Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Here I Come San Antonio!!

Ok, I did it. I signed up to run the San Antonio Rock "n" Roll Marathon on November 15th. I printed the form this morning, filled it out, wrote the check, and mailed it off. Thank you for all of your input into which race I should choose; it was much appreciated advice! I looked at dozens and dozens of marathons, yet kept coming back to this particular one. I knew that I wanted to run at sea level (duh, might as well take advantage of training at 5200 ft of altitude), I knew that I wanted NO part of ANY hills (my first had to be mostly flat), and I thought that the rock and roll atmosphere would keep me pumped up. Maybe....I know that during my half, I completely ignored everything that was going on around me, so who knows, I may be so focused on the race that I won't even hear the rock and roll. I haven't thought about my goals for the race yet. I'm pretty sure at this point that I just want to finish and finish without drooling all over myself; I just want to be coherent at the finish line. Damn....26.2 miles is a lot to run when you've never done anything over 15 miles before.
Rick wasn't too excited about the location, he was wanting to go somewhere in the northeast like Pennsylvania or Manhattan, in order to enjoy the fall colors. I checked out a few up there, but nothing sounded too appealing for my first one. I think that he'll enjoy San Antonio; I even threatened to sign him up for the 10K, so that he'll have something to do while he's waiting on the 10+ hours it will take me to finish my first marathon.
I've also been preparing myself for my big Copper ride this August too. Rick has been biking to work lately, so I've been following on days that I don't have a run. This morning was an awesome ride. It was 50 degrees, my legs felt great, and there were NO bugs! Usually, when we ride by the damn, there are swarms and swarms of these teeny black bugs that make it very hard to breathe since you don't want to open your mouth. I made the mistake of wearing lipgloss one morning....enough said.
Anyway, I'm off to eat some spicy chicken, red beans and rice, and cheesy bisquits ( and perhaps a beer) that I've cooked up tonight! Cheers!


ShutUpandRun said...

Yay! I may be joining you in SA. I'll let you know...

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Very cool! That should be a great race - the RnR races are always very well organized. Good luck with all of your training.