Friday, February 13, 2009

Tara-On the west steps of the state capitol building.

As many of you know, I support the Humane Society of the United States. I hold in high regard all of the tremendous work that they do for animals across the nation and I try and help by donating money and whenever possible, my time. Thursday, the HSUS held a lobby day for animals at the Denver capitol. I had gone last year and it was an enlightening experience, so I decided to take off of work and travel downtown to the event. The previous week, a puppy mill bill had been shot down by a 5-7 committee vote. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Beth McCann, would have limited the number of unsterilized dogs that could be kept in a breeding facility. It would have also have required breeders to obtain veterinarian care for each of the dog's health each year, and mandated revocation or denial of PACFA licensing when a licensee is convicted of cruelty to animals. Makes total sense right? In Colorado, there are many breeders who have a license to breed, but who have a prior felony animal cruelty charge. This downright pisses me off. Anyway, the bill was shot down because of concerns that I won't get into, but it will be back next year. In the meantime, we were downtown lobbying another bill, SB09-118 with an added amendment. The amendment was the animal cruelty amendment. Yep, if you've been convicted of animal cruelty, you can't have a license to breed. PERIOD. We each had appointments with our house of representive and senator for our district. I've met my house rep, Joe, a few times, and I really like him. Downright just a good guy, so I was anxious to talk to him about the bill, but he was out ill. I left him a note and went on to meet my senator. She was in a commitee meeting, so I went to the senate men at arms and asked to have her come out to meet me. This is called "passing a note". She just so happened to be speaking in the commitee meeting at that time, so I left her a note in her office and booked it over to the west side of the capitol for a peaceful rally for puppy mill. I will send a follow up e-mail to both of them next week. Rep Beth McCann (the one who sponsered the bill) was there to talk as well as several speakers with their puppy mill survivors. We had great coverage with the news media and I am hopeful through education about the bill, it will pass next year.

On the steps of the state capitol. Puppy mill rally. Beth McCann speaking

The whole experience was wonderful and it's also good to get out and get to know how your government works and who works for you. I challenge you to find something you are passionate about and work to make things right and better. It doesn't have to be anything major. Baby steps can change the world too.

If you want to make a donation to the HSUS or just want to check them out. Go to

As for my running. No runs on Wednesday night. I had to stay late at work, so that I could take off on Thursday, but I got in a five mile run when I got home from lobby day. It felt good and I would have liked to have gotten a longer run in, but Madison called and needed taxi service, so I had to go pick her up from her friend's house.


Loving Life said...

That is great, Tara. I would like to do something like this one day. For now, I make a difference in the life of a child. I'll start with baby steps too :)

Hope u guys had a good Valentines Day. I ate way too much. My workouts aren't going so well. I'll get back on track Monday!!

Anonymous said...

Adi says thank you.

Loves Life in Colorado said...

Was Adi a rescue dog??