Monday, February 23, 2009

Tara and Piper El Dorado Canyon

Madison won't let me take her picture; she's hiding behind Rick and the dog

Rick and Tara. Checking out the rock climbers.

El Dorado Canyon

Madison hiding behind a rock. Doesn't want her picture taken.

He-He, she doesn't know that I got this shot; she was too busy chatting with Rick.

It was another beautiful Colorado weekend. We had made a lot of plans, but most of them fell through because Rick was sick. He started feeling pretty icky Tuesday night, didn’t feel any better on Wednesday, called in sick on Thursday, and was feeling only slightly better by the weekend. We were going to go to the Mizzou vs. Colorado game on Saturday to watch Mizzou stomp all over CU, but decided to just chill out at home instead. I got a lot of stuff accomplished while I watched the game on TV. My leg was feeling a little better, so Saturday afternoon, I went out for a run. I was only going to do a six mile run, but ended up going 8 and a half. The weather was warm, the sun was shining, and I was jogging very slowly (in an attempt not to further injure my leg), so I went ahead and did the extra mileage. I wanted to go 10 or 11, but my goal last week was to back off of my mileage and give my leg a chance to feel better. I think total mileage was only 15 and half miles. I think that in order to let it appropriately heal; however, I am going to have to stay off of it for awhile and start doing some light stretches before and after my runs. Sigh… I’m going to just spin on my bike trainer for most of this week and if it is still hurting by the weekend, go see a doctor. This is going to kill me.

Sunday, we had planned a ski trip, but I was a cripple and Rick was still feeling sickly, so we took Madison and the dog out to El Dorado Canyon for a little hiking and sightseeing. It was sixty down in the city, but El Dorado was a little on the cool side, so I am glad that I brought my coat! El Dorado is a big rock climber hangout, so we had a great time hiking and checking out all of the rock climbers. Some of the climbers were at the top of the peek! After the hike, we stopped in for some pizza in Golden at a little place called Woody’s. We’ve eaten there before and they have some pretty tasty pies. We sat out on the heated patio and ate, while the dog hung out in the car.

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