Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Countdown to ball and chain day.

Only four more days. I spent the entire weekend cleaning house and running errands. You never realize how dirty your house is until company comes in. I vacuum, mop wood floors, etc at least once a week, but this weekend I did DEEP cleaning. Spider webs came down, dust on the baseboards went bye bye, and I finally scraped that spaghetti sauce out of the microwave. It feels good to have a fresh house. I did take some time out to do my nine mile run on Saturday and that felt awesome. I ran it in my new heart rate training zones and I had so much more energy throughout the day, I love this new method of training. I feel like a normal person instead of completely spent all of the time.
Today is my first day off of work for a week. I'm going to try and get the rest of the odds and ends wrapped up and relax the rest of the day. Our first guests arrived yesterday from Sonoma, CA. Rick took the day off to pick them up from the airport and will be off all week from work (although I noticed he had his computer out yesterday answering important e-mails...shame on him). He took them skiing today, but I decided to stay home and relax before the mad influx of people. Our wedding is really small, just Rick's mom, dad, brother,sister in law, and their kids, my immediate family, and a few close friends. Rick's family will be here tomorrow, mine will be here on Friday, and the rest of the group will be filtering in over the next couple of days. I'm getting really excited, yet slightly stressed!
Not much else to tell right now, I got in a 50 minute run yesterday in heart rate zone 1 and I plan on mountain biking or trail running tomorrow. The weather here is perfect. Sevety five today and seventy tomorrow. Wedding weather up in the mountains will be in the sixties, which means we will get to hold the wedding outside!!!
The next time that I post, I will probably have tons of wedding pictures and candid shots....I can't wait!


Jacque said...

Congratulations, Tara! Undoubtedly, the wedding will be beautiful and you will be a beautiful bride. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I keep getting on here thinking you updated! Update! :)