Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rest Day Saturday

Rick goofing off on the treadmill

Saturday was my rest day. Friday is usually my rest day, but since the Ft. Collins run is in two weeks, on a Sunday, my long runs are now on Sunday and my rest days are on Saturday. It is EXTREMELY hard to have a rest day on the weekend. I have a hard to sitting still and I usually look forward to getting up and moving since I spend 40 some odd hours in front of a computer every week. The weather was nasty and snowy, which made rest day even worse because we couldn’t get outside. I made a batch of beef stew and then decided to live vicariously through Rick and convinced him to run on the treadmill. It wasn’t very hard to do, he wanted the cardio. I went downstairs and hung out with him for a little while and snapped a few photos of him acting goofy on the treadmill.

By one o’clock, I was really hating my Saturday rest day, so Rick, Madison, and I piled up in the 4 Runner and went to REI to hang out and shop. I went ahead and purchased a new pair of Brooks shoes and a new outfit for my half marathon, which consisted of a new pair of shorts, sports bra, and running top. I hope that it’s not 20 degrees and snowing in two weeks.

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