Sunday, May 3, 2009

Madison's Birthday and the Ft Collins Half Marathon

Happy Birthday Maddie!!!

I can't believe that you are 14! Only two more years and you'll be driving that swank 1999 Honda CRV! HE-HE.

Tara after the race

So I did it. I finished the half marathon in 1:58. My goal was to do it in two hours, even though I secretly was hoping to do it in less time. Oh well, maybe next time. The course was very well supported and it was a beautiful run. I was actually cruising along at a pretty decent pace until the last few miles and then I mentally broke down. I need to work on my mental toughness. I saw a gas station at one point and thought about going in and calling Rick to come pick me up. I told myself that this was a ridiculous idea and to keep moving. Then I had to go to the potty REAL bad, so I stepped into a porta potty. This was somewhere after mile 10 and I was tired. I stayed in there and hid out for a few minutes and felt like I would cry. I didn't want to run anymore. It was too hot and I was tired. The smell finally forced me out and I once again told myself that I could and would keep going. I was going to finish this thing. I saw the 12 mile mark and just held on for dear life. I knew that I would not make my secret goal time (I should have come out of the potty sooner), but I was determined to keep my under two hour goal. Turning the corner, I could see the finish and tons of people cheering. I ran down the chute and heard Rick yelling "Go Tara!" and this was just enough to get me over the finish line. Not bad for my first race in many, many years. I guess I'll start training for the marathon sometime in the next couple of months, even though during my race, I swore that I would never run again. I can only get better and faster from here though...right?
Here's some stats:
I was 407 out of 1,267 total half marathon finishers
199 out of 877 women finshers
34th out of 162 in my age group

After the race we drove home and let Madison open her presents and then took her out to Buffalo Wild Wings (her choice, not mine) for her birthday dinner. We had ice cream cake for dessert. Mmmmmm. I was pretty wiped out by about 6:00, so I took a bath and then Madison and I watched Twilight. Definitely not as good as the books, but it wasn't bad and I liked the soundtrack.


Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you! Congrats on your time. That's great. You motivate me to want to be a better person (when it comes to my health!) :)

Glad u got to watch Twilight. Books are better, but Edward is a hottie :-)


Anonymous said...

hey i am proud of you,

Loves Life in Colorado said...

Me-Ma? Did you FINALLY figure out how to post a comment?? :)

Anonymous said...

hehe,,,,,how you know that was me.hahahaha giggle and no one showed or told me, i figured it out, told you i would

Anonymous said...

You knew it was her because she put that comma after you (you,)...we know you are a comma freak mema :) love you!

Anonymous said...

Awesome job! If only you would have wet yourself....