Sunday, April 19, 2009

Long Run Day and Brewing some beer

Starting the Process

Madison and I went to get hair products and she ended up with fake nails

Our friend Tim brewing beer

Tim is working hard

Sunday was my long run day. I had 10 miles to do. We had gotten a foot of snow on Friday and Saturday, so I was at the mercy of whatever roads/sidewalks had been plowed. It definitely made for an interesting little adventure winding through all of the streets like I was in a maze. I finally made it down to the park and ran around the lake. The weather was near 60 degrees and it felt really weird to be wearing shorts while surrounded by so much snow. There were a lot of runners out and even a few brave road bikers. I was extremely focused during my run. I knew that I had at least 4 miles in heart rate zone 3 and I knew with the hills, it would be hard to keep my heart rate down, while trying to increase my pace. I love it when I become so focused that I am “in the zone” and everything else disappears. A friend of mine commented once that she hates to run by other runners and have them totally ignore her. She likes to smile and wave and feels that they should return the gesture. When I am “in my zone”, I do not notice other runners, I do not notice anything, I am totally focused on the task at hand. I have tried to explain to her what this is like, but unless you have experienced it; your mind can’t process the experience. I do not mean to be rude to others; this is just the way my mind works. The good thing is, I also do not feel the pain, THAT is how focused I am and THAT is what is going to get me through the half marathon and then a marathon.

After my run, I stretched, showered, took care of my exercise induced asthma and went to the Coors Brewery. I figured what better way to recover from a long run and an asthma attack, then to spend a couple of hours at the brewery? Just kidding, our friends were in town from Missouri and we took them over to Golden, Colorado so that we could all take a tour of the brewery and then grab a couple of free beers (I only had one). It was interesting and the beer was cold and good. I had my favorite from the Coors line, Blue Moon. Yummy. We then proceeded to go back to our house and make a batch of our home brew beer. I have attached a few picks of our brewing experience.

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