Monday, February 16, 2009

This heart is actually just for looks; I forgot about Valentine's Day.....again.

Not a lot going on lately; I've been extremely busy with work, planning a wedding, and running. Friday I kept seeing vase after vase of roses being carted in by our admins and I finally went and asked a girl what the roses for? She looked at me like I was insane and mentioned Valentine's Day. Oh shoot. I had forgotten again. I personally think that this holiday is overrated, but after work, I went by and got Maddy some candy, a card, and a stuffed animal. I got Rick a card too, even though I didn't think he would get me anything. Our first V Day together he went out of his way to get chocolate covered strawberries, a card, etc and I made a big deal out of the fact that I didn't think we should celebrate our love just ONE DAY a year (I had obviously forgotten that year too) and that we should celebrate every day of the year (basically handed him a load of crap), but he has never gotten me anything ever again. Except soap....last year. Private joke. Anyway, Valentine's Day went off without a lot of celebration. I got a ton of things accomplished that day like filing my taxes and a ten mile run. I know....I'm very romantic. I did make some beef stew that night for dinner. Anyway, the ten mile run was on the treadmill because it was snowy and twentysome degrees outside. I was going to wait until Sunday to do a long run, but I figured running on the treadmill was a good thing to do on a cold, snowy day. I did get out for a 4 and a half mile run on Sunday. The weather was in the forties and it was sunny although a little windy. It felt good to get out.

Madison registered for high school this past week. Can you believe that? I don't feel old enough to have a high schooler (probably because I was only 20 when I had her). My uncle recently sent me some pictures that he had taken of her when she was younger. I don't remember how old she was, but she looks so YOUNG! I still can't believe that she's old enough to be in high school! Time goes by too quickly.

Madison and her cousin Bailee. Bailee now has a baby of her own.


Loving Life said...

That picture is so sweet of Madison. I miss her being that young. Remember when she was a baby and you would have me go with you to take pictures because I could get her to laugh. And I remember she was scared to death of that indian that was in the Sedalia Applebees. Remember that?

Anonymous said...

We were all scared of that indian at Applebees Laura.

Adi wasn't a rescue dog, but she was a free doggie and not the pay for kind. Free/adopted pets are the best.