Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hot Date with my Abs

Let’s just start out by saying that I hate doing sit ups. I have managed to avoid them pretty consistently for most of my life. I was the girl in high school gym class faking them by sticking my neck up and pecking like a chicken. I have tried to make it a habit to do them in the past, but the fact is, they just hurt and I don’t like to do them. Lately, however, I have been doing a lot of form work for my marathon training and the fact is, if you don’t have a strong core, your run form could suffer. I have always been aware of this, but I have always ignored it and just “got by”, but I’ve never trained for a marathon before either. My coach has always added little doses of the dreaded core work to my training schedule, making them more fun by hiding them in yoga and the stability ball, but we have recently added more general core work or abs to my schedule. At first, it was ok; a few sets here and there after an easy training run. No big deal. The other day I logged onto my schedule to see what I would have to work on for that day and I was surprised to see that the title was “Hard Core” and the total time was 45 minutes. I looked around to see if she meant that I was supposed to do a 15 minute warm up and 15 minutes of cool down on the bike trainer and only 15 minutes of abs, but there was no mention of bikes anywhere in my schedule for that day. Hmmmm…..perhaps it was in the second post, I scrolled down and frantically looked for the bike workout. Nothing, she really meant 45 minutes of core work. Oh boy, how was I supposed to get through 45 minutes of sit ups. The other day I did 15 minutes worth and it put me down for the rest of the night. I even considered dragging out the Icy Hot. My stomach growled about that time and I quickly took the distraction and went to feed it, I would deal with the sit ups later.
All throughout the day I kept putting them off by finding something better to do, like cleaning the bathrooms or scooping dog poop. Finally around 4:00, Madison asked me to take her to Michaels to shop for craft supplies. I hate crafts and I hate Michaels even worse then doing sit ups, so I told her I needed to do some ab work. I grabbed my yoga mat and my head phones and headed to our gym in the basement. I cranked the music up, spread the mat, closed my eyes and proceeded to dive right on in. I had done a few sets and was feeling pretty damn proud of myself when I suddenly started to smell something foul. What the hell is Rick cooking, I thought. I knew that I had told him that I would cook that night, so I wasn't sure what he was doing up there, but it sure smelled bad. Salmon, I thought, must be salmon. I hate the smell of salmon. I continued on with my workout until I felt the rain. My eyes POPPED OPEN! What the HELL! Big eyes stared at me as drool rolled down onto my neck and her hot smelly breath steamed my face. DOG!!!!
"Rick" I yelled, "can you PLEASE call the dog?" I pleaded. She just stared at me and licked the sweat from my gut. Just what I needed.
Rick managed to drag the dog up and I checked the time. I had only done 15 minutes. I was ready to go get the Icy Hot. My gut hurt, but dammit, I felt good. I did a few more sets and rested a few minutes. Nothing wrong with putting time on the clock. Football and basketball players do it all the time. Awwww....I hurt! I hate crunches! I turned the music up and told myself I only had 10 more minutes (it was really 15, but I play tricks on my mind all of the time).
I pleaded with my abs to just hold on.....we were almost done and then no more sit ups for at least a few days. They listened and complied. Have I told you how much that I hate sit ups?
My last five reps came up and I had hit 42 minutes. I'm done, I declared. That's all I can do. For this week anyway. I hate ab work, but I'm willing to work towards the cause.

No workouts for Tuesday or Wedsneday. I've felt pretty shitty the last couple of days. I keep hoping that this flu/cold goes away soon!

Madison has taken an interest in playing the guitar. She wants to be in a band someday. She asked Rick to teach her how to play a few chords.
She changes career very often. Last year she wanted to be the first woman president of the United States. I was with that in hopes that she could give me a major tax break. Then she changed her plans to be a lawyer. I felt that was a good option because she is an expert at arguing. Whatever she wants to be, I'm quite positive that she will suceed!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Photo Diary from the Weekend

