for thirty seconds and come up with 49, which means that I am getting in 196 steps per minute. I do this several more time, each time trying to quicken and shorten my stride, while still trying to keep my heart rate down. The next couple of times I come up with about 200 steps per minute. I was just about done with the run when I remember the poo on the other side of the park. I am a good neighbor and I always scoop, so I ran back and grabbed another bag and proceeded to look for the pile. I found it, scooped, and headed for home. By this time it is almost 6:30 and there were several people in the park. I get more then a few odd stares as people see me running, no dog, but with a bag of poop. I was very glad to be done with that run.


Chad in the AZ Desert said...

LOL! That sure is quite an adventure for one run in the park. Dogs sure make life interesting.

ShutUpandRun said...

Two craps in 16 minutes? Your dog is my hero.

Anonymous said...

I onced crapped 2 times in 7 minutes...I am my own hero.

Cheetah Girl said...

Hahahaha this is EXACTLY why I hate taking my dog! Plus shes faster than me, which makes me feel wimpy, lol. Shes a border collie, so she wants to herd everything that moves, including those other poor defenseless runners. We make lots of friends. :)