Thursday, February 5, 2009

Keeping it Real

Scenes along the Fort Collins Marathon route

I’ve determined that I’ve got to do a better job of tracking my runs during the week. I always mention my weekend runs, but fail to post my weekday runs. This will hopefully keep me honest about how many miles I am getting in per week, especially now that I am officially committed to the Fort Collins Half. I sent in my registration today. I thought that the website had said it had capped, but I’m a doofus and didn’t read it right. It said that the 2008 had capped early, so get your registration in quick. Now, the hard part begins, because running will no longer be just fun, it is now “training”. I’ve just got to continue with the mindset that I am doing the half for fun because I love to run, not because I want to win the race (which would never happen anyway since I am so slow, but a girl can always dream). I’ve been averaging between 15 – 20 miles per week this winter, so I think I’ll be set come May 3rd, the day of the half marathon. May 3rd also happens to be Madison’s birthday! Rick, Madison, and I discussed it last night and we think that we will get a hotel room the night before, I’ll run the race the next morning, then we’ll take Madison and a friend white water rafting on the Poudre River! Madison is very excited. She went last year and had a blast. Rick and I have never white water rafted, so we are anxious to try.

Anyway Tuesday night I did a 5 mile run and last night I got in a quick 3 mile run. Both felt pretty good, I did the 5 miler at a little bit faster pace then the 3 miles, but the 3 miles had more hills. My plan is to just do quick, short runs on the weekdays and longer runs on the weekends. (I would like to do some longer runs during the week, but I usually don't get home until six and then I would have to also hire a cook so that I didn't have to eat frozen nuggets every night and hire a chauffeur for Madison, so I'll stick with the short runs). It’s starting to stay daylight later, so before too long I will be running in the light! It’s also been very warm outside with the temps in the 60’s, so outside running is possible. Treadmill running is BORING. The other night I was running on the treadmill and was staring at our 100 inch TV screen and the thought crossed my mind to actually turn it on. I thought how ridiculous is it to have a huge TV with a projector, if you don’t use it. Oh well, I have never been much of a TV watcher. Unless it is sports….then its on.

Last night, after my run, we watched a little bit of the Mizzou vs Texas basketball game. Rick sat in Madison’s chair and she got mad and told him to move over. The picture is a bit fuzzy, but aren’t they cute?

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Loving Life said...

awwwww they are super cute. Why don't they watch it downstairs on the HUGE screen u crazy kids have?