I know that this is a blog where I write mostly about running and exercises, but there aren't a whole lot of healthy activities going on in this post. If you are looking for a post about running, you may want to move to another blog. This post is mainly about food, friends, and other loves. I did manage to sneak in a run in on Saturday, but I felt like very tired and sluggish. I'm not sure if it had to do with the fact that I was coming down with the cold that Madison had so generously given to me or the fact that I had three beers and three pieces of pizza the night before I ran. I'm sure that neither one of them helped.
Our friends Kim and Craig came up from Columbia, Missouri over the Memorial Day weekend and we jam packed a whole months worth of sightseeing, eating, and drinking into a few days. I'm pretty sure that they left here ready for a relaxing vacation and swearing that they would never return. We started out the festivities Thursday evening with a big barbeque that Rick and I put together, where we force fed them pork tenderloin, chicken, burgers, brats, baked potatoes, asparagas, bread, corn of the cob and a choice of up to five different beers or three different bottles of wine. We had enough food to feed a small town just for the five of us. You will never go hungry if you visit our house. Rick, Madison, and I may not eat much, but we like to feed people. I have added a photo diary of our weekend below.

Friday, everyone got up extra early, so that we would have time to do everything on our agenda. I dropped Madison off at school and we proceeded on to our journey.

First stop was Georgetown. Kim wanted to check out some of the older buildings and get some photos of the mountains.

Kim and Craig checking out the old building and looking around in awe at the mountain views.

We were headed up to Leadville and then on to Vail for the day. Rick and I had never been to Leadville, but our whole crew wanted to check it out. It is the highest registered city in the United States and is also the site for the Leadville 100 mountain and running races. Lance raced the Leadville mountain bike race last year and came in second against a local. I wish that I could have seen that ending. I can't even imagine what it would be like to run a 100 mile trail race around here.

It was a gorgeous drive up through the mountains, even though the sky was cloudy and rain threatened to ruin our day. I wish that they had been able to check out the mountains against a cobalt blue sky that is typical of Colorado.

Being badasses against an old truck. Those are CANDY cigs that are hanging out of our mouths. We were trying to look tough, but we don't smoke, so I picked up a pack of candy cigerettes in a store. I also bought a bacon wallet.

Old West gunslingers. This cowboy was headed down to the next corner to do a shootout with another dude. I’m not really sure why they were dressed up. Leadville was kind of an odd little town, I didn’t ask too many questions

These puppies were going for a bike ride!

We stopped in at Doc Holliday’s for lunch. They had THE most amazing chili that I have ever eaten (sorry Rick) and the atmosphere was pretty cool. Supposedly, Doc Holliday was a dentist turned gambler/cowboy who is famous for his friendship with Wyatt Earp. He settled in Leadville and the building was his saloon.

Rick at Doc Hollidays. He likes to get his picture taken for my blog and facebook. It is one of his favorite things. is.

After we left Leadville, we headed on over to Vail. We took the same route that the Copper Triangle bike ride follows. It was nice to see the sights from the car and I was surprised that I remembered a lot of things from the ride last year

Rick and I stopped to take a photo on the Copper Triangle route.

Dinner that night was Beau Jo's Pizza. This is a great little pizza joint that has some pretty tasty pies. My favorite is the honey for the crust. The crust is nice and thick and has a somewhat sweet taste to eat that is brought out by adding a thin drizzle of honey.

Saturday we headed over to Ft Collins, Colorado. There was a little music festival going on in the town square, which added to the ambiance.

These little dudes may have only been 10 years old, but they rocked!

Lunch was Rasta Pasta. Rasta Pasta has a Jamaican theme and some great cuisine, which has some unexpected tastes that you can’t find just anywhere. Rick and I have tried to duplicate some of their pasta dishes many times, but can’t quite seem to get the exact ingredients. I had the Montego Bay Chicken, which is a jerk chicken pasta with bananas, pineapple, green peppers, and a few other spicy ingredients. It's my favorite!

Telling stories as usual.

After lunch, we toured some of the local breweries, New Belgium and Odell. We headed over to the New Beligium Brewery, which is the home of the Fat Tire and it was PACKED! It was definitely the more popular of the two. I think that New Belgium is probably more well known then Odell.

Craig riding the fat tire bike.

My favorite beer brewery. I love Easy Street wheat!

We went out to the foothills outside of Denver for a picnic and hike that evening.

The dog loves the water.

Deep thoughts by the stream.

Sunday, I had a bike ride on my training schedule, so while everyone else went to a local diner for breakfast, I went on my bike ride. I was trying to clean up my act. I had eaten crap all weekend, so it was clean living from that point on. I got in a good ride, although I missed the "husband draft". Later that afternoon, I came down with a sore throat. I wondered why I felt so tired all weekend. Madison's cold!

