Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hot Date with my Abs

Let’s just start out by saying that I hate doing sit ups. I have managed to avoid them pretty consistently for most of my life. I was the girl in high school gym class faking them by sticking my neck up and pecking like a chicken. I have tried to make it a habit to do them in the past, but the fact is, they just hurt and I don’t like to do them. Lately, however, I have been doing a lot of form work for my marathon training and the fact is, if you don’t have a strong core, your run form could suffer. I have always been aware of this, but I have always ignored it and just “got by”, but I’ve never trained for a marathon before either. My coach has always added little doses of the dreaded core work to my training schedule, making them more fun by hiding them in yoga and the stability ball, but we have recently added more general core work or abs to my schedule. At first, it was ok; a few sets here and there after an easy training run. No big deal. The other day I logged onto my schedule to see what I would have to work on for that day and I was surprised to see that the title was “Hard Core” and the total time was 45 minutes. I looked around to see if she meant that I was supposed to do a 15 minute warm up and 15 minutes of cool down on the bike trainer and only 15 minutes of abs, but there was no mention of bikes anywhere in my schedule for that day. Hmmmm…..perhaps it was in the second post, I scrolled down and frantically looked for the bike workout. Nothing, she really meant 45 minutes of core work. Oh boy, how was I supposed to get through 45 minutes of sit ups. The other day I did 15 minutes worth and it put me down for the rest of the night. I even considered dragging out the Icy Hot. My stomach growled about that time and I quickly took the distraction and went to feed it, I would deal with the sit ups later.
All throughout the day I kept putting them off by finding something better to do, like cleaning the bathrooms or scooping dog poop. Finally around 4:00, Madison asked me to take her to Michaels to shop for craft supplies. I hate crafts and I hate Michaels even worse then doing sit ups, so I told her I needed to do some ab work. I grabbed my yoga mat and my head phones and headed to our gym in the basement. I cranked the music up, spread the mat, closed my eyes and proceeded to dive right on in. I had done a few sets and was feeling pretty damn proud of myself when I suddenly started to smell something foul. What the hell is Rick cooking, I thought. I knew that I had told him that I would cook that night, so I wasn't sure what he was doing up there, but it sure smelled bad. Salmon, I thought, must be salmon. I hate the smell of salmon. I continued on with my workout until I felt the rain. My eyes POPPED OPEN! What the HELL! Big eyes stared at me as drool rolled down onto my neck and her hot smelly breath steamed my face. DOG!!!!
"Rick" I yelled, "can you PLEASE call the dog?" I pleaded. She just stared at me and licked the sweat from my gut. Just what I needed.
Rick managed to drag the dog up and I checked the time. I had only done 15 minutes. I was ready to go get the Icy Hot. My gut hurt, but dammit, I felt good. I did a few more sets and rested a few minutes. Nothing wrong with putting time on the clock. Football and basketball players do it all the time. Awwww....I hurt! I hate crunches! I turned the music up and told myself I only had 10 more minutes (it was really 15, but I play tricks on my mind all of the time).
I pleaded with my abs to just hold on.....we were almost done and then no more sit ups for at least a few days. They listened and complied. Have I told you how much that I hate sit ups?
My last five reps came up and I had hit 42 minutes. I'm done, I declared. That's all I can do. For this week anyway. I hate ab work, but I'm willing to work towards the cause.

No workouts for Tuesday or Wedsneday. I've felt pretty shitty the last couple of days. I keep hoping that this flu/cold goes away soon!

Madison has taken an interest in playing the guitar. She wants to be in a band someday. She asked Rick to teach her how to play a few chords.
She changes career very often. Last year she wanted to be the first woman president of the United States. I was with that in hopes that she could give me a major tax break. Then she changed her plans to be a lawyer. I felt that was a good option because she is an expert at arguing. Whatever she wants to be, I'm quite positive that she will suceed!


ShutUpandRun said...

Yeah ab work is tough. Good for you getting that in. My dog always wants to be all over me when I'm trying to work out on the floor. It's gross. BTW, I think I am doing San Antonio too!!! Haven't officially signed up yet, but it's looking that way.

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Wow! 45 minutes of ab work? That's pretty hard core. I do about 20 minutes worth every other day and that's about all I can handle. Great job getting through it!