Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tempo Run and some fast sprints

The other day I was out for a tempo run when I got a call from my daughter. She knows not to call me while I am running unless she is in DIRE need of something, so I figured that I better answer the phone.
Mom. When are you going to be home?
I'm almost done I told her, I'll be home soon.
I need "supplies" (you ladies know what I'm talking about); we have to go to the store.
Ok, I'll be there shortly. I told her and then hung up.
By this time my legs were about ready to fall off and my heart rate was off the charts from trying to hold a fast pace in the near eighty degree temps, so I was honestly glad that I needed to do a "supplies" run. I finished up my six miles and then went to pick her up.
I honked the horn and she slinked out looking like she was on the way to the guillotine. She gets freakishly embarrassed when we have to go for supplies. I told her that I could go by myself, but she insisted that I would not know what to get.
We gathered up a few other things while we were there and finally made our way to the self checkout. The self checkout was a brilliant invention and perfect for occasions such as supply buying. We scanned all of our purchases without a problem until we got to "the supplies". They would not scan. I tried upside down, right side up, and then throwing them against the scanner. By this time Madison was rolling her eyes and urging me to please hurry up. The lady manning the self scans finally sauntered over and asked what the problem was. I showed her how “the supplies” would not scan and asked her for suggestions. Madison looked horrified at this point and was looking for a way to escape. The lady and I tried with no luck to scan them again and then proceeded to hold them up and turn them over and over in order to look for an item code to punch into the system. Nothing. Well, she says, I could do a price check (I noticed that Madison had conveniently wandered off somewhere by this time). No worries, I said, I know where they are, I'll just run back there and get the price. And run I did! I figured I might as well get my heart rate up while I was at it. I sprinted faster then I had on my run earlier. I wished that I had had my heart rate monitor still on so that I could see my pace. I saw out of the corner of my eye that Madison was wandering around over by the Starbucks counter trying to look as though she did not know me and she seemed horrified that her mother was sprinting through the store.
I got the price and sprinted back. $6.99, I huffed and puffed to the lady who was patiently awaiting my return. $6.99???, why didn’t we get the generic brand? Oh well...too late now. The lady punched the price in and I gathered up my purchases and my traumatized child and we left the store.
This was not an embarrassing occasion for me, but I think that Madison will have post traumatic stress syndrome from the horror of it all.


ShutUpandRun said...

Hah! Great story. At least it wasn't condoms. And at least you weren't buying those for your daughter...

Loves Life in Colorado said...

Oh God! I don't want to even think about that!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh poor Madison...I can just see her face when they wouldn't scan. Thanks for the great laugh---I'm doing homework & grading papers...I needed that :)

Miss you guys!