I wore my new Odell Brewery jersey. One of my favorite beers is listed on the back

Our friends left for Missouri on Sunday afternoon. It was a great weekend, filled with great sights and good times.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Morning Run

This morning, I got up at 5:00 to get a morning run in. I got up, got dressed, strapped on the heart rate monitor and forerunner, and trekked downstairs to leave. My dog saw that I had on my “weekend hat” and quickly got up from her doggie couch and bounded over to me. My weekend hat is a Mizzou visor that I usually put on first thing in the morning (in order to avoid fixing my hair) and then I usually take the dog on a walk. She recognized the hat and sat with pleading eyes looking up at me expectantly.
“Crap, I don’t want to take her” I complained to Rick “she ruins my running form.”
More pleading eyes. Long sigh. “Oh all right, you can do my warmup with me, then I’m dropping your butt off so I can work on my cadence.”
Rick smiled, he knew I’d give in.
I strapped the dog on the leash and headed out the door. Bunnies and squirrels were everywhere and she happily jumped and sprinted at them all, pulling me with her.
“Zone 1 Piper, I have to do my warmup in ZONE 1!” I pleaded as I tugged on her leash. The dog, simply stated, just doesn’t know how to pace herself, nor does she care, she would run full out if you let her. Oh I taught her how to heal, and she does fine when we are walking, but for some reason, all bets are off when we run. This is why I never take her. My shoulder was aching after being pulled and yanked for the first mile and my heart rate was borderline zone 2-3. I was getting ready to complain and tug on her again when she suddenly stopped, squatted and took a poo. Luckily, I had brought a poo bag, but now, I had to deal with the dog and a bad of turd. AGAIN, this is why I don’t usually take her when I run. I bent down to scoop and feel more tugging and yanking on the leash. I look up and she’s rolling in something. I groaned knowing that means she’s rolling in something dead, but upon inspection, I didn’t see anything.
We take off again, the dog happily leaping at rabbits and me, trying to contain a full bag of goodies. She finally settles into a nice pace and I notice that my heart rate has settled into low zone 1. Perfect. We manage to jog quietly for the next ten minutes and then she squats again. I look down at my forerunner and see that we’ve only gone 16 minutes into the run. She has taken two poo breaks in 16 minutes. I didn’t have a second bag, so I decided that I would come back for it later. Right now, time to drop her off at home and work on my strides.
I passed her off to Rick and ran back out the door. Free at last. I start working on shortening my strides and working on my cadence. I count my footfall on one leg for thirty seconds and come up with 49, which means that I am getting in 196 steps per minute. I do this several more time, each time trying to quicken and shorten my stride, while still trying to keep my heart rate down. The next couple of times I come up with about 200 steps per minute. I was just about done with the run when I remember the poo on the other side of the park. I am a good neighbor and I always scoop, so I ran back and grabbed another bag and proceeded to look for the pile. I found it, scooped, and headed for home. By this time it is almost 6:30 and there were several people in the park. I get more then a few odd stares as people see me running, no dog, but with a bag of poop. I was very glad to be done with that run.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's Official.....I'm walking?

I received an e-mail containing my receipt yesterday from Elite racing as an official confirmation for the San Antonio marathon. I quickly scanned through the information so that I could make sure that everything was correct and a couple of lines caught my eye. 1.) Is this your first marathon? My answer: Yes. My heart started to beat faster and I experienced a brief feeling of excitement, quickly followed by fear. Calm down, I quickly instructed myself, the race is well over 5 months away, no sense in getting worried now. I will be ready and well trained, I will be able to reach my time goal, and yes I will finish (power of positive thinking…fool your brain).
And then I saw 2.) Are you walking the event? My answer: Yes. Hmmm. I don’t remember marking yes to that question. I don’t plan on walking the marathon. Was it a mistake on their part? Did they accidentally make that typo? Maybe someone over at elite racing knows who I am and just made that decision for me. “Yep, she’s walking it, no doubt about that; hell I’m not even sure why she signed up.” Or maybe I came to that question and my brain answered no, but my subconscious mind answered yes and that’s what I wrote. Hmmm. I couldn’t imagine walking 26.2 miles. How long would that take anyway? Actually, one of my goals is to NOT take any walking breaks (my other goal is to not stop and cry in the porta potties). I’m not sure why they need that information (is it important to know?), should I e-mail them and let them know I don’t plan on walking the event?
The rest of the form looked fine and I noticed that I even used my new married name. I’m still in the process of changing all of my forms and information over to my new name and I’ve been going crazy trying to remember which bank account has my old name, which one has my new name. My driver’s license is my new name, but I still have to change my social security. My work e-mail is my new name, but my personal e-mail is my old name. I fell like Sybil trying to remember which name to sign.
BTW…I get to run tonight! I love running nights! Last night was an easy bike ride and some core exercises.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Running and Hair of the Dog

