Thursday, April 9, 2009

These are just some old pics from my wedding weekend that I thought I would share. I took so many shots.

Garden of the Gods

Madison took this shot right outside of our lodge that we were staying at for the wedding. Amazing how close they let her get to them. Is it any wonder why wildlife attacks humans when they are becoming so accustomed to us?

I am hungry. I am constantly hungry. Right now I am sitting here dreaming about what I will make for dinner tonight. Will it be spinach manicotti or something easy like mahi mahi and rosemary potatoes? I am sitting here debating on this at 8:00 in the morning as I am finishing up my second breakfast of the day. Vanilla yogurt and a kashi bar. I know that all of this extra eating has to do with all of my extra training and running that I have been doing. But jeez, you would think that I was doing an Ironman or something, I’m only doing a half marathon. I hate to see how much I consume when I start training for an actual marathon. I’m going to just have to start leaving big pieces of meat laying around the house for quick consumption.
Waking up in the middle of the night, ready for a snack, has actually led to serious thoughts of adding a refrigerator to our room. Rick has been waking up hungry for years and has consistently made the trek downstairs for a glass of chocolate milk and I never could understand why he couldn’t just fall back asleep. I can now see how hard it is to fall back asleep when your stomach is rumbling and you are dreaming of spoonfuls of peanut butter and a big glass of milk; now we both wake up together and have an early morning (2:00 am) snack. Think of the convenience of having a refrigerator stocked with ready amounts of peanut butter within arms reach of your bed.
Even my long training runs have become an event in planning. Ok…so I’ll need gels for 15 minutes into the run, 45 minute into the run, and 1:15 into the run. That’s three gels. What a minute; where do I put them? I’ve already got water, cell phone, epipen, and an inhaler. I can't leave any of these items behind,where do I put my fuel? Do I leave them? No, I’ll duck tape them to my body if I have to; they’re going with me otherwise I’ll starve to death.
On a different note I have done a couple of runs this week. Monday night I did a short easy paced 4 mile run and last night I did a 7.5 mile run. Last night I was working on keeping up with my half marathon goal pace, which was hard because my throat was getting scratchy and I was tired. Am I getting sick?? Tonight is a recovery run and a yoga session.

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