Thursday, February 26, 2009

So here's my ride for the last week. I've been trying to stay off of my leg, so that means NO running. I put the ole Trek on the trainer the other day and did some light spinning to see if it would irritate my calf. Perfectly ok. Great. So instead of being out enjoying the 60 degree temps with a good run, I've been in the basement lightly spinning on my bike. Oh well, such is life. It actually hasn't been too bad; I haven't been on a bike since last October, so it's been kind of fun. It's also reminded me that I need new pedals; I hate these one sided Keo Looks. Rick just bought road shoes and has been hunting and inquiring around about different pedals and I think that he might try mine and I will get new ones. I told him that he probably wouldn't like the Looks, but only he will be able to tell. I'm looking into the double sided Speedplays. The guy at my bike store loves his Speedplays, so I might try them out. Plus I can get pink to match my bike.

That's about all that's been going on this week. I've been working a lot due to the 2008 audit. Damn auditors; they'll be gone next week, just in time for month end close. Grrrrr. I've done the bike trainer twice this week. Once Monday night and once last night. I'm cooking dinner and then plan on getting a light spin in tonight too. My leg is feeling much better, so I think I might try a VERY short jog on Saturday to test the waters. I've got plenty of time before my May 3rd half marathon, so I feel pretty good. Just gotta stay healthy!

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Anonymous said...

I deleted my blog. So no I haven't updated! One day maybe I'll open it back up again. But for now, I'll just follow yours.