Monday, April 27, 2009

Long Run Day and "I'm Tagged"!

Sunday was my last long run before the half next weekend. The run itself could only be described as shitty. My chosen course was shitty, the wind was shitty, my pace was shitty, and I just felt plain SHITTY! I hope next weekend goes better. My run this weekend presented another dilemma that I had never thought about before yesterday. I had drunk a giant mountain dew that morning (probably one reason why I felt shitty) and by mile two, I had to go to the bathroom…bad. What do I do if I have to use the potty next weekend? During my training run, I just shut my timer off and squatted in the bushes. I’m pretty darn sure that they won’t let you take a “time out” to go squat in the woods; nope time keeps going, even while you pee. So do I just wet myself? Take a break and actually go to the bathroom? I really can’t afford the time deficit in order to relieve myself; I will need all of the help that I can get. I guess that I will just have to suffer with a full bladder or here’s a good plan….maybe not drink a GIANT Diet mountain dew when I wake up!

I was tagged yesterday by Beth of "Shut up and Run" to do the “eight things” so here they are:

8 Things That I am Looking Forward to:

1.) My daughter’s birthday this weekend. May 3rd.
2.) My half marathon this weekend
3.) Finally getting to do some mountain biking after my half is over, after recovery week, of course.
4.) Summer and for the snow to stop today. It’s coming down hard out there. What the heck is up with this weather??
5.) Getting a facial tonight.
6.) Seeing some of our out of town friends over Memorial Day weekend.
7.) Rest Week and spending time with my daughter and husband
8.) Leaving work tonight and having a beer. I hate Mondays!

8 Things I Did Yesterday

1.) Ran
2.) Went shopping with my daughter
3.) Cooked dinner with my husband
4.) Drank a glass of wine
5.) Complained and bitched about my run to my coach.
6.) Took the dog on a walk
7.) Went to the grocery store
8.) Scooped dog poop

8 Things That I would like to do:

1.) Quit work.
2.) Run a marathon
3.) Take a trip to Italy or Greece
4.) Run fast
5.) Stop animal cruelty
6.) Have a house in the mountains
7.) Finish up my work project, so that I can get back to all of the things that I have let slip since starting it
8.) Travel more

8 Shows That I watch:
I don’t really watch much TV, but I do enjoy watching: NFL Football (Go Chiefs!), College Football (Go Mizzou), College Basketball, The Tour De France, CNN, and ….Yep, that’s about it. Oh, every now and then I will watch Survivor Man; I like to see him eat bugs.

8 People I am Tagging:
If you are reading this and you have a blog (and you haven’t already done it), consider yourself officially tagged!

Alright, that's about it. Update on the home front. Not much went on this weekend. Madison's test came back all normal. She just has some high stomach acid issues that we just need to take care of with diet and exercise and a few pills. She feels much better and actually went to a slumber party the other night. I rested on Saturday and ran on Sunday. Rick went skiing on Sunday for a couple of hours. He wanted to check out A Basin. I opted out since this was my last long run before the race and I wanted fresh legs. He said it was a small resort, but pretty fun. I think that we'll try and make it back out in a couple of weeks.


ShutUpandRun said...

If time's an issue, I would just pee on myself during the race right about the time I get some water. Not kidding. I think this is what the cool runners do. I'm not cool, but I like to think I am. Thanks for doing the eight things!

Anonymous said...

Here are my 8 things since I don't have a blog anymore...I will get one back soon. Promise! :)

8 Things That I would like to do:

1.) Learn to play the piano (I know weird right, but I've always wanted to)
2.) Be able to run 5 miles without stopping & from there increase...I've been far too out of shape. It's sad.
3.) Travel more. A lot more!
4.) Build and design my own house
5.) Get a dog
6.) Get married & have kids...not many...just 2 will do :)
7.) Volunteer more when I'm done getting my Masters & have more free time.
8.) Have my own dance studio one day.

Bet you can't guess who :)

Miss u guys. I've got to get a card in the mail for Maddie. Be looking for it! Glad to hear she feels better.