Thursday, April 30, 2009

Taper Week

Having fun during taper week

Maddie and Piper at the Park

Maddie loving on the dog

Having fun playing chuck it with Piper

Well, I’ve been trying to taper all week; I’ve only gotten in maybe 8.5 miles and no cross training. I have really enjoyed relaxing though. I’ve gotten a facial, hung out with Madison (although I think she likes it better when I DON’T try and talk to her), took the dog to the park, and did some volunteer work for the HSUS and Wildlife Guardians.
I’m itchy to get out and run on Sunday and have been trying to make a list of everything that I need to bring. It looks like I already have a suitcase full for only one night and I still keep thinking of stuff that I might need. I might need those extra two pairs of shoes and those five hundred extra pony tail holders, you never know I’m not sure where Madison and Rick are going to put their stuff in our 4-Runner; I’ve laid claim on the whole back cargo area. Good thing we decided not to bring the dog.
On my last post, I mentioned the dilemma that I was having over whether to stop and use the toilets or just wet myself. Well, Rick looked a little grossed out (as I’m sure most of the rest of you were) when I told him about this and his response was “honey, just stop at a porta potty; it’s not that big of a deal, you’ll make your time goal”, so I guess I’ll go ahead and make that pit stop if I have to. One issue resolved. I’ve read a couple of posts over at the “Shut up and Run” Blog (very funny blog, you should read it. If I was smart enough to insert a link I would) a new dilemma has arisen. Stomach issues. I know…I am grossing you all out again, but I hadn’t thought of this one either until reading her blog. Then the issue came up AGAIN while I was talking to my coach about what to eat pre race. She mentioned that I might not want to eat a lot of fruit, foods with a lot of fiber, or whole wheat products, mostly eat wholesome foods that will not be excess waste in my colon. Hmmmm….I eat a lot of fruit. In fact, it’s one of my food staples. I’ve decided to go ahead and pack some baby butt wipes and a change of pants just in case.
I’ve been trying to eat healthy, wholesome foods all week, but there have been a couple of time that I’ve found my hands in the Dorito bag, so I’ve had to remind myself that taper week is not a one way ticket to a junk food festival.
Anyway, I am ready to go; I even made reservations for the very last two hotel rooms in Fort Collins last night (I’m also a procrastinator) and got the dog all set up with a sitter. It should be a fun run and a fun birthday for Madison. Hopefully, I'll make my goal time, but if not, oh well...there will be other races.


Anonymous said...

The things you worry about.. :)

I'm sure you'll make your time. Good luck! Is the race Sunday?

I sent Maddie her card yesterday, I don't know how long it takes for mail to get there. Hopefully u guys will get it tomorrow, if not she'll get it Monday.

Anonymous said...

That post was even more disgusting than the previous "wet myself" post. Confusious say..."you might be just a little too hardcore of a runner if you even have to consider wetting or soiling yourself to achieve your time".

Loves Life in Colorado said...

Oh shut up Mark. I don't plan on wetting or soiling myself!