Monday, March 30, 2009

More photos from last weekend.

Shot of the Balanced Rock at Garden of the Gods

In front of balanced rock

Family under Balanced Rock. Glad it didn't fall...that would have put a damper on the wedding

Shot of Garden of the Gods

I spent most of my Saturday morning at the airport trying to get Madison on a plane to visit her dad. It was quite chaotic due to the snowstorm, spring breakers, etc. I finally got her on her plane only to find out that the plane she was on had hydraulic issues. Now, I’m not too good with mechanical things, but I do know that when you say there are issues with the hydraulics, that’s not a good sign. I wanted her off of that plane. I heard that there was a lot of going back and forth about whether to try and fix that plane or get a new one. The pilot himself finally got off of the plane and requested a new plane. Thank god, that saved me from looking like a fool and yanking her out of there. They had the people onto a new plane in record time. I was impressed. I left the airport around 1:00 and headed home. I called Rick to let him know I was heading that way and he was just getting home from the store. He was planning on grilling me some yummy food. He’s such a great husband! We ate salmon steaks, baked potatoes, asparagus, and bread and settled in to watch the Mizzou game. Unfortunately they lost, but I was incredibly happy that it wasn’t a total blowout! We will have an awesome team next year.

Sunday, I went on my twelve mile run. The roads were finally cleared up as were the sidewalks. It was a gorgeous day, the sun was shining and it was near sixty. The only bad thing was that the wind was roaring. Rick went on a road ride at the same time that I did my run and he said that he actually had to pedal downhill it was so windy. I was climbing back up the incline to our house and was having a ton of trouble due to the wind and my asthma. My legs felt great, but man, I thought I would have a heart attack my chest hurt so badly. I got back to my house and downed a glass of chocolate milk and hunted for something to chow on. I opened the fridge and low and behold, there was a brand new jar of open peanut butter sitting there. I had been having withdrawals since we had been out for a few days. I had seen it sitting in the cabinet earlier, but we buy the all natural stuff that you have to stir and I’m too much of a wimp to do it. Rick has actually gone so far as to say that the only reason that I married him was to have someone to stir my peanut butter for me. While it is a plus, I do love other things about him. I downed a few spoonfuls and showered and changed clothes. Not much went on the rest of the day, did a few chores and lounged around with Rick.

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Anonymous said...

We are too much alike...I'm a peanut butter freak too. Wick teases me because I'll get the darn jar out & just eat a spoonfull out of it. But hey--it's good! And although fatty--it's a healthy fat!