Friday, March 27, 2009

How About them Tigers???

From sweet to elite! Are we headed for the final four? Let's cross our fingers. What an exciting game it was last night. People are still talking about that halftime shot. I guess we get to play top-seeded Connecticut for the West title on Saturday.

Not much going on at the home front. I didn't make it to coyote duty last night. I didn't feel like trudging through 12 inches of snow; I hope the shooter felt the same way. I got in a nice easy 40 minute recovery run on the dreadmill and then spent some time stretching my muscles. I felt like jelly after the stretch...mmmm what a good feeling. Rick came home and whipped up a batch of super awesome chili, which was perfect for a cold, snowy, night. I had planned to start it before he got home, but all we had ingrediants wise was meat and one can of beans. He told me NOT to leave the house and go to the store (he knows how I drive in the snow), that he would do it when he got home. Fine with me. Since I got home so early, I got some laundry and house cleaning accomplished and just got to relax and hang with Madison the rest of the day. I love snow days!!

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