Sunday brought chocolate chip pancakes and hair of the dog; the pancakes for Madison and the latter for me. No, there was no beer involved in order to clear a hangover; I’m talking real dog hair. We own a big fluffy golden retriever who sheds an enormous amount of hair each spring when the weather turns warm. A couple of years ago, I invested in a furmenator, which works wonders in helping with the shedding. The dog enjoys the nice back rub and my house stays cleaner due to less dog hair. The first time that I do this each spring, there is always a ton of hair that comes out, check out the photos that Madison took.
Sunday afternoon, while Madison worked on a school project with friends, Rick and I decided that we needed to get out and run. My marathon is still several months out, so I’ve been mostly working on form work for the run and getting in very easy runs during the week. Today’s run involved skipping and bounding, so I decided to bail on Rick and go run at the park in order to avoid any embarrassment that my skipping might bring. I did an easy warm-up and enjoyed the warm spring day. I tried to work on my arm form during the easy part of the run. I have seen some of the pictures that Rick took of me during the race and there was some mean arm crossover going on. I’m trying to get my running form in the best shape that it can be in; I’m sure that I’ll need all of the help that I can get for my marathon. I soon began my skips and tried to get the feel of my foot as it pushed off the ground. I felt pretty ridiculous skipping down the trail, but that’s what coach said to do, so that’s what Tara will do, since I know nothing about preparing myself to run 26 miles. Pretty soon I heard a voice behind me yelling “On your LEFT!” I was already as far over to my right as I could be, so I guess they just wanted to make sure that I didn’t hit them with my swinging arms. I mean…they are guns of steel, I would be scared too. Pretty soon, she ran by me (I wasn’t going very fast, you don’t get very far when you’re skipping) and she looked at me warily. I guess I did look kind of funny skipping down the trail in my sunglasses with the yellow lenses and my hair in pigtails, but I swear I’m not a loon.
Finished the run without any mishaps and returned home to clean up and cook dinner. I had bought stuff at the store to make Fontina Chicken, but I was starving, so we just ended up doing leftovers and as always, a beer to wash it down.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Riding at Altitude

Saturday, Rick and I got in a great mountain bike ride. It was also our first experience with any major altitude riding since last summer due to the fact that we were riding between 7500 and 8000 ft. It as pretty chilly when we got to the trailhead, so I had on tights and a jacket, that I knew I would discard sometime within the first few miles, but I felt were a necessity at the start of the ride. We started the three mile climb up the trailhead and I felt great. My legs have been feeling very strong, especially on the climbs, and today was no exception, they felt awesome and I was able to keep up with Rick without too much effort. We steadily and slowly climbed the single track and enjoyed the breathtaking views and the smell of the pines. Yes, it smelled like summer. After the first mile, I started to feel unusually tired, like my limbs were made of lead and a very sleepy feeling fell over me like a thin shroud. Dizziness and a slight feeling of nausea took over my senses with every pump of my legs. Rick asked me how I was doing and I replied that I was not doing so well. He stopped. I pulled up alongside him.
“I think that the smell of Dt. Pepsi is going to make me vomit”. I told him.
He looked at me quizzically and replied “You’re not drinking diet Pepsi, how was it going to make you vomit?”
“I’m not drinking it, but I can still smell it”.
“You can SMELL it? I ways knew that you were a bit of a loony bin” he said.
“I think it is just my body’s way of trying to make me be sick, so I will feel better”. I reasoned with him. “I think it’s the altitude. I’m so tired; can’t you tell that it’s affecting you too?”
“No, I feel fine; we’ll just take it slow, I think that we are almost to the top”.
I should have known better then to ask. The altitude never affects him. NEVER. He continued up the last bit of the climb like the damn mountain goat that he is and I tucked in behind him and tried to stay awake. Finally, FINALLY, we reached the summit and we careened freely down the hill on the twisty roller coaster hills. There were a few other climbs and a few other fun down hills, but we finally cut the ride short due to my horrible headache. It was good to get out there and start to get used to riding at altitude though. The Copper ride is mostly above 10,000 feet in elevation, so I’m going to have to get used to it at some point.

The rest of the day was spent cleaning the house. We have friends coming into town next weekend to visit, so I thought that I would get a jump on the house cleaning. I’m sure that it will be dirty again by the time they get here, but maybe I can just get in a light pickup before then. We did manage to relax a little bit outside while we grilled dinner.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Here I Come San Antonio!!

Ok, I did it. I signed up to run the San Antonio Rock "n" Roll Marathon on November 15th. I printed the form this morning, filled it out, wrote the check, and mailed it off. Thank you for all of your input into which race I should choose; it was much appreciated advice! I looked at dozens and dozens of marathons, yet kept coming back to this particular one. I knew that I wanted to run at sea level (duh, might as well take advantage of training at 5200 ft of altitude), I knew that I wanted NO part of ANY hills (my first had to be mostly flat), and I thought that the rock and roll atmosphere would keep me pumped up. Maybe....I know that during my half, I completely ignored everything that was going on around me, so who knows, I may be so focused on the race that I won't even hear the rock and roll. I haven't thought about my goals for the race yet. I'm pretty sure at this point that I just want to finish and finish without drooling all over myself; I just want to be coherent at the finish line. Damn....26.2 miles is a lot to run when you've never done anything over 15 miles before.
Rick wasn't too excited about the location, he was wanting to go somewhere in the northeast like Pennsylvania or Manhattan, in order to enjoy the fall colors. I checked out a few up there, but nothing sounded too appealing for my first one. I think that he'll enjoy San Antonio; I even threatened to sign him up for the 10K, so that he'll have something to do while he's waiting on the 10+ hours it will take me to finish my first marathon.
I've also been preparing myself for my big Copper ride this August too. Rick has been biking to work lately, so I've been following on days that I don't have a run. This morning was an awesome ride. It was 50 degrees, my legs felt great, and there were NO bugs! Usually, when we ride by the damn, there are swarms and swarms of these teeny black bugs that make it very hard to breathe since you don't want to open your mouth. I made the mistake of wearing lipgloss one morning....enough said.
Anyway, I'm off to eat some spicy chicken, red beans and rice, and cheesy bisquits ( and perhaps a beer) that I've cooked up tonight! Cheers!

Monday, May 11, 2009

First Run after the Race and a Slumber Party (not mine)

Beautiful Ride

Madison and her friends at the slumber party.

This weekend I ran for the first time since my half on May 3rd. I was ready for it, I had been jumpy and nervous all week due to lack of activity. Don't get me wrong, I very much enjoyed just hanging out, getting to cook dinner every night, and enjoying a glass of wine or beer, but I missed moving! It felt great to get out and I was supposed to only run in zone 1 or my “easy pace”. One of the first things that I noticed was how responsive my heart rate was. I have been training with heart rate zones for the past couple of months and I’ve never quite seen them respond like they did on Saturday. When I would start up a hill, my HR would shoot up to high zone 1 or low zone 2, when I backed the pace down, my HR responded immediately. When I started downhill, my HR instantly shot back down. Normally, my heart putters around and takes forever to catch up with what I’m actually doing, if it catches up at all, sometimes it just does what it wants to and ignores me (kind of like my 14 year old daughter). I also noticed that on the flat parts of my run, I was able to run at a faster pace in my zone 1 or “easy” pace then I have been able to do. Hmmmm…maybe there is something to this zone training after all. Maybe someday I’ll be able to run a 6 minute mile pace in my zone 1! Ok, I’ll come back down to reality; I’m well aware that it will never happen, but I can dream.

My next adventure(s) will be the Copper Triangle bike ride this summer and then the full marathon in the fall. I still haven’t decided which marathon to run, but someone suggested that I take a look at the link; it has descriptions on all types of marathons and lots of feedback and comments from runners. VERY helpful website; check it out. Thanks Chad!

In preparation for the Copper ride, Rick and I also got to get out for a mountain bike ride to take advantage of the hills and some riding at altitude. It was an absolutely beautiful Colorado day with blue skies and big fluffy white clouds and the trail itself has amazing views. My legs felt super strong and I was able to keep up with Rick on the hills; normally he drops me like a bad habit. I think that he should just stay out of shape this year; we would make a better match on our mountain bike rides. He of course still dropped me on the downhill, due to the fact that I chicken shit my way down the hills; no sense in falling and breaking something so that I can’t run anymore. That would be dumb.

On a side note: Madison had a slumber party this weekend for her birthday. We had pizza, cake, and a "fun-genda". Yes, Madison and her friend came up with an activity list for the party and called it their "fun-genda". The party went ok, as far as I know there was no major drama or fighting as sometimes can happen with a bunch of teenage girls. Rick and I just keep our distance and only had to get on to them two times during the night.

Friday, May 8, 2009

What's Next?

Finally Finished

Notice the crappy form. Lost all form at about mile 11 or 12.

I downloaded some of my pictures from the race today; thought you might like to see one. Pretty huh? I look pale, tired, and ready to drop. All I wanted to do once I crossed the finish line was to find Rick and get some water. Some kid came up and started messing with my shoe and I couldn’t figure out what he was doing down there, so I kicked my foot a little bit to try and shake him off. I thought he was trying to take my shoes off; I didn’t know that he was just after my timing chip, oops, sorry for kicking you. He probably thought I was crazy.
And yes that is an Ipod attached to my pants. I know….I know….most people try not to run with an Ipod in these types of events. I use mine more or less to deaden the sound of my train like breathing (exercise induced asthma). If I don’t, I just tend to focus on my breathing and then I start thinking that if I’m breathing that hard then it must be hard and I think that I need to slow down (not that I run super fast anyway).
After I found Rick and got my water and a snack, we went over and watched more people coming up (yes, the finish was uphill) the finish chute. I immediately got involved in a conversation with another runner about how great the course was and how well supported and beautiful it was. She had ran the half marathon this year, but said that she ran the marathon last year and that the marathon course was even better then the half course. I told her that I had not yet ran a marathon, but my next goal was to do one in the fall. As soon as the words came out, I was shocked, not more then fifteen minutes earlier, I was vowing that I would never run another race again and here I was talking about running a marathon. I’m stupid. I guess it’s like childbirth, you forget the pain.
So, now I need to find a marathon. I’ve looked into San Antonio, Chicago, Tuscon, and the Denver marathon. I would prefer to sign up for one at sea level since I’ve been doing all of this training at altitude. Any suggestions? I will most definitely sign up for the Ft Collins marathon next May.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Madison's Birthday and the Ft Collins Half Marathon

Happy Birthday Maddie!!!

I can't believe that you are 14! Only two more years and you'll be driving that swank 1999 Honda CRV! HE-HE.

Tara after the race

So I did it. I finished the half marathon in 1:58. My goal was to do it in two hours, even though I secretly was hoping to do it in less time. Oh well, maybe next time. The course was very well supported and it was a beautiful run. I was actually cruising along at a pretty decent pace until the last few miles and then I mentally broke down. I need to work on my mental toughness. I saw a gas station at one point and thought about going in and calling Rick to come pick me up. I told myself that this was a ridiculous idea and to keep moving. Then I had to go to the potty REAL bad, so I stepped into a porta potty. This was somewhere after mile 10 and I was tired. I stayed in there and hid out for a few minutes and felt like I would cry. I didn't want to run anymore. It was too hot and I was tired. The smell finally forced me out and I once again told myself that I could and would keep going. I was going to finish this thing. I saw the 12 mile mark and just held on for dear life. I knew that I would not make my secret goal time (I should have come out of the potty sooner), but I was determined to keep my under two hour goal. Turning the corner, I could see the finish and tons of people cheering. I ran down the chute and heard Rick yelling "Go Tara!" and this was just enough to get me over the finish line. Not bad for my first race in many, many years. I guess I'll start training for the marathon sometime in the next couple of months, even though during my race, I swore that I would never run again. I can only get better and faster from here though...right?
Here's some stats:
I was 407 out of 1,267 total half marathon finishers
199 out of 877 women finshers
34th out of 162 in my age group

After the race we drove home and let Madison open her presents and then took her out to Buffalo Wild Wings (her choice, not mine) for her birthday dinner. We had ice cream cake for dessert. Mmmmmm. I was pretty wiped out by about 6:00, so I took a bath and then Madison and I watched Twilight. Definitely not as good as the books, but it wasn't bad and I liked the soundtrack.