Sunday, April 5, 2009

Relaxing Sunday

Cooking Lasagna

Rick in our "junk room" looking at Poi Dog website

Madison is sick. :(

The snow had melted by Sunday mid morning. The sun was finally out and it had warmed up. That’s the way it is in Colorado, seventy degrees during the day, snowing at night. I had always thought that Missouri weather was bad; at least we never got snow in April or May. That’s so weird! We have gotten more snow in the last two weeks then we did the whole winter. I was saying not more then two weeks ago (to someone at my wedding), that I had missed seeing the snow this year. Be careful what you wish for!
Rick and I spent the morning getting our workouts in. It is so handy having a home gym. He ran on the treadmill and I did the bike trainer (cross training). Then he worked out on our functional trainer and I showed him some of my moves that I do on the stability ball. We finally poked our heads out the door around 11:00 and decided to go for a hike. I invited Madison, but she was wiped out from her trip and elected to spend the day lounging in her chair.
It was a very muddy hike and we ended up having to give the dog a bath. We have a huge steam shower in our basement that works well for this, so we hauled her dirty butt in there and soaked her good. We ended up soaking wet and smelling like wet dogs too. At least she was clean, even if we weren’t anymore.
Not much went on the rest of the day, it started snowing around 5:00 (imagine that) and I decided that I was going to cook lasagna. I love Italian food and lasagna is one of my all time favorites. Normally when I cook, I try and use leaner turkey or buffalo for my ingredients, but I don’t skimp on the lasagna. I use good ole Italian sausage, the fatter the better. It usually takes me about 3 hours to cook and simmer the meat sauce, so I got started right away. The aroma was awesome. We got so hungry that we couldn’t wait on it, so we ended up eating leftovers for dinner and we’ll do the lasagna on Monday night. It tastes better the next day anyway.


Anonymous said...

Wick & I hardly do date nights either & we don't even have a kid---how sad are we?!?!?! We used to.

Maybe this summer when I'm less busy.

Sounds like you guys had a good weekend. Don't feel bad about the snow, today it was like 30 degrees...depressing. I'm ready for warm weather.

Anonymous said...

One more thing...

you are officially a picture never again can you make fun of me for always having a camera. You are the same way now :)

Miss you